Posted 8 апреля 2020,, 08:52

Published 8 апреля 2020,, 08:52

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To the temple - for bread: benefactors talk about the appearance of hungry people

To the temple - for bread: benefactors talk about the appearance of hungry people

8 апреля 2020, 08:52
The first consequences of the crisis are already felt in Moscow and Petersburg

Journalists who witnessed quite unpleasant and frightening incidents tell how unemployment caused by the crisis began to affect the behavior of residents of both Russian capitals.

So the Petersburger Andrei Vesnin describes his visit to the store:

“I went to the store at this turbulent time, I found impressions.

I stand in line, everything is marked up, 1.5 meters distance, calm, the sun is outside, I have cheese in my hand and plans for cigarettes. Then a woman of an unknown age in a mask squeezes past, in the hands of products, some kind of cottage cheese, sour cream, and goes to the exit. Behind her, hot-tempered saleswomen throw with shouts: "Thieves! Come back!" etc. Then this aunt takes out a KNIFE, starts waving it, screams that she is desperate, there is nothing, she is ready to stand up to the end for the products. It looks awful, impressive and pathetic at the same time.

She looked really convincing. Thank God, we managed to solve everything in the world, we just bought food for her, and she removed the knife and left, even said thank you. But in general this is some kind of madness. And if there really is nothing for people, if it pushes them to such things. Brr ... "

Another St. Petersburg journalist, Yevgeny Mironenko, also witnessed an unpleasant scene:

Looting has already begun. The city center, at 16 p.m., ended the first week of forced self-isolation. While I was taking the first photograph, the frail battles for provisions were unfolding in the second. I turned off the headphones and began to listen with interest to what was happening there. It turned out that a family (or a large group of friends?) With several children and women surrounded the nearest grocery chain. Chops burned them down the cameras and headed for the robbers. From the conversation, I heard a girl with a whitefish telling the guard that they were left without work, how hard they were living, how they brought the children food from the store. Yeah, two baklahi beer for daughters. Then she began to curse. Wish that he would be even worse! Before the fight and stabbing did not reach what pleases. But in this case, I'm completely on the side of the bearded chop.

Now imagine what will happen in a month, when all such representatives of the St. Petersburg communal bottom will finally be brutalized and crawl out onto the streets with the aim of enrichment. Nightmare..."

And Moscow journalist Svetlana Svistunova published on her blog an emotional appeal by an employee of one of the capital's charity funds, Marina Makarova:

"Friends! Many of you know that some time ago I worked with the homeless as a volunteer at the St. Nicholas Church in Saburovo. Now I do not work, but I keep in touch with the social services of the church. At the moment, in connection with well-known circumstances, a difficult (sorry) situation has developed. Hungry for (literally!) A piece of bread go to the temple in a string. This is, firstly, the homeless. And secondly, those who lost their jobs due to quarantine, and yet do not have a Moscow residence permit. You all know that small and medium-sized businesses are not ready to pay for downtime, and people are fired (often retroactively). The sad thing is that this is only the beginning of April. In short. The church’s social service is trying to make a supply of food - the cheapest - from bread, Rollton, canned food, etc., for delivery to the hungry. From what does not need to cook. From the cheapest. I ask you for help, because the number of requests from the starving already exceeds the capabilities of the church’s social services. What can be done:

- you can transfer money to the card of the social worker Matrena Sergeevna D. tlf. +7 (926) 911 38 90 marked “Food”. You will be grateful even for the cost of 1-2 packages of rollton (at “Crossroads” it costs 17.90 - I looked) - you can order such products (rollton, canned goods) with delivery to the temple address (Kashirskoye highway 59, building 4), delivery time from 8:00 to 20:00.


“Misuse of funds” is excluded) PPS I suspect that crime will soon appear when the food package is the subject of abuse. Take care of yourself!"