Posted 20 апреля 2020,, 13:05

Published 20 апреля 2020,, 13:05

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

No beds in the hospital: a Muscovite was discharged in order she'd die on the street

No beds in the hospital: a Muscovite was discharged in order she'd die on the street

20 апреля 2020, 13:05
Doctors at a Moscow hospital sent a resident of Moscow to be treated home, but she didn’t get home

During 24-hour period the social networks and the media have been discussing the eerie story told by Muscovite Ivan Vasiliev:

“I don’t like horror stories, but here is one thing I’ll tell you about, it happened yesterday. The wife’s friend got a neighbour in her house - a woman was ill with pneumonia. They called an ambulance, she was taken to the hospital, her son escorted, hired a nanny... The next day a social taxi pulls up to the house and this woman is brought out from it, they put her on a bench near the entrance and went away. A friend comes down - and the woman dies in her arms. No comments, because there is nothing to say about this.

PS After reading the comments, I realized why I do not like horror stories. The name of the deceased is Elena Chuklova, 48 years old. Botanicheskaya street, 23. There is an extract from the hospital in the bag. Here is her photo lying at the entrance ... "

It would be hard to believe at any other time, but not now. The fact that this is not an exceptional case, confirms another blogger Yuri Pankov:

“Absolutely real situation. I personally took my mother away on March 31 from the Clinical Hospital in Losiny Ostrov. All patients (regardless of diagnosis) were ordered to free up space within 3-4 hours, as the institution is being quarantined. I saw a lot of bewildered people who were forced to throw themselves out on the street, with packages, with their hospital belongings. It’s good if someone was given the opportunity to wind fishing rods on a “social taxi”. And last week, my neighbor was forced to bring a 94-year-old aunt from the Veterans Hospital. They also announced an emergency and put everyone out of the gate. Aunt is completely insane. Yelling in the voice from five in the morning. Yesterday, I turned to the district police officer, they say, not only is the public order disturbed, it can either let gas in or go out of the window. And he told me: “You are an unconscious person. Our country is in trouble! Epidemic". Yes, damn it ... The epidemic ... An excellent opportunity for the state to abandon its debts to citizens ... "

Meanwhile, RIA Novosti confirmed that everything happened just like that:

“The press service of the department noted that the patient was hospitalized in the City clinical hospital № 52 on April 17 with suspected pneumonia - with complaints on the weakness and a slightly elevated temperature (37-37.5).

"The woman was examined by doctors, she passed the necessary examinations, including the analysis for a new coronavirus infection and did a CT scan of the lungs. According to the tomography, there were no changes in the lungs. The infection test gave a negative result. Suspected coronavirus was not confirmed. In this regard, and also with the absence of the symptoms that are the basis for the hospitalization, the next day, April 18, the patient was discharged",- said the press service.

It is also reported that the Investigative Committee has already iniciated the verification of this fact.

But the publicist Alexander Shmelev comments on this story from an ethical point of view:

“The story itself is terrible, but for our current realities, as I understand it, it’s quite ordinary (my Sveta's grandmother just recently was thrown out of the hospital by falsifying her discharge - so that she would die at home, and not in the ward).

However, the comments on this post are impressive too (to enjoy you need to read them in the order “from new to old”, and from the end). Almost immediately after its publication, commentators-bots with the same type of messages like “you're lying,” “nonsense”, “this is a sketch”, “there was nothing like that” came into the service in orderly rows. Then they began to be replaced by voluntary assistants of the functions with messages “sent a screen of this message to the prosecutor / IC / FSS / NKVD / Kadyrov’s team, let them sort it out with you for this slander against our reality” (it’s impressive that these are no longer bots, but quite living and real people, at least one of these informers I have known for a long time, and he is not be ashamed of what he is doing - all Russian culture in its grave is turned over from what is going on). ...And then, finally, someone publishes a shoot from surveillance cameras - fully confirming the author’s words. Then - the links to the news in the media about this incident (and not to any foreign agents' media, but mostly to the Putin propaganda ones). Then someone already reports that IC begins to investigate this story...

And at that moment all the bots and informers dare fading away! None of them find the strength to write something like "yes, it seems that I was wrong, the story is real". Just - once! The herds of them just have been grazing here, and suddenly they disappear from the horizon. Only grass is swaying. Very funny picture. Someday it will happen across the whole country. I hope we'll see it..."