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Published 22 апреля 2020,, 07:51

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The № 1 terrorist. 150 years ago Lenin was born

The № 1 terrorist. 150 years ago Lenin was born

22 апреля 2020, 07:51
Throughout his life, he fundamentally rejected the idea of any compromise, was a principled supporter of violence as a way to solve any problems.

Despite the increasingly alarming epidemic situation in Russia, social networks and the media have not forgotten the “round date” - a person was born 150 years ago who drastically changed the evolutionary course of life in Russia. It was “thanks to” Lenin that violence in our country actually became a state ideology. Not only physical, but also moral and ideological, any. This circumstance gives every right to call Lenin, in modern terms, terrorist No. 1, if on world, then in Russian history for sure.

In this regard, the publication of the conversation of Russian historians on the Radio Liberty website, dedicated to the anniversary of the leader of the world proletariat, is characteristic

Konstantin Morozov defines the role of Lenin in the history of the country:

“The main thing in Leninism and what remains so far is disrespect for one’s own peoples, the desire to consider oneself as a subject of action. Not a people, not a society as a subject of action, but oneself. Not necessarily a party, it could very well be a ruler, like Stalin himself and not only Stalin, it could be an elite. This is nothing particularly new - it is widespread in history, authoritarianism, estrangement from the people and the consideration of the people as clay, material for their creativity. In this sense, Leninism must be disposed of ... "

His colleague Nikita Sokolov is even more definite:

“Throughout his life he had a very important constant - he fundamentally rejected the idea of any compromise, was a principled supporter of violence as a way to solve any problems. We see this absolutely at all stages of his journey, starting with the very first one that I studied when I wrote the dissertation on the famine of 1891: 20-year-old Lenin resolutely, alone, opposed charitable help to starving peasants, destroyed the work of the Samara charity committee (no need to make life easier for anyone, it is necessary that everyone is brutalized, monstrous violence unfolded). Exactly the same thing we see later. These are all actions within the framework of one paradigm - and the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, and the introduction of red terror. He did not completely change this view in the era of the NEP.

I want to quote here only one quote from Lenin’s letter to the Narcotics Justice of Kursk dated May 17, 1922: “The court must not eliminate the terror; to promise this would be self-deception or deception, and to justify and legitimize it in principle, clearly, without falsehood and without embellishment. It is necessary to formulate as broadly as possible, because only revolutionary legal consciousness and revolutionary conscience will set the conditions for application in practice, more or less broad. With communist greetings, Lenin, ”- PSS. T. 45. S. 190–191. "

Konstantin Morozov comments on this Leninist “rationalization proposal” as follows:

"Here we are talking about the fact that this Leninist logic" wired "into the future famous 58th article (which was 59th in the RSFSR Criminal Code of 1922) gave rise to all of Stalin's" jurisprudence "with its unprecedented legal nihilism for the 20th century, which failed to overcome to this day ... "

And the historian Sergei Medvedev summarizes:

“Indeed, a lot of what was realized by Stalin: scrapping the ridge of the Russian peasantry, scrapping the Russian world, Russian civilization, all the rest, all Soviet modernist projects — they all come from this installation, which was revealed by Lenin and socialism in Lenin’s version. .. "

Philologist and civic activist Nikolai Podosokorsky, who writes :

“150 years to Lenin. Somewhere in the reality parallel to Amber, in which our shadows live, the USSR variant still exists, it is ruled by 89-year-old Secretary General Gorbachev, or maybe the elderly demigod Brezhnev-Andropov-Chernenko, inseparable and uncomplicated, and the whole country in a single rush marks the next anniversary of the great revolutionary and founding leader. Not that in our dimension, a little more mobile, but also in its own way musty in comparison with the world of Order. Lenin in the mass consciousness has long turned into a hero of vulgar jokes.

But back for a moment, a hundred years ago. Academician Aleksandr Panchenko in “The Octagonal Wonder of the World” describes the mood of the 1920s as follows: “The strange ritual of Lenin’s burial, which struck the imagination of many, gave rise to the corresponding folklore and pseudo-folklore texts. Theodore Dreiser, an American who was in Moscow, wrote in 1928: “Many told me that his embalmed body - the same as that day when he died - was shrouded in superstition. As long as he lies here, until he changes, communism is safe and the new Russia will flourish. But (they added in a whisper), if he decays or is disturbed by someone, then sad changes will come - the end of his great dream! ”

“According to the political investigation of the time,” adds Panchenko, “there were rumors and rumors in Moscow that at night Lenin gets up and wanders around the capital, watching her life. In the New World in 1925, Rodion Mikhailovich, member of the Pass, Akulshin published a fairy tale "Tricky Lenin" on the same topic. Her hero asks the "chief Soviet doctor" to make him die, "just not quite, but for the sake of sight." "“ Well, ”the doctor replies,“ We can’t put you not in the grave, but in such a spacious room and cover it with glass so that nobody pokes you with your finger l, but they’ll shut up. "Just that, doctor, that it should be a secret between us. You will know, let me tell you Nadezhda Konstantinovna."

“Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live” - this is like a necromancy spell to summon a vampire demon, to which whole nations are sacrificed. “And Lenin is so young and young October is ahead” - the eternal Kobzon sang, who now probably sings something like that in the world of shadows, and Tereshkova and other honored figures clap him from the gloomy hall.

Sometimes it seems that we, as ancient Rome, which arose under Romulus and died under Romulus Augustenka, will also soon see the sunset of the empire under Vladimir Maly, the namesake of Vladimir the founder. And something completely different will start, new. Actually, this pandemic is already screaming that the world has changed. As the saying goes: "I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. The smell of change is in the air ..."

Putin will not bury Lenin, but life itself will someday drop Leninism and Putinism together, for these are the things of one system that has fettered the country and people for decades. The cult of gray and faceless Soviet leaders, dictators, the myth of the omnipotence of the Cheka, the black mausoleum and so on. they will sink into the abyss and stop poisoning the mind, dulling the senses, inducing senseless cruelty, suspicion and aggression on a national scale. And finally the phantasmagoric world of the 20th century.

And, finally, one cannot help but recall the words about Lenin of the most implacable fighter against the communist Chekist ideology generated by him, Valeria Novodvorskaya in the book "The Number of the Beast":

“The number of the Beast turned out to be not 666, but 1917.” Lenin envisioned everything: he created the postmodern Inquisition - the Cheka, the psychology of the besieged fortress, the eternal search (and if you can’t find it, then the creation) of enemies, zombies, programming for Evil and Absurdity, new arithmetic (2x2 = 5) ... The meat grinder, which cannot be stopped without smashing it to shreds. Grinding even those who turn the knob. Lenin allowed himself everything, even torture in emergency situations, even hell on Solovki. And everything got away with it. And he died in his bed. He threw Russia into the third millennium before the birth of Christ. With pyramids, a living god - Pharaoh, slavery and contempt for ordinary people. And, hand on heart, can we say that we got rid of Lenin in him, in our heart? I sometimes remember the lines of this song. A song that seemed so ordinary to everyone and that now sounds so ominous,:

"Day by day years are passing by,

The Dawns of new generations, -

But no one ever

Won't forget the name LENIN.

Lenin is always alive

Lenin is always with you -

In your grief, in your hope and in your joy.

Lenin is in your spring,

In your every happy day.

Lenin is in you and in me!"