Posted 11 апреля 2020,, 08:15

Published 11 апреля 2020,, 08:15

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The riot in the colony near Irkutsk led to a fire

The riot in the colony near Irkutsk led to a fire

11 апреля 2020, 08:15
Фото: Святослав Хроменков
In correctional colony No. 15, located in the Irkutsk region, serious unrest occurred, resulting in a confrontation with special forces. Eyewitnesses publish a video on the frames of which a fire blazing in the colony is captured.

According to the Dozhd TV channel , last day one of the prisoners recorded a video message in which he complained of a beating by a colony officer. In the video, he said that he was beaten in the stomach and strangled, because of which he opened his veins in protest. But after learning about the video, the colony officer returned and beat him again.

After that, already 17 people also opened their veins, and the other convicts staged arson in the colony’s working premises - at the sawmill and pig farm, as well as in the duty unit. The police cordoned off the territory of the colony and did not let members of the Public Monitoring Commission inside.

As the mother of one of the convicts said, the special forces opened fire to suppress the riot of prisoners. Human rights activist Pavel Glushchenko said that force was indeed used against the prisoners and they are tied with adhesive tape. In total, according to him , up to 300 special forces soldiers are involved in pacifying the rebellion.

“There is such a noise, such a scream, everyone shouts there. He shouted:“ Mom, help me, please, they are killing us here, ”the mother of the prisoner said . According to her son, they shot something with prisoners and“ threw strange grenades. ”About activist Svyatoslav Khromenkov also told the shooting in the colony, according to some reports, as a result of the confrontation with security officials, up to 300 people were injured.

Radio Sputnik also cites eyewitnesses of what was happening in the colony. There are close friends of the local resident Catherine. She said that she was going to the colony, but she was not allowed into the territory:

- As acquaintances from there say, at night, when 12 police officers were on duty, three of them got drunk and beat one prisoner. He shot a video message, after which he was beaten again. Because of this, the prisoners rebelled. Now there are two corpses inside the zone. The whole industrial zone is on, people are all cut and asking for help. I drove up there. I went to my friends who are in IK-15. We were told: "Turn around, there are training events." We said that we know that there is a riot. But they told us, either turn around yourself or we will take you away. We stood on the sidelines, stood for an hour and a half. But they don’t let anyone in. We went there right away to be in place and support at least somehow.

On the website of the Investigative Committee for the Irkutsk Region It is reported that a criminal case has been initiated regarding the disorganization of the activity of the correctional institution. The investigation notes that last day during a hang-up one of the prisoners "did not comply with the requirements of the colony staff" and began to "use obscene language against them." Several convicts at the time inflicted bodily harm, as well as an employee of the institution suffered from unlawful actions of the latter.