Posted 15 апреля 2020,, 18:45

Published 15 апреля 2020,, 18:45

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Control is not for everyone: why there are traffic jams at all the entrances to Moscow, but not at Rublyovka

Control is not for everyone: why there are traffic jams at all the entrances to Moscow, but not at Rublyovka

15 апреля 2020, 18:45
On the first day of the introduction of electronic passes, it became clear that it is not really intended to fight against the epidemic. At the same time, total and illegal control diffuses onto ordinary citizens only, and not on those in power.

Very correct questions that do not require the answers were asked by politician Dmitry Gudkov on his blog:

“Arranging a collapse in the subway, driving everyone into gigantic lines, paralyzing the entrances to the city and intimidating with fines is a great success in the fight against coronavirus.

It was impossible to guess that with the introduction of a total check of passes at the entrance to the subway, a crowd would gather there? And all the efforts of people (independent efforts!) To maintain social distance will go down the drain? Or not for the sake of fighting the disease, all these passes were introduced ?!

Let's just count. The mayor’s office said that passes were needed, since on Friday 3.5 million people traveled around the city. Let's say the statistics are correct. Note that this is Friday, the time of the exodus to the cottages, that is, on any other weekday the number will be less (and where are the statistics for this any other day?).

Has the permit changed the situation if only on Monday and Tuesday they were issued about 2 million? Apart from canceled. That is, in fact, people needed to ride, so they drive, nothing has changed, except for the queues. How many people will now become infected with the coronavirus after standing at the entrance to the subway for about 20 minutes?

And why all the entrances to the city on the map are red, and Rublyovka is green? Not for the same reason that there are no "smart cameras" in the area of the elite houses? Tracking is not for the owners, but for the slaves?

Everything is the same: under the guise of fighting the virus, completely different problems are being solved: after the terrorist attack in Beslan, the election of governors is canceled, and new taxes are introduced instead of quarantine. Familiar handwriting.

I read all week how pensioners try to reach the hotline to call a volunteer. They can’t, no volunteers. Where should they be if they were also organized by the authorities, preventing others from doing so. Or as lonely pensioners are practically on the verge of survival, because they can’t get a pension with a savings book - the Sberbank branch is closed, and free travel for them is canceled. Another example of efficiency. Well, the inability to get a pass by phone has already become a byword. And this is only the edge of a common problem.

A giant country or even a city cannot be controlled manually. The effectiveness of power is checked in a peak situation, and now we see this effectiveness, or rather, its complete absence. No one asks the opinions of residents. Instead, a fake public hearing. No one consults with municipalities deprived of power and authority. But municipal deputies know every yard and subway entrance in their area and would certainly have warned about the consequences of certain measures.

Unnamed officials then talk about fines for drivers who do not receive a collar, then after 5 minutes they cancel their words. Panic throwing autocrats in a pan. Only built institutions could help here, only citizens' trust in the authorities, only cooperation with the districts - but instead, we wake up in horror every morning, not knowing what else will be let down from above. From the top, where the metro can not be reached.

It is precisely this kind of crowd during the epidemic that ends the meetings with front people, the destruction of independent media and rigged elections.


Photos from different stations from different people. The picture is the same everywhere ... "

The absurdity of introducing passes for motorists writes on his blog and Nizhny Novgorod publicist Ilya Vaytsman:

• Is there a safer way to travel during an outbreak than a personal car? Not.

• What are our authorities struggling with during the epidemic? With trips in personal cars.

Is there any logic? There is no logic. So please do not tell me that they are trying to fight the epidemic. Of course no. They are struggling with the movements of citizens without the permission of the "organs" in general, and the virus is only a convenient excuse. In this regard, they are fighting the epidemic by restricting movement between infected and uninfected REGIONS *, and not inside cities.

* - with us, if anything, the “decree of the governor" allows itself free movement to leave the region anywhere, and entry is also free. Only internal movements are limited.