Posted 10 апреля 2020, 14:27

Published 10 апреля 2020, 14:27

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Business with a human face: how the owner of the dining room tries to save herself and employees

10 апреля 2020, 14:27
The owner of a small corporate canteen, which was closed during the epidemic, found a good way to save the business and support its employees

Muscovite Nadezhda Isaeva who owned a canteen in one of Moscow's business centers and found herself, like many of her compatriots, in a difficult situation, found a good way out, addressing the Muscovites in their blog with the following appeal:

“It is very difficult to write this - I am one of those for whom it is not just unusual to advertise problems on social networks, but impossible. But this is not about me, but about people for whom I am responsible. I think for all of us now it’s time to learn to help others and to ask for help ourselves when it is no longer possible to continue in another way. It’s right now for me like this, and I just won’t manage here alone...

My family business is now on the verge of collapse, as are 90 percent of small and medium-sized businesses. This is a small food court in a business center - or rather a corporate dining room, where we fed employees of different companies for 6 years.

In early March, revenue began to fall sharply - began the massive departure of companies to udalenka. We couldn’t pay on time either the rent or the communal apartment for the past months, wage arrears began. In the middle of the month we were already struggling with the purchase of products. By March 25, we realized that this was the end ...

And now about the main thing. I had 30 people who in a few days would have nowhere to live and nothing to feed their children, but we could not pay them salaries either for March, or even partially for February - there was simply nothing.

My heart is broken because I can’t help them on my own - I don’t have any airbags and I also have a child whom I now raise myself, no one stands behind me - there’s nobody to just call and ask for money, and I can’t do that ...

I can only ask all concerned people living in Moscow to buy from us some of the semi-finished products and freezes for their families or employees (if you have staff and you suddenly continue to work). I have wonderful cooks and bakers, really tasty and inexpensive food, like in city food shops, incomparable in quality to a store.

We can deliver to you (the following is a fairly large list of various semi-finished products from soups to desserts, of course, with prices).

Photos of finished products hung in the following posts!

We are ready to carry out contactless delivery within the Moscow Ring Road and no further than 5 km outside it. Ready to carry group orders if more than 5 km outside the Moscow Ring Road. In Moscow, we will be glad to any order from 1500r.


Over the past day, I realized for myself the following:

1) there are many good, responsive people in the world who are ready to support a stranger in difficult times.

2) there are also many other people in the world who want to criticize, condemn and “convict” you. Even when you kind of come out with a white flag. I cannot and do not want to fight this and somehow make excuses. I wrote about my real situation without being beautiful as it is, and colleagues from the food service will not let me lie, that IS IT. Especially when the business is not a restaurant, but a dining room, whose client is exclusively BC employees. Those who went to a remote place much earlier than declared self-isolation for everyone.

3) we were completely unprepared for such a large-scale response and are really sinking in the ability to process simultaneously the entire flow of applications in one day. Please - do not judge us severely. We are at the very beginning of a new path for ourselves. There is something to work on, and we will definitely redesign, make a website with an online payment system, etc. You just can’t do this in a day — in other delivery-oriented businesses, whole teams of IT specialists, logisticians and managers work for weeks and months — and I have myself and my manager to take the first wave of orders and not offend anyone . And to perfection, we are in this new direction so far, as to the moon. But there is time to work out the jambs ahead ...

I am infinitely grateful to everyone for the repost and I will remain in great human debt to everyone who will help me to somehow pay off financially defenseless people in this situation.

Thanks again to everyone for their support. We will try not to disappoint you. Give me some time ... "