Posted 17 апреля 2020,, 08:58

Published 17 апреля 2020,, 08:58

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Peter Shkumatov described six ways to overcome the oil collapse

Peter Shkumatov described six ways to overcome the oil collapse

17 апреля 2020, 08:58
Instead of increasing the demand for fuel in every way, officials on the contrary sharply limit it, compensating the losses with fines and charges.

Very clearly and in a detailed way a social activist Peter Shkumatov explained the flawed logic of the Russian authorities in this situation:

“So, guys, there is such a booze now that there were practically no free reservoirs left for oil in European countries, so the oil traders use tankers for the storage, and the freight prices of these tankers have increased in some cases by seven times".

At the coast of Europe, near the largest fuel terminals, 30 tankers are anchored at the moment. These tankers cannot be unloaded due to the full tanks on the shore, Reuters notes. On board there are a million tons of jet fuel, gasoline and other petroleum products.

The terminal capacities of JSC Petersburg Oil Terminal (PNT) are almost fully loaded. On April 13, all 37 tanks were almost full.

What happens in the current situation in the country of a healthy person:

1. Excise taxes on gasoline are temporarily canceled, the price temporarily drops to 15 rubles per liter in retail;

2. It is announced that a personal car is the safest mode of transport during a pandemic (and this is true);

3. The work of public transport and the metro stops, as the main nursery of the coronavirus;

4. Large-scale subsidies for passenger taxis are announced so that they can transport those who cannot use public transport (with strict control over the disinfection of the passenger compartment);

5. Everyone is recommended to live outside the cities, if possible in the country, to go round-trip by personal transport or subsidized taxi;

6. Parking fees and penalties for minor traffic violations are temporarily canceled.

As a result, the demand for fuel is growing sharply, people are pouring it into cans and tanks for the future, the oil industry is operating normally, and collapse does not occur.

What happens in the "smoker country":

1. Digital Ausweis (passes);

2. A fine of 5000 from each camera for traveling in a personal car;

3. The complete destruction of a passenger taxi due to the need to verify a digital Ausweis;

4. Parking is still paid at 380 rubles per hour;

5. Car sharing is prohibited;

6. Fines come as usual ... "