Posted 10 апреля 2020,, 07:11

Published 10 апреля 2020,, 07:11

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Free food "from the school": what families with children get today

Free food "from the school": what families with children get today

10 апреля 2020, 07:11
After they made the whole of April "non-working", Russian schoolchildren were massively transferred to a distance system of learning. In each region, authorities have decided how to provide children with food packages.

A controversy has arisen over the topic of these sets in the social networks: why, what for and what does it mean in general?

Irina Mishina

At the school where my child is studying, they also announced that children will be given food packages. True, not to everyone, but only to those who belong to the category of “beneficiaries”. That is, children from large or single-parent families who are left in the care of disabled parents will receive food packages ... The number of packages will be calculated based on the number of school days excluding holidays. This was reported in the official telegram channel of the operational headquarters for the prevention of coronavirus in Moscow. The similar information was published on his VKontakte page by the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov. About 480 thousand schoolchildren receive preferential food in the Moscow Region. Kits for residents of Moscow and the Moscow Region are given in schools upon written request from parents. Issuance is made according to a schedule, which is notified via parental chats. A parent can only receive grocery assistance at an educational institution in person. The composition of the products was determined by surveys conducted by the Ministry of Social Protection in focus groups of large families. At the school where my child is studying, there were few applicants for food packages; they were not dismantled quickly. Where the excess goes is not yet clear. Logically, they could be offered to other children from needy families. But such proposals have not yet been received.

Так выглядит московский продуктовый набор ребенка-"льготника".Так выглядит московский продуктовый набор ребенка-"льготника".
Так выглядит московский продуктовый набор ребенка-"льготника".

In terms of the quality of food packages, Moscow is still the leader. Despite this, most residents of the capital chose to start complaining: "Buckwheat is, but where is the toilet paper?" “ Do you know what distinguishes Russians from residents of other countries? We are always unhappy with something. Even now, when the whole world is in “standby mode”, trying to accept new rules and live by them, ours prefer to entertain themselves with illusions, they say, it used to be better. Yes, now it seems that before the pandemic we all lived relatively nonchalantly, but let's face reality? .. It’s especially good to throw mud at the “mum” chats: out of ten angry messages there is only one where the words of gratitude will sound. And this, you know, is strange, because one set almost exactly repeats your grocery basket at the checkout: the same juice, the same chocolate. So where does this obtuse come from ? ” Writes BELLIY_VETER, a blogger in LiveJournal.

Питерский набор продуктов для школьников из категории "льготников".Питерский набор продуктов для школьников из категории "льготников".
Питерский набор продуктов для школьников из категории "льготников".

What is included in the school grocery set for “beneficiaries”? The first list of products that are included in the schoolchildren’s set was published by Elena P., a Zelenograd resident, in the VKontakte group “Association of Large Families of the City of Moscow”. It listed two food packages for 12 school days.

Set No. 1, for example, included: canned fish (pink salmon, saury) - 4 pcs; Rice groats 0.9 kg - 2 pack; buckwheat groats 0.9 kg - 1 pack; pasta 0.9 kg - 1 pack; flour 2 kg - 1 pack; sugar 0.9 kg - 1 pack; dry breakfast 450 gr. - 1 pack .; sunflower oil 1 l; canned corn 250 gr. - 1 PC.; juice 1 l - 2 pcs.; milk 1 l - 4 pcs.; black tea (25 bags) - 2 pcs.; condensed milk 375 gr. - 1 PC.; instant cocoa 250 gr. - 1 PC.; classic salted sticks 150 gr. - 1 PC.; chocolate bar 85 gr. - 2 pcs.; cookies with fillings 61 gr. - 2 pcs.

In St. Petersburg, the same two-week set, allocated for schoolchildren, is much poorer in appearance. However, at the same time, it is rarely possible to find a comment from the category “Why do we need it on social networks?” Leave it to yourself. ”

Apparently, not everyone understood that we are already living in a new reality. According to the Executive Director of Rusprodsoyuz Dmitry Vostrikov, product suppliers have already announced that they require a purchase price increase of 15-20% . And this means that almost all products, including essentials, will go up in price.

By the way, against the background of the situation with coronavirus and the economic downturn, State Duma deputy Oleg Shein (Just Russia) proposes to provide for such a measure of support for citizens as the introduction of grocery cards. “I think this will come down objectively in a month and a half. The Italians said that they have problems with the products, but this is a European breadbasket! .. Buckwheat is enough, but a single person does not live buckwheat,” said Oleg Shein. In his opinion, food cards could be a measure of support for a number of categories of citizens.

Apparently, even the most spoiled of us should get used to rejoice at the small. As they say, the rich they are, the happier they are.