Posted 12 апреля 2020, 09:40

Published 12 апреля 2020, 09:40

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"The bronze is Czech, but Konev is ours": how is television propaganda maintained against the virus

12 апреля 2020, 09:40
Starting the next review of the ideas of Propaganda TV, I was somewhat afraid that it would be mostly about a terrible virus. And there it was about a terrible virus, but, fortunately, I was also pleased with two plots returned to the agenda. About the Crimea, which is dearest to us in the world, even more valuable than life. And about Soviet monuments ...

Sergey Mitrofanov

About the virus .

Here it seems that the people over the past few days have relaxed somewhat and even began to go for a walk, looking around, however, to the sides, whether the ominous virus would attack from around the corner. It already seemed to me that everything was gradually calming down, but then the authorities decided to add kerosene. They announced price controls, that is, the return of the glorious era of scarcity, and fines are unclear to anyone and it was not clear why. It smelled fried again - apparently, it was decided to pump a little new horror into the system.

This problem was solved by two plans mounted together. One about abroad, where coffins are stacked in piles. The catch phrase: “Would you like, as in Paris?” And Moscow Mayor Sobyanin is personally responsible for the background, who was revealed to us both as the main expert on the effects of viruses and as a state thinker who is able to foresee the future and work with strategies.

In the plot with the mayor, however, it struck me that the super official promised us mostly troubles and did not disclose what deeds he was going to accomplish in order to protect the subordinate population from them. So, we found out that we have not even come to a solution to the pandemic problem, but are, as it were, at the foot of its peak. He sees the peak as Mont Blanc with a shining snow peak. So it’s not possible to conquer it right away.

In the studio, this concept has traditionally provoked a protest from federal deputy Zhuravlev.

If we are standing at the foot, why has the system already suffocated? he wonders. The fact that the system suffocated is a common place for bureaucratic anxiety. I, grit, looked at the numbers and have not yet found any special load on the ambulance crews, Zhuravlev repeats in surprise. Naturally, everyone gently rebukes him. Nevertheless, Zhuravlev is not a dissident, but his own power, albeit a bad one.

But in fact, I also don’t understand the “optimistic” thought of the mayor-thinker that everyone will get sick, and strict quarantine is needed only in order to gain time until the carts are pulled up. From the rear. As if with fresh medical doctors entering the battle, new medicines, new artificial respiration apparatus and new masks sewn by the Chinese. If the system has already suffocated, then it’s just lucky, it turns out to those who fell ill in the first wave, because they definitely fell into beds in hospitals. But those who come down from Mont Blanc are unlikely to be so happy. So far, no carts, no doctors displaced near Moscow from the Trans-Urals, no masks, no medicines.

About quarantine.

All Friday, the public was intrigued by the fact that the mayor was about to announce access control. And he really seemed to announce him by the evening. From Monday. Why from Monday? There is some absurdity in this, especially in the light of the coffins and Mont Blanc. It’s the same as an enemy attacked you on June 22, and Stalin would have taken it and said on the radio: “Brothers and sisters, by the evening we will announce what we are going to do about this. And you know, perhaps, we will also start the war on Monday. ” With the virus, this is exactly the story that turns out.

About access control.

Firstly, it is unclear how " declarative " access control with the need to register on the portal of public services and the police control affects itself on virusorasprostranenie. I'm afraid that nothing. Secondly, the words themselves that are said about the upcoming access regime are not clear. For example, what can be emphasized from the following information?

“The pass mode will be introduced in stages - we will make it as convenient as possible. We have prepared the platform, where a person who goes to work, either moves from Moscow to the region, or travels for good reason, will have to register . - Andrey Vorobyov, Russian politician (quote from Kommersant) .

So is it permission or prohibition?

Who is going to work should register, and who is not at the store? It's unclear. ““ At the first stage we will introduce it for trips to work. At the second stage - for trips for other purposes. And at the third stage - if necessary - movement within the district, ”the mayor of the capital said in a televised address.”

So at the first stage, what about trips for “other purposes”? I myself went "for a different purpose", and did everything I wanted. In the third stage, can I still go for some bread? This is the case when the treatment seems to be worse than the disease. It seems to us that they are trying to organize the Leningrad blockade.

International theme. "Crimea in exchange for sanctions . "

This is an idea from three naive ex-ambassadors of the United States of America to Ukraine - John Herbst, Stephen Pfeiffer and William Taylor. And I must say, a very peaceful idea is to nullify (since everything is completely nullified) the Russian-Ukrainian strife, which has torpedoed our and Ukrainian society since 2014. According to the logic of diplomats, then it will be possible to remove sanctions from Russia, and this, they say, will help Russia redistribute resources and survive the current coronavirus star. But he is.

Without going into the technical feasibility of realizing this idea, it is really extremely difficult, since “Crimea is not a sandwich” and a social contingent has already arisen that has become integrated into the “Crimean”, but there would be a desire ...

Which, it seems, is not. We only note that the proposal to end the global confrontation that spawned a new cold war is, in fact, very generous, and done on time. However, in the Kremlin and on Propaganda TV they only decided to ridicule him.

Crimea is ours, and there are no nails, and even if the coronavirus kills everyone, this is the ideology of Russian officialdom. Type ha ha ha, what you thought up. The plan "salvation in exchange for the Crimea" - will not work.

In other words, the American ambassadors wanted to fly the boats to the Titanic, but the Titanic proudly refused. One of the arguments of the Russian side: we cannot do this, since amendments to the Constitution (by the way, which have not yet been ratified by the people in quarantine) do not allow this to be done. But this is not true until they give it to do.

“Konev was cut to the noise of a coronavirus”

This is not entirely news, but it gives an opportunity to attack the Czechs and arrange a hype. The Czechs really, while Russia was dealing with its coronavirus, they dismantled the monument to Marshal Konev, who liberated Czechoslovakia. Why in Russia, many became insulted.

However, one should understand the Czechs as well. Since 1968, the Czechs have been negative towards all the symbols of the entire Soviet and especially the Soviet army. And Konev in this sense was simply unlucky, all the more, they say, he did not participate in the operation of occupation of Czechoslovakia (as Dm. Gordon claimed) in 1968, since he was retired. But on the other hand, Konev is a Soviet marshal with all the consequences, and he also did not go to Red Square in protest. They would have told me to lead the invasion - I would have led it like a nice little one.

Did the Czechs have the right to dismantle their monument?

The key word here is "yours." It was made by Czech sculptors and it is the property of the malicious district of Prague-6. Obviously, yes. And, most likely, it will be transferred to the museum of Soviet occupation, so that the monument will not disappear anywhere, just as the monument to F. Dzerzhinsky did not disappear. But the nervous female lawyer Kira Sazonova (candidate of all kinds of sciences) "is in a state of nervous breakdown" finds a killer argument: "A piece of bronze, of course, is not ours, but Konev is ours." Hence the general mood of the studio: it’s not Konev’s being cut to the noise, it’s a slap in the face of Russia, therefore, we are entitled to answer.

From the suggestions: send protection to the monument (it was somewhat late). And here it is possible and cooler, the perpetrators of the demolition of the monument to Konev "to catch around the world " and beat, beat, beat them like fascist criminals. And it is possible to repeat the occupation, to restore Czech sovereignty from the Americans. It’s good that the transfer is over.