Posted 8 апреля 2020,, 08:59

Published 8 апреля 2020,, 08:59

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Moscow region lifts some quarantine restrictions

Moscow region lifts some quarantine restrictions

8 апреля 2020, 08:59
A number of enterprises near Moscow that have medical licenses will be able to resume work.

These include household houses, tire fitting shops, car washes, beauty salons and industrial enterprises. In addition, subject to sanitary norms and rules of work, it will be allowed to continue work at capital construction facilities.

Each of these organizations needs to decide on the continuation of work and compliance with sanitary requirements during the period of high alert. They should inform the staff of the decision and instruct. It is also necessary to place information on the number of employees indicating the mode of their work on the Gosuslug portal.

- For working enterprises it is important to maintain the health and safety of employees. Each of them needs to measure the temperature, observe the mandatory distance between people of at least 1.5 m. The exit to workplaces should be adapted so as not to create a queue, for this we recommend marking. The schedule of breaks should be thought out in such a way as to prevent simultaneous crowding of people in one place, said Natalia Egorova, Minister of Investments, Industry and Science of the Moscow Region.

Today cafes, restaurants, bars, and snack bars are still closed. They can sell through courier services and sell take-away coffee.

Spa-salons, massage rooms, solariums, saunas and other similar facilities also do not work as well as retail stores (with the exception of grocery outlets and selling essential goods, as well as delivery).

Closed points for the reception of scrap from individuals, organizations that provide services of cultural, entertainment, sports and physical education events involving the presence of citizens.

It should be noted that despite the fact that beauty salons were not attributed to vital enterprises, the services of a master could still be obtained - actually illegally. Russians began to break the regime of self-isolation for the sake of manicure and hairstyles, said beauty industry analyst Elena Moskvicheva.

At the same time, in certain regions, service enterprises, with the submission of local authorities, nevertheless restored their work. For example, in Sayansk, Irkutsk region, after a quarantine week, catering enterprises again started operating. The mayor Oleg Borovsky turned to entrepreneurs and said that he understood that a long downtime would cause damage that would be difficult to recover. The mayor decided to meet businessmen and resume the work of cafes, eateries, restaurants and cafes, and also instructed not to charge interest on loans in the next two months.