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Published 13 апреля 2020, 13:57

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A cry from the regions: the state has nothing to help the poor and large families

13 апреля 2020, 13:57
In the Saratov region mothers with many children no longer know how to feed their children during the period of self-isolation, they ask to bring at least some free food to them.

The civic organization Committee of Large Families responded to this cry for help. In Nizhny Novgorod the Council of Fathers raises money to buy computers for the poor...

Oleg Goryunov

Otherwise than the horrendous it's impossible to name the attitude of the officials from education to the large and low-income families: from these families who now find it so difficult to find money even for the food THEY DEMAND TO URGENTLY BUY NEW PHONES FOR THE CHILDREN... But what about the distance education?

For example, here is the demand of a class teacher in the 1st grade of school No. 1 Olga Pankratova, that is accompanied by a threat:

"Larisa Vladimirovna, as a parent you must provide your son with all the necessary equipment for the distance education. He can not be cut off from the opportunity to study. By these actions you violate your son’s rights for the education. I’ll be forced to inform the school administration about the situation".

A single mother Larisa Davydova explained us what exactly does teacher Olga Pankratova want from her:

- I've been declared as poor already for three years now. From the state I get for my son 400 rubles monthly.

- 400 rubles a month?

- Yes ... I rent an apartment in the city of Engels - this is a separate story about how I lost my own housing. So I rented housing for 13.5 thousand rubles, before the coronavirus I worked as a cleaner on construction sites - I cleaned construction waste in apartments, the sum I've earned was enough only to pay for the apartment.

От мамы этого ребенка школа требует купить новый телефонОт мамы этого ребенка школа требует купить новый телефон
От мамы этого ребенка школа требует купить новый телефон

- What products and clothes did you buy?

- Good people help. Now my son and I are on self-isolation - he is seven years old, there is no one to leave him with me. Now I don’t earn anything at all, and the teacher demands to buy a new phone, because the old one cannot cope with the “remote control” ... I tell her: please inform the school administration - I can’t buy a phone.

This is what the chairman of the Saratov Regional Public Organization “Committee of Large Families” Irina Aleshina, who has three children, said in an interview with NI:

"Yes, of course, we need coverage of this problem. We have such a problem with distance learning: whoever does not have a computer, right up to:" We will leave you for the second year "They scare that they will inform you of guardianship, etc. The school also from my family it requires a lot of things, I recently answered them: I’ll probably soon have no money to pay for the Internet, and if the question arises: to buy products or the Internet, I will choose the products. and do distance learning. And who will feed them !? Teachers receive a salary, and m ie nobody will bring. "

"It is very possible that soon we’ll have no Internet at all, because our father lost his job. And when the question appears what to choose between the buying of food or making payment for the internet– certainly we’ll choose the first item. So give us an “F” and we’ll stay for the second year of learning"

Difficulties in using home equipment for distance learning of children arose not only in the Saratov region: they were even in Moscow.

But the worst of all: the digitalization of our lives seems to have affected people's hearts, even if teachers began to behave inappropriately, but otherwise, in the period of self-isolation, job loss, and the threat of contracting a deadly coronovirus, the threat of teachers leaving their child in the second year? And all this only because the poor and large families do not have modern telephones in their families, there are no computers, and there was no money to buy them even in the “good times”?

Этот соцопрос был проведен компаниями Online Market Intelligence (OMI) и Центр социального проектирования "Платформа", которые  проводят исследование в рамках проекта "Социологический антикризисный центр" Этот соцопрос был проведен компаниями Online Market Intelligence (OMI) и Центр социального проектирования "Платформа", которые  проводят исследование в рамках проекта "Социологический антикризисный центр"
Этот соцопрос был проведен компаниями Online Market Intelligence (OMI) и Центр социального проектирования "Платформа", которые проводят исследование в рамках проекта "Социологический антикризисный центр"

That's what mothers with many children are brought to - they write "in their hearts": "Put 2 and stay for the second year!"

Before writing about how public organizations in the Saratov region and Nizhny Novgorod help people whom the state could not provide enough help, we publish a opinion poll that says what financial “health” Russians had throughout the country, not only the poor and the large.

Here's how Maria Makusheva, general director of the Platform Center, a sociologist, commented on this study to us:

"45% are people who have significantly reduced family income at the beginning of the month. There is another figure - 60% of Russians in one way or another are faced with the economic consequences of the crisis. And here we are talking not only about poor or large families - here we are talking and those who had some kind of business. "

"My friend is at Pension fund now. I told her to take a coupon on 5000 rubles for me too. But they are yelling there at everyone, saying that now it’s the quarantine regime and why all of you are coming here"

"She says that the attitude is like to the dogs on the street. They say that you’ve to call and register, but when you call they say - come. Totally crazy!"

It should be emphasized that this is the data for April 2-3, 2020, that is, ten days ago, and the numbers, of course, ONLY INCREASED, and the lives of ordinary people have worsened.

В проднаборах общественных организаций - все только самое необходимое, деликатесов нетВ проднаборах общественных организаций - все только самое необходимое, деликатесов нет
В проднаборах общественных организаций - все только самое необходимое, деликатесов нет
Проднаборы для многодетных семей от "Комитета многодетных матерей"Проднаборы для многодетных семей от "Комитета многодетных матерей"
Проднаборы для многодетных семей от "Комитета многодетных матерей"

People try to seek help from the state in the first place, but they meet, to put it mildly, with difficulties. We publish the correspondence of mothers with many children with the public organization of the Saratov region "Committee of mothers of many children":

"Attitude is like to dogs," "Why you came here?" - this is how today non-public officials meet large families in the Saratov region ...

But here is how public organizations help the same people:

Looking at these photos, the tears welling up, and I want to ask those who, instead of creating a food supply for the population in case of war, produced all these “Daggers” and the like: what were you going to feed people in case of war? Vladimir Putin, by the way, called the fight against coronavirus a war ...

Only in the Engels municipal district of the Saratov region - 2342 large families. For 9 days, 1000 families asked for help in the "Committee of Large Mothers"! At least 2 adults and three children live in these families. Where in the family the number of children is greater (6, 7, 8, 9 children and there are quite a lot of such), respectively, we leave 2-3 such rations. Calls to the "Committee" do not stop, food sets are delivered seven days a week. The delivery involves the same parents with many children and city residents initiatives. Upon delivery, all safety precautions are observed, each volunteer has masks, gloves.

We asked the chairman of the Committee, Irina Aleshina: if the Russian state does not have enough money for such shares, then where did you get it from? And here is what they heard in response:

"In connection with preventing the spread of coronavirus infection, the authorities urged residents to stay at home. Many enterprises went on forced vacations. Families were left without income. We understand how difficult it is in this situation, especially for large families. A mother with many children, Tatyana Podboronova, who repeatedly rendered assistance to large, low-income families.Thanks to Tatyana Olegovna, 500 children received annual free certificates for wholesome hot meals, another 500 children received sets of odds waiting for orienteering. (sneakers, tracksuits and jackets). Tatyana Olegovna asked us - SROO "Committee of Large Families" to jointly carry out this product campaign. After all, who, like us, mothers with many children, understand the need for support! A decision was made, despite difficult times for business, DAILY, UNRETAILED, UNLIMITED, WITH DELIVERY TO EVERYONE (at the time of quarantine events), large and low-income families of the city of Engels will receive a basic food package. It includes:

1 kg of buckwheat

1 kg of pasta

1 kg of rice

1 kg of peas

Подборонова Татьяна ОлеговнаПодборонова Татьяна Олеговна
Подборонова Татьяна Олеговна

1 kg of sugar

1 kg of salt

1 liter of sunflower oil

0.5 kg sausages. "

In Nizhny Novgorod, too, everything is not "thank God."

And, as in the Saratov region, public men were the first to rush to help the poor. There started a collection of office equipment. As it turned out, 32 low-income families (in one - 8, in the other two - 6 children) in connection with the transition to distance learning, generally lost any opportunity to teach children. The first computer is already assembled.

Over one hundred volunteers participate in the action.

But the issue of acute shortage of funds from Nizhny Novgorod for the purchase of products is also very acute.

Here is what the head of the Council of Fathers Alexander Zaremba said about this in an interview with NI:

"We don’t have enough money to organize mass supply of food to poor and large families in full, but we still took 6 families under our care."


All these horrors are due to the fact that the authorities did not declare an emergency mode, under which they would be obliged to pay sick leave to the Russians - that is, to deprive them of at least financial difficulties. Meanwhile, this has already been done in the United States, and despite the difference in welfare with the Russians, the Americans lined up yesterday in many kilometers of lines to the points of distribution of free food...