Posted 21 апреля 2020,, 07:32

Published 21 апреля 2020,, 07:32

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Immunologist told about whether the coronavirus stays in the organism of the recovered patient

Immunologist told about whether the coronavirus stays in the organism of the recovered patient

21 апреля 2020, 07:32
Vladimir Prokopenko, an allergist and immunologist, told about what exactly happens in the body of a person who has recovered from a coronavirus infection.

More and more people who got rid from coronavirus become plasma donors to help others recover. Moscow authorities, for example, announced additional payments for the plasma and blood donors who had been ill with COVID-19 and already succesefully recovered.

The method of plasma transfusion from the recovered patients was earlier started to be applied abroad, and doctors record an improvement of the health of patients who received the transfusion.

At the same time, it is not yet known whether the coronavirus anyway stays in the body of the recovered.

- "It is possible that we make the analysis and find out that the nasopharynx of the person who was ill and now recovered is clean. But in this case the virus could leave the nasopharynx and stay in the lungs or in some other organs, as happens with the other viruses. Is it so? We cannot answer this question today. We will answer it no sooner than in six months or in a year”, - said Prokopenko in an interview with Sputnik radio.

He explained that viruses that remain in the human body after an illness can not always be dangerous.

- "These viruses can have several forms of cohabitation with the human body. They can become viruses that live in the body and do not bring diseases, like many, many other viruses that cause SARS. Whether this virus will become one of the cohabitants of a person or if it completely leaves the organism, but with each new hit causes diseases - these are the questions that the modern science of virology and immunology faces now. It will be discussed and we must get the answers”, - the immunologist stated.

To the date, about 2.5 million cases of infection with a new coronavirus infection have been detected in the world. In Russia, 47 121 cases were recorded.