Posted 12 апреля 2020,, 11:00

Published 12 апреля 2020,, 11:00

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

And even can not take farewell humanly ... How in different countries they bury the dead from the pandemic

And even can not take farewell humanly ... How in different countries they bury the dead from the pandemic

12 апреля 2020, 11:00
Relatives and friends of coronavirus victims are virtually deprived of the opportunity to say goodbye to them and even take them on their last journey

DW journalists write about how the authorities of different countries come out of the situation on such a sensitive issue as the funeral of coronavirus victims.

It's no secret that the COVD-19 pandemic does not give many a chance not only to say goodbye to the dying, but also to take them on their last journey. Different countries establish their own rules. So, according to the rules published by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine , at the funeral in the room should not be more than 10 people who must withstand a distance of one and a half meters, and of course, you can not kiss the deceased. The Minsk City Executive Committee , for its part, has banned canceled "celebrations of weddings, anniversaries, and, of course, commemorations" in catering facilities.

The Russian Ministry of Health recommended burying coronavirus victims in closed coffins. And given the ban on leaving home without urgent need, participation in the funeral was no longer possible for many.

The same is true in Western Europe. In Italy, one should not visit relatives lying in intensive care units, and people actually die alone. And participation in the funeral is allowed only in exceptional cases.

No better in Germany. And although in different federal states everything is different, but olinakov is tough: mourning ceremonies can only be held outdoors, but only a few can participate in them. Visits to seriously ill relatives in clinics are almost limited to prevent infection.

All these measures, of course, cause pain and guilt among relatives and friends. In order to somehow smooth out these sensations, in different countries they resort to palliative methods. So in Spain, psychologists and funeral agents via e-mail support those who have loved ones dead, answering their questions, trying to alleviate their fears ..

In Italy, the campaign entitled “Right to say goodbye” was organized, within the framework of which tablets are handed out to the dying in hospitals so that they can say goodbye to loved ones.

It’s impossible to say goodbye in a protective suit today, because even the doctors themselves do not have enough protective equipment.

The German funeral homes want to practice installing microphones near the graves so that those who come to the ceremony can follow it from afar ... " We must remain humane, " the agents call.