Posted 9 апреля 2020,, 05:51

Published 9 апреля 2020,, 05:51

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Aeroflot has ceased to refund money for tickets for canceled flights

Aeroflot has ceased to refund money for tickets for canceled flights

9 апреля 2020, 05:51
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According to the press service of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), the Aeroflot system already technically does not allow issuing a ticket refund even in emergency cases - if the airline itself canceled the flight.

ATOR thus responds to the claims of tourists and other travelers. Last week agents of tour operators could issue refunds for tickets to tours that failed because of the coronavirus pandemic from their own funds, and then received money from Aeroflot. But now the airline has actually suspended the fulfillment of its obligations to consumers, although it has not officially announced this, the newspaper Vedomosti reports.

ATOR suggested that Aeroflot, instead of refunding money, wants to pay customers vouchers for future trips. Earlier, such an option was announced in the Aeroflot subsidiary airline, the Pobeda low-cost airline. On April 4, it became known that Pobeda would return money to customers for canceled flights only after June 1, 2021. Until this time, they will be returned only to the account in your account on the Victory website.

As the Dozhd channel notes , last March, the passenger flow of Russian airlines decreased by 26.6% - to 6.57 million people. But in the last week of the month, the drop in traffic accelerated sharply, and according to the International Airport Association, it fell by 90%.

In mid-March, when the situation with coronavirus did not seem so terrible as to avoid a collapse in demand, Aeroflot announced a reduction in tariffs on all international airlines departing from Russian airports.

The total cost of transportation, denominated in euros (including fuel surcharge ), allegedly while was reduced by about 10%. However, from the point of view of the Russian ordinary passenger, whose income in the national currency, the ruble fare rose as the euro and the dollar in March, too, etc. bent upwards. The FAS even demanded that "Aeroflot" not to raise prices on international flights, by which the Russians can go home.

At the end of March, it became known that despite the fact that Aeroflot pilots and stewards are at risk, flying to foreign countries during the outbreak of coronavirus, they are not subject to quarantine and are actually forced to risk their own lives and those of others.