Posted 9 апреля 2020, 07:42

Published 9 апреля 2020, 07:42

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We do leave our people behind! Russians are forced to live at Seoul airport

9 апреля 2020, 07:42
Over 100 Russians are stuck at the airport in the South Korean capital Seoul and have been living there for a week. Citizens were not able to fly on April 1 to their homeland because the flight was canceled.

Passengers are stuck in the transit zone and cannot even go outside the airport to buy the most necessary things: diapers and food for babies.

“All these days we were promised a speedy departure. Now they don’t even tell us when the flight will be. People help us, send money for water, food and medicine”, - said Alena Mikhailina, a resident of the city of Kemerovo, in an interview with Radio Sputnik .

According to her, there are about 100 people at the airport, including babies. Passengers are stuck in the transit zone and can not return to their homeland and even go outside the airport to buy the most necessary: diapers and food for babies.

Ksenia Nadedova from Krasnoyarsk cannot leave South Korea since mid-March. Flights that were supposed to bring passengers home were canceled twice. Passengers were supposed to fly out on April 8, but the flight was rescheduled due to the fact that not all citizens were able to register on the public services portal, she noted.

Earlier, Novye Izvestia wrote that all Russian passengers who were returning to their homeland in transit through South Korea from Indonesia, Thailand, Canada and the United States are now being collected in the transit zone to arrange for further return home.

The airline operating the flight not only didn’t accommodate passengers to hotels, but didn’t even provide them with food and water.

Flights were canceled several times. Exhausted people recorded a video message to the President of Russia asking them to help at least with the food.

About five thousand Russian tourists are isolated in India. They are offered to buy return tickets at 60 thousand rubles rate. On Wednesday the Federal Air Transport Agency again canceled a flight that could take passengers to their homeland.