Posted 19 апреля 2020,, 11:38

Published 19 апреля 2020,, 11:38

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Don't trust the words... Those who have lost their work cannot receive the promised unemployment benefits

Don't trust the words... Those who have lost their work cannot receive the promised unemployment benefits

19 апреля 2020, 11:38
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation established for the period of a pandemic the maximum unemployment benefit in the amount of 12,130 rubles.

In Moscow, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin ordered the amount of 19,500 rubles. However, obtaining real money from the state is very, very difficult. "Novye Izvestia" publish the examples in this material.

Lyudmila Butuzova

Unemployed Muscovite Vladislav Alekseev told on the FB how to get the benefit, how much time you need to spend on it and what you will eventually obtain. (There are several posts, but for the simplicity of perception we combine it into one and add the comments of the companions in misfortune).

- As soon as they announced 19 thousand, I went to the site of the unemployed. You can register now online (while the virus). I went to the site on March 30 - there was technical work until April 3, went on April 2 - technical work until April 6, went on April 6 - the site is unavailable ... Yesterday I managed to send photos of documents at night and fill out the form. (10 days will be considered, they say they refuse everything - a photo with highlights or the wrong file size, etc.). Now the site is "lying", it is clear that the line of people who want to get 19 thousand was lined up from Moscow to Vladivostok .. The site Checking the availability of the site from different cities of Russia, the test result is here:…


If the last year did not work (there is no entry in the labor and there were no deductions from the company), then the allowance is 3800 rubles (122 rubles a day - ahahaha! Only a communal apartment 5000 rubles - pay for water and live).


I registered this before on public services earlier and did not have to go through that procedure again. For those who register from scratch, everything is more complicated.


Those who want to receive an allowance need a certificate from their previous place of work (which must work and which still need to be reached).

Without registration and dancing with tambourines, there is nothing to catch on public services at all. Well, I registered - “bring a certificate from the place of work about the salary for 3 months, send a copy of the labor certificate, a copy of the passport, I'm sorry, but your passport photo does not open, we will consider your application within 11 days) ... (Ahahaha!)

While he was waiting, he crawled into the enemy’s Internet - to see what Trump was giving to the unemployed there. $ 1200 at a time, and $ 600 per week, plus there are points for free distribution of food for people (type “free” on YouTube - you’re awesome, this is not 2 sausages and a can of condensed milk — as they were distributed to schoolchildren in Russia). Good news too. Sobyanin April 9: "Payments began on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin," according to the accelerated and maximally simplified procedure (hahaha) ... The maximum unemployment benefit with a Moscow surcharge will be 19,500 rubles per month (wow, if you tighten your belts, you can live otherwise I’ve despaired: “When will the nettle go there?” (c). Thanks to Semenych! The federal allowance is 12130 rubles, while ours still pays 7370 rubles from the Moscow budget.

…Life has become better, life has become happier. I was registered unemployed! It took 18 days. Already really want to eat. I'm already dreaming ... to buy such a yummy one. But the correspondence continues - “then specify, send it, rewrite, confirm ...” I feel: only 12 thousand will be given. Yes, even so much. It should be enough to live, to survive: 5 thousand for a communal apartment and 7 for food.

But the miracle did not happen. I open the electric letter sent to me today and there .. congratulations, you are accepted into the ranks of the parasites of the unemployed (crossed out) and you will be charged: unemployment benefit = 1,500 rubles. the provision of additional material support = 850 rubles. for transport = 1450 rubles. total: 3800 rubles. (Money still not received). Definitely have to eat nettles. Duc still need to pay for utilities and rent for your palace white-stone (40 square meters, two rooms, Moscow.)

Again, the boyars of our king are substituted for the priest, do not fulfill his orders. The Cabinet was instructed to provide for an increase in unemployment benefits to the level of the minimum wage (this is already 12 130 rubles).

I am writing to them: you are doing something, adversaries! Putin himself ordered you to pour all the starving from the sovereign capsule into food. And they send me ... to the office of dispatches ... Phones do not answer ...

This story is from Moscow. And what about the province? Let’s take a look at the city of Oryol, native to the author.

“If a citizen worked for 26 weeks and applied to the employment service, then he is paid a benefit of 75 percent of his earnings at his last job, but no more than 12,130 rubles,” explained Alexander Sotnikov, head of the Oryol regional health service center. - If a person did not work or did not work out 26 weeks, then the minimum amount of the allowance will be 1.5 thousand rubles.

1,500 rubles a month is 50 rubles. Five times less than feeding prisoners in Russian prisons and colonies. For the cheapest "macaroni" and a glass of tea with a spoonful of sugar is enough. For everything else - no.

Although the President announced on April 8 that unemployment benefits will be paid in the amount of one minimum wage in April, May and June of the current year, no one has canceled the regulations for registering the unemployed. As it was supposed to prove that you didn’t shy away, worked, received a white salary, deducted everything that was necessary to the state, and now the rules have not changed. Well, except that before the standard personal file of a potential unemployed person consisted of 24 documents, and when filling out an application in the employment service, a person had to personally sign various statements ... 47 times, now everything online, papers and signatures has decreased by 10 percent.

Therefore, the official unemployed did not increase. For example, in Moscow, as the figure of 30,000 “unoccupied” was chased from report to report, it remained the same for the period of the pandemic. And it is unlikely to change much. Why? And because it is necessary to consider how many workers in Moscow were laid off, laid off, stopped working due to force majeure circumstances or of good will, how many of them were employed in the field of small and medium-sized businesses, how many were individual entrepreneurs and self-employed, “underground "And just those who proudly did without the help of the state. The work is absolutely unbearable for officials who, for the past two decades, have been engaged only in exaggerating successful indicators and underestimating negative trends. To facilitate their fate is capable of a declarative nature of registration with the employment center. Ok, this was declared, but small nuances for applicants were not eliminated - the same work book, salary certificates, which the unemployed Vladislav Alekseevich writes about, are added by other participants in the social experiment.

The layoffs or dismissal on liquidation by law - two months. 1. How can they manage to legally lose their jobs and apply for benefits in April? 2. Those who are fired of their own free will receive no special payments, but they no longer work. They are generally overboard - that’s the catch.

And the condition is to work out 60 working days in 2020 to get Sobyaninsky 19,500 - how to fulfill it?

No one can receive such an amount, even theoretically. According to the calendar of working days, as of March 30, I counted only 57 of them. You can, of course, double-check after me, but by the law there will be no more, they were devoured by the New Year holidays ...

Well, really, is there a dead end? Deceived again? With a certain persistence, you too can outsmart the system. The municipal deputy of the Izmailovo district, Nadezhda Zagordan, shared the experience of her voters, who, as individual entrepreneurs, were able to draw up a benefit for the time of the crisis.

So, if IPshnik himself was not employed, then he can not get on the labor exchange, because he did not formally lose his job. What to do?

1) Start a work book. You need to open it and make all the entries from January 1, 2020 and quit March 31. It is necessary to open a working experience so that the minimum number of work days is 60.

2) Send reports to the Pension Fund for contributions to the pension fund and taxes for 13 personal income tax.

3) Enter into an employment contract with yourself and get a job in your individual entrepreneur, for example, to the position of department head.

4) In the employment contract, register yourself a salary of 3.000 rubles. The same 3000 rubles to send in the reports. The penalty for late submission of a report is 500 rubles. in one report.

5) Transfer tax for the “employee”: 13% personal income tax and 30% social contributions. Total 5,130 rubles. After departure, the receipt of money will be processed in the FIU for several days.

6) Make a certificate of average earnings. Her sample is on the site "My work" of the employment center. There is an instruction for filling it out.

7) Take a picture of a passport, employment certificate, certificate, certificate and education document (compress size to 1 mb in each file, jpeg format).

8) On the site “My work” in the section “recognize unemployed” fill out a short form and attach all the photos (see clause 7). Send to the employment center.

9) To after sending by mail a letter will come that your application has been assigned some number.

Note. Because not all MFCs are working now, you most likely will not check the application processing. The hotline also does not work. It is not recommended to call the reference phone number of the unified service of the city of Moscow, because after answering the machine the operator believes that the phone was picked up, then the music turns on, and from that moment they begin to charge you at the rate of your service provider. If you have not received the letter, the application must be repeated.

Many people ask: isn’t it easier to close the IP? This process is even longer and even more difficult, knowledgeable people say. Therefore, good advice from them: strain and shear a wool from a sheep. Unemployment benefits, even the smallest ones, will not hurt anyone. You will thank the state later, when everything is working out.

However, in any case, without sacrifice, waste of time, effort and nerves can not do. This is the payment for an absolutely ineffective state, whose officials basically cannot work in extreme regimes. Although, because for any violation of the instructions and laws of "peacetime", which no one has canceled or corrected, they themselves can be put on a prison jabber with a budget of 200 rubles per day. Fortunately, the security forces are not asleep, have not quarantined and are ready, as before, to implement the plan to "observe the law."