Posted 16 апреля 2020,, 08:56

Published 16 апреля 2020,, 08:56

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

“Don't you worry!”: Getting officially unemployed  status in Moscow today is like finding a treasure

“Don't you worry!”: Getting officially unemployed status in Moscow today is like finding a treasure

16 апреля 2020, 08:56
There is unemployment, but there are no unemployed - such a picture of coronovirus life in the capital emerges from the letters sent to our editorial office. People who have lost their jobs cannot register, cannot receive benefits, although they do everything that the authorities demand from them.

Oleg Goryunov

Starting on April 9, in Moscow, the procedure for payment of job losses due to the pandemic and measures to combat it has been simplified. From now on, in order to receive benefits, you do not need to go through several interviews, presenting documents on the refusal of employment - benefits will be issued only in electronic form.

About it reported Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on his blog.

As the newspaper at the Moscow City Hall explained, within five working days after submitting the application, payments will be accrued and the status of unemployed will be drawn up.

It is noted that those who worked this year and were left without work in connection with the coronavirus pandemic can apply for benefits. But...

A single mother told NI how she tried to get unemployment benefits from the authorities.

She boldly sent all the documents to the editor, but when we asked her to send us her cover photo with a 14-year-old daughter, she disappeared for several hours, and then came back in contact, but asking not to give her name and surname...

It’s sad to write about it: Muscovites are afraid and do not trust the metropolitan authorities. We affirm this because 90% of those who turn to us for help are asked not to give their names. Fear spreads, or rather - spread throughout Moscow at a speed that the coronavirus can only dream of - and it's scary!

TV repeatedly repeats to people: stay at home, you don’t have to go anywhere - we will do everything with you, dear Muscovites, in electronic form.

What remains to be done in such a situation?

Only one thing remains to be done - sits down at the computer who has it, and fill out the questionnaire. And so did our heroine, let's call her Masha:

"I am a linguist, quit my previous job because the company was preparing for bankruptcy, quit on my own on February 2, the money runs out, it’s enough for at least another month - further unknown."

Masha is 39 years old, she looks great, she is in great shape. If a potential employer invited her for an interview, then definitely could not resist her charms. But it turned out to be impossible to get a job through electronic headhunters and other super-jobs.

“Of course, the first thing I sent my resume to all these authorities was to receive a lot of invitations to interview. But in today's conditions it’s impossible to interview - we have self-isolation, they write: wait for the self-isolation regime to be canceled.”

Of course, the question arises: what kind of self-isolation is it, if it is vital for a person to leave the house, but not - you need a pass, but to get it out of the house for an interview - is not provided? Yes, and the offices conducting interviews are also in quarantine.

Masha so far sits "exactly" ... and fulfills all the advice and requirements of the Moscow authorities - she fills out electronic forms. Questionnaires, because completing the first one, I received a "positive answer":

"After the relevant order was issued on April 8, 2020, I went to the My Work website, filled out an application, attached scans of my work book, passport with a residence permit, 2-personal income tax and a diploma of higher education. After that I received the appeal number from April 8, 2020 years and the appeal status is “accepted by the agency”

Then, on April 10, 2020, during a speech by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Mishustin, it was announced that, due to the congestion of the My Work portal, applications are accepted on the Work in Russia resource.

As a respectable citizen, I immediately filled out an application on the “Work in Russia” portal, indicating the data of my current account, and received the application number dated April 10, 2020 (Krylatskoye department), and silence - no body movements from the Moscow authorities, NO! ”

Yes, all the evidence of non-compliance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, as well as the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation by employees of the employment services of the My Work and Work in Russia portal, is evident.

None of the Mashin’s applications as of today - April 16, 2020, have the status changed, no payments have been made, there have been no attempts to even contact the unemployed, although she is ready to provide, if necessary, additional documents.

So how many unemployed in Moscow, and already 12% of all Muscovites, should remain without work and without unemployment benefits?

As you know, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave direct instructions to make the process of registering the status and receiving payments to the unemployed “as quick, simple and comfortable as possible,” and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin emphasized that it is necessary to reduce the processing time for applications by the Employment Center to 2-4 days and cancel two mandatory interviews preceding recognition of the status of unemployed, due to the impossibility of conducting them in the context of pandemic self-isolation, as well as to immediately make payments to citizens who have submitted applications, do not require guides corrections and additional refinements.

What is happening - sabotage?

It is unlikely that the employees of the My Work and Work in Russia portals sabotage the decisions of the head of state and city. But here is a screen shot of the information posted on the Internet by the head of the Moscow Employment Center “My Work” Roman Shkut:

“Temporarily canceled” - this is the solution to the mystery of ignoring the appeals of the unemployed from Moscow to the authorities, neither to you, nor to the press.


For comparison. Just yesterday morning, a German acquaintance from Berlin reported that the state gave her a small company (with 1 employees) 10 thousand euros as anti-crisis assistance. And for this it was enough, without leaving home, to fill out a form on their public services website. Money without any talk and information came the next day! We will specially highlight this information in black print - for edification of mediocre Russian officials who PR for some kind of "support" of people and business, but actually can’t organize ANYTHING!!!