Posted 11 апреля 2020,, 09:07

Published 11 апреля 2020,, 09:07

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The first "corona-riot" is subdued: the milk was bought out from the residents of Zaokskoye village

The first "corona-riot" is subdued: the milk was bought out from the residents of Zaokskoye village

11 апреля 2020, 09:07
On April 8, in the Ryazan Region, the police and the Russian Guard were brought up to two villages. Residents were told that they were no longer allowed to leave their homes. On the roads put up roadblocks, and on the roads heavy machinery dug anti-car ditches. On April 9, a huge crowd left the village of Zaokskoye to protest ...

Oleg Goryunov

The blockade of two villages - Zaokskoye and Korostovo was imposed by the Resolution of the Governor of Ryazan Nikolay Lyubimov. The reason for the tough measures was the identification of 13 local residents of positive tests for coronavirus.

The record number for the province is due to the fact that both villages specialize in the production of milk, good milk, which is then transported in small tanks for sale in Moscow.

Sales volumes are quite significant - in Zaoksky and Korostovo there are 240 cows. Sold, of course, in Moscow and homemade cottage cheese and sour cream.

However, Zaoksky and Korostovsky are famous not only for this, - said in an interview with NI the head of the Zaokskoye settlement Nina Ivanovna Sadachkova:

“Both here and in Korostovo people are hardworking. They weave baskets, pickle cabbage, grow cucumbers, keep sows, and practice piglets, and even felt boots, and then carry them for sale. Livestock has always been here because the meadows we have jellies. Our people are hardworking, but don’t put a finger in their mouths - they can stand up for themselves. You need to know these people - our people are not ordinary. "

People decided to fend for themselves on April 9. A huge crowd stopped only at the checkpoint.

The mood among people was such that the regional authorities came to them - to reassure.

There were several reasons for dissatisfaction with "self-isolation", not only because people were deprived of their main income in an instant.

The fact is that there are a lot of people living in these two villages who go to work in Ryazan and Moscow every day.

The long negotiations that took place on April 9 right on the road ended up being promised to people to solve all their problems: with the sale of dairy products and with employers.

The next day, the inhabitants of two Ryazan villages were “milked” —that is, they bought sour milk, cottage cheese and sour cream.

The authorities bought the milk, however, not at the Moscow price, but at the Ryazan price. Milk - at 60 rubles per liter, cottage cheese - at 200 rubles. This information is absolutely accurate - from the head of the administration of the village of Zaokskoye, Nina Sudachkova, from whom they bought two buckets of milk and 10 kilograms of cottage cheese.

- Did you pay the money right away?

- No, they didn’t pay the money, but they promised to pay, the invoices were issued. People calmed down.

So the first Russian riot was suppressed ...

True, it is too early for local authorities and law enforcement agencies to calm down: leaving for work is still forbidden, even to doctors living in Zaoksky and Korostov. And the tension here has not completely subsided.

People fear not coronavirus, but, first of all, job loss, loss of earnings. The authorities still only promise to agree with employers on payment of forced “absenteeism,” but such agreements have not yet been reached.

"Oh, I’ll make enemies for myself now, not among the local population, of course, but I’ll say: if the emergency mode were introduced, people wouldn’t worry, the crowd wouldn’t go anywhere. People all knew that they would be paid" sick leave ", and SO (in self-isolation mode - approx. The author of the article) - of course, nothing will be paid to them. If someone works at the state-owned enterprise now from ours, then they will pay, and most of us work for the "private trader" - where will they find the money from now? from where, ”Nina Sudachkova said in an interview with NI.

Here are the detailed statistics of the operational headquarters of the Ryazan region, frightening, because there are children among those infected with coronavirus:

32 cases of COVID-19

children - 3 people (11, 12 and 13 years old)

from 18 to 45 years old - 13 people

from 46 to 64 years old - 13 people

from 65 to 80 years - 2 people

over 80 years old - 1 person

17 cases - conditionally confirmed COVID-19

children - 1 person (8 years)

from 18 to 45 years old - 7 people

from 46 to 64 years old - 7 people

from 65 to 80 years old - 1 person

Identified confirmed and conditionally confirmed cases of COVID-19 by municipalities:

Ryazan - 17

Zaoksky rural settlement of the Ryazan region - 13

Volunteers bring food to Zaokskoye and disinfect the village.


In the Murmansk region, it seems that the second coronoid revolt is brewing in Russia, caused by measures taken in the regions by local authorities: this message appeared on social networks :

Our governor Chibis has banned access to the sea for small boats, not only are all coastal villages closed for entry without a residence permit - okay, people can’t go to sea - local people who have lived and live here for centuries. Now is the cod fishing season - April , May. Fatty with liver and caviar. Cod was always prepared here for almost a year. Border guards do not interfere with the exit, they accept the request for exit, but they talk about paragraph 2.4 of Resolution 2.4 and that we may have problems with the police upon arrival. In general, men are all cocked up - the situation is blasting oopasnaya, a breakthrough are ready to go to sea, already tired to be afraid - Frightening! ".