Posted 7 апреля 2020,, 08:01

Published 7 апреля 2020,, 08:01

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Trump issued a decree securing the right for the United States to extract resources on the Moon

7 апреля 2020, 08:01
US President Donald Trump signed a decree securing the right of Americans to extract space resources, and also ordered to discuss the same agreements with other countries during the nearest six months.

- Americans should have the right to conduct commercial research, extraction and use of resources in outer space in accordance with the relevant legislation. Space, legislatively and physically, is a unique domain of human activity, and the United States does not consider it a public domain, ”RIA Novosti quotes Donald Trump.

The White House document says that Washington intends to seek international support in this direction. The decree states that the State Department and other ministries and departments will have to conduct negotiations at the international level to conclude bilateral and multilateral agreements on the use, development and extraction of resources on the moon and other space bodies by private and public companies. The Secretary of State will report to the American leader on the work done for 180 days.

The Trump administration is confident that there is no need for a new international document, you just need to discuss this topic with partners. According to the decree, the United States supports the 1967 space treaty, but opposes the 1979 Agreement on the activities of states on the moon and other celestial bodies (less than two dozen countries signed it).

The American government notes that the decree does not make changes to US policy, but only reinforces the current position. He also confirms the law passed by Congress in 2015, which allows citizens and companies to conduct commercial development and extraction of space resources.

Earlier, the Trump administration announced the resumption of the lunar program. Recall that the head of the Russian state-owned corporation Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, criticized the intentions of the American side and spoke out that the United States would not “pull” the SLS superheavy rocket. The United States, meanwhile, is planning a permanent human presence on the moon, which should be one of the stages on the way to manned missions to Mars. NASA, on the other hand, is developing the idea of creating the Gateway near-moon station, from which human flights to the lunar surface and back will be carried out in the future. The United States hopes for international cooperation in the implementation of the Artemis lunar program. It is worth recalling that back in 2014, Rogozin spoke of Russia's readiness for the exploration of Mars and the Moon, but afterwards began to doubt its idea. In addition, the head of the state corporation did not determine which minerals could be on the moon.

Nevertheless, Rogozin said that this spring he was going to meet with representatives of the American space corporation and discuss the participation of the Russian Federation in the Gateway project. Last year, the head of Roscosmos spoke about plans to make a manned flight to the moon with the first Russian astronaut landing on its surface in 2030, and 10 years later, assured Rogozin, Russia would deploy a base for the life and work of astronauts on the lunar surface.

Recall that the Russian Federation announced that it will launch the first in modern history to the moon on October 1 of next year. The device, which will be called "Moon-25", will have to study the properties and composition of the soil and exosphere of the polar regions of the Earth’s satellite. Luna-25 will land near the Boguslavsky crater or the Manzini crater - no countries have landed in this area yet.