Posted 20 апреля 2020,, 15:55

Published 20 апреля 2020,, 15:55

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Socks, respirators, water... The largest oncological institute - the Herzen center - needs help to fight against the pandemic

Socks, respirators, water... The largest oncological institute - the Herzen center - needs help to fight against the pandemic

20 апреля 2020, 15:55
The medical staff of Russia's largest oncological institute - the Herzen center - urgently needs hygiene and antiviral protection.

Member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Housing and Utilities, a member of the Public Chamber of Moscow Sergey Ladochkin published in his blog a real appeal to readers and all concerned citizens of the country:

Dear friends, colleagues, likeminded people! I appeal to you with a request to help the Moscow Scientific Research Oncological Institute named after P.A. Herzen. At this difficult time for the country, when the coronavirus pandemic is blustering all over the world, the Institute decided to open an infectious diseases department to accept people who got viral pneumonia for their treatment. But besides the equipment for the hospital, a lot of related things are needed to clearly and harmoniously working of all the systems for ensuring people's recovery. The following things are urgently required:

- toilet paper at the rate of 1 roll per day, then per month = 5115 pcs,

- disposable towels - 5000 pieces,

- diapers - 5000 pieces,

- lining diapers - 3000 pieces,

- coolers in a clean area for employees - 6 pcs,

- microwave ovens for employees in a clean area - 6 pieces,

- teapots in a clean area for employees - 6 pieces,

- bottled water for patients - 200 bottles per day, 2 liters; Medicine:

- disposable gloves, different sizes, in a box of 100 pairs, for a month 1000 boxes of 100 pairs,

- respirators of the 3rd protection class of 27 thousand units based on 80 employees with 3 one-time shifts,

- disposable overalls as much as respirators. But that's 80 people!

- washing machine 3 pieces,

- disposable socks for employees, as many as overalls

- Electrocardiograph - 3 pieces;

- bottled water of 2 liters or 1.5 liters of 5000 pcs.

The volume is certainly large, but there are a lot of us not indifferent people in Moscow. Let’s think about who can help with what, I’m sure we can do it together and help first of all to people who can get sick and get to the hospital where there is all the necessary equipment and materials to save them. I took responsibility for the purchase of three washing machines and a truck of drinking mineral water for the needs of people in the hospital. And do not forget, we can all get into the same situation, no one is ever safe from anything.


“This list is not published by a liberal. All is true, to the last line. NWF reserves are $ 125 billion (almost 10 trillion rubles), but no toilet paper for cancer patients was found. And for 6 kettles. Well, at least enough for the Rothenbergs, I hope. Many troubles, many trials Russia experienced for its more than a thousand-year existence. The Pechenegs tormented our country, the Polovtsy... But all of these ones, it seems, will really smash it...”- commented on this message politician Dmitry Gudkov.