Posted 16 апреля 2020,, 13:51

Published 16 апреля 2020,, 13:51

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Instead of the glasses and a mask: a senior from Tomsk invented a device against coronavirus

Instead of the glasses and a mask: a senior from Tomsk invented a device against coronavirus

16 апреля 2020, 13:51
The lack of means of protection in the pharmacies according to the daily increase of the number of patients with coronavirus forced people to start creating their own inventions against the COVID-19. In conditions of self-isolation, there was a surge in technical creativity.

Some of the devices are even going to be presented at the startup competition.

Irina Mishina

Candidate of Technical Sciences Konstantin Dmitrievich Shelevoy is a pensioner. Earlier he worked for many years at the Institute of Atmospheric Optics of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences. Now the scientist decided that he should not stand aside from the fight against a pandemic. His response to the coronavirus was non-standard.

“Doctors say: only antiseptics, decontamination of citizens, cities and the planet Earth will destroy the coronavirus pandemic. You can, of course, fill the cities with disinfection, you can wear four masks on one head. You can put on all the chemical protection suit L-1, come up with a super vaccine and treat the sick with the latest means. You can suppress the panic of the population by the police and the army. But it may be better to neutralize the virus, so to speak, on approach to the target, to the human body? ”Asked the candidate of technical sciences from Tomsk.

The idea of his “response to the coronavirus” was born suddenly. Strictly speaking, it belongs not to Konstantin Dmitrievich himself, but to his grandson.

Пенсионер из Томска  демонстрирует свое ноу-хау.Пенсионер из Томска  демонстрирует свое ноу-хау.
Пенсионер из Томска демонстрирует свое ноу-хау.

“The idea was submitted by Shelevoy Mikhail Egorovich, 8 years old, grade 2. Once in a clinic he asked me: “Grandfather, can this quartz lamp be carried with you so that the viruses do not bother?” I answered no, but I remembered the question. And I remembered about it when the coronavirus started,”, - admitted Konstantin Shelevoy.

Further, according to a former researcher at the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences, a group of developers from the SCD Group, Tomsk / Russia, took up the matter and invented personal protection of a person from coronavirus and other viruses. “It is a radiator, which is located on the forehead of a person like a headlamp and a generator with a power source, located in the inner pocket of a jacket / coat. The emitter creates a protective area in front of a person, getting into which the virus dies. The radiation is directed downward and at an angle forward, this protects the respiratory and visual organs, that is, the mucous membranes, as well as clothes and hands, ”says the inventor Konstantin Shelevoy.

The scale of the invention, he said, is grandiose: “No quarantines covering entire cities and countries, no permission to leave home / city, closing schools, public events, etc. no longer needed. And the more people with this device in one place, the less chance of infection. Those. "the metro, stadiums, supermarkets will not be the most dangerous, but rather the least dangerous to visit!" - the inventor from Tomsk considers.

В администрации президента не оценили ноу-хау томского пенсионера и направили его в Роспотребнадзор.В администрации президента не оценили ноу-хау томского пенсионера и направили его в Роспотребнадзор.
В администрации президента не оценили ноу-хау томского пенсионера и направили его в Роспотребнадзор.

We asked who sponsored the production of this know-how. The response from Mr. Shelevy we received is unexpected. He believes that the examination of his invention ... is not needed. Just as “an expert examination of the product is needed to combat the carriers of infection - fly swatter”. To our question, how the device was tested and tested, a pensioner from Tomsk answered succinctly: “In total, 2.5 people participated in the tests: Shelevoy Mikhail Egorovich, 8 years old, grade 2. Shelevoy Egor Konstantinovich, a tester, moves around Moscow with a device on his head. While alive and well. Sheleva Konstantin Dmitrievich, developer, candidate of technical sciences. "

In fairness, it should be noted that the new-Kulibin from Tomsk sent letters about his know-how to various authorities - from Rospotrebnadzor to the presidential administration of Russia. But something does not come answers to the inventor ...

We asked for comment on the possibility of applying the invention of a Tomsk scientist to Roszdravnadzor. “Unfortunately, the invention of improvised means of combating coronavirus has now acquired some mass scale. This is already a mass phenomenon, but the “inventions” of citizens are not always harmless. Any medical device must be registered with Roszdravnadzor. During the registration process, all medical devices are tested for their effectiveness and safety. Accordingly, the use of unregistered medical devices, the effectiveness and safety of which has not been confirmed by appropriate tests, poses a serious threat to the life and health of citizens, ”said Elena Balandina , assistant to the head of the territorial body of Roszdravnadzor for Moscow and the Moscow Region.

The invention of "homemade" against COVID-19, it, of course, the Russians are not from a good life. People, essentially abandoned by the state, are trying to get out of this situation on their own. But inventing and proposing something, one must nevertheless proceed from a simple principle: “Do no harm!”