Posted 22 апреля 2020,, 13:37

Published 22 апреля 2020,, 13:37

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The wife of the accused pilot Yevdokimov begins the fight for her husband's reputation and freedom

The wife of the accused pilot Yevdokimov begins the fight for her husband's reputation and freedom

22 апреля 2020, 13:37
In May 2019, the Sukhoi Superjet aircraft, which operated on the Moscow – Murmansk flight, caught fire in Sheremetyevo. This happened after a lightning strike and an emergency landing.

41 people, who did not have time to get out of a burning plane, died. The pilot-in-command Denis Yevdokimov was “appointed” as the main culprit.

Victor Levin

The Investigative Committee in cooperation with the IAC completed the investigation and found the pilot Denis Yevdokimov guilty of the tragedy. The indictment was transferred to the Prosecutor General.

However, independent experts (including Yuri Antipov who is the permanent author of NI), and the pilot’s colleagues believe that Evdokimov’s accusation, to put it mildly, is far-fetched.

- SK is in a hurry, they decided to make Dmitry Yevdokimov guilty and did not conduct any examinations. - believes the chairman of the Aeroflot trade union Igor Deldyuzhov. - For example, it is not clear why the chassis that are attached to the rear wall of the tank fell off. On other planes, they did not fall off, the TU-154 broke down, but fuel was not spilled, and passengers did not burn.

According to the union leader, there are many questions that are still unanswered. Why, after landing, the back door was opened - fire burst through it into the cabin, and it was absolutely impossible to open it. With the door closed, the aircraft burns for 15 minutes, and passengers would have time to get out of the tail section.

“They say that the pilot did not know how to fly”, - Delduzhov continues. - And he didn’t know how, because over the past three years Aeroflot has not conducted a single training in direct mod mode , which the plane went into after a lightning strike. They charged only the pilot, but for some reason not the second pilot. He had to, according to the instructions, manually release the interceptors in this mode (they press the plane to the strip after landing) ...

But according to Yuri Antipov, one of the reasons for the fire could be the incorrect design of shock absorbers "superjet", because of which they broke through the fuel tanks during a hard landing. The expert also noted that, according to black boxes, "before touching the plane on the runway, the pilot struggled with the equipment that came out of strict obedience." In other words, the liner did not obey the pilot!

However, the investigation does not consider any extenuating circumstances. The main task, according to Yevdokimov’s defenders, is to take any blame from both Aeroflot and the manufacturer of superjets, whose cars fell into a long “peak” of mistrust.

And today the number of public defenders of Yevdokimov has replenished... by his own wife Oksana. The woman decided not to rely on the mercy of the prosecutors and judges and started her own investigation into the disaster. She will post the results on her FB page - .

And here is the first post:

“I decided that it was time to shed light on the truth about the SSJ disaster in Sheremetyevo. They really try very hard to throw mud at my husband - they do it in a hurry, aggressively and assertively. But we didn’t step in such a way ...

They familiarized themselves with the materials of the fabricated case, the prosecutor’s office waved it without studying - not even trying to observe the minimum terms for decency. Every corrupt person has a price, but conscience, honor and justice - no. Well, God be their judge! With what measure they measure, so will they be measured. I never thought that I would begin to be so actively interested in meteo, RPP, RLE, FCOM, etc., etc. Everything that will be written hereafter is based on the preliminary report of the IAC, the materials of the criminal case, the decryption of the "black" box.

Today I'll start small. According to the decoding of the in-cabin conversations available in the case file, which is similar to that used by the IAC in its preliminary report, and which indicates that the FAC at 14:58:27 looking through the take-off zone says: “You see the light, (NRZB). Yes, stick-trees. ” However, this phrase was wrongly timed and what the IAC writes as “NRZB” (inaudible) is actually normally listened to on the recorder’s medium, which my husband told the IAC specialists when decrypting the recorder’s recording with his participation after the disaster. In this case, all conversations in the IAC were recorded on the recorder.

The husband, as a direct participant, remembers everything that happened in the cabin at that time. According to him, he actually observed the meteorology on the locator, which was displayed in green on the indicator screen (“flare”). He, seeing this meteorological formation on the screen, decided to draw the attention of the co-pilot to him and addressed him with the phrase: “Backlight, you see,” but the phrase does not end there, because almost without a pause, he gave an assessment of the location of meteorological formation with the phrase: "Further, outside the route."

The commander did not consider it necessary to say that the meteorology displayed on the indicator was green, because with the phrase “Illumination, see” already said, he attracted the attention of the co-pilot, who began to view it on a similar indicator located on his side, and of course, he saw the flare color.

In accordance with Section 3.13 of Chapter 3 of Part B of the airline, it is mandatory to bypass the areas that are yellow, red and purple in the weather radar display. Here, the "flare" was green, which did not require its bypass. The IAC instead of the phrase “Farther, out of the route”, normally heard on the voice recorder, says “in the next report” inaudible (“NRZB”) in the preliminary report.

After the occupation of the executive start from the beginning of the runway, the dispatcher works with other sides on the radio recordings. While the plane was expecting permission from the dispatcher to take off at the beginning of the runway, during this time the dispatcher allowed two sides , including the A-330, to take the executive start of the same runway, but not from its beginning, because there he expected SSJ to take off, and from the intersection with taxiways, which then, by permission of the dispatcher, took off. At the same time, while waiting for departure, the dispatcher allowed the runway to cross the landed plane, and also, with the permission of the dispatcher, 3 planes landed on the runway.

All this is confirmed by the decoding of the voice recorder. Waiting time: 2 planes took off from the same runway in front of the SSJ, and 3 planes took off on the runway, one of which, during taxiing along the airfield, crossed the take-off runway, where the plane was expecting take-off. Before the SSJ plane, the A-330 took off, which in its category is “heavy”, and according to the flight rules in accordance with the Flight Instructions of the Sheremetyevo Airport and the Federal Aviation Organization “Air Traffic in the Russian Federation” after taking off the “heavy” SSJ aircraft, it can take off only after it passes imum 2 minutes.

The fact of being at the executive start for more than 5 minutes and the impossibility of take-off due to the movement of aircraft, organized by the dispatcher, could not please the FAC (the aircraft commander - ed.), In connection with which he pronounced the phrase: “Yes, Christmas trees, sticks” . It becomes clear that, firstly, the phrase is spaced out in time, secondly, it is not a continuation of the phrase, as indicated in the IAC preliminary report, and thirdly, it does not relate to the perception of the “light” on the locator because it was green and did not pose a flight hazard, as her husband knows.

However, the IAC experts, torn from the context of the work of the crew and the phrase of the FAC not separated in time: “Illumination, you see (not clearly). Yes, Christmas trees, sticks ”, provided that part of the phrase, as presented by the IAC, is discarded from understanding, can be interpreted with a completely different meaning. In the IAC version, this phrase can be interpreted in such a way that the PIC found a serious thunderstorm formation on the locator that interferes with the departure of the aircraft and did not take this seriously.

IAC makes this phrase in the preliminary report, despite the fact that the aircraft commander says that all this was not so. This understanding is necessary for further falsification of events.

It is important to understand that the FAC is not a suicide bomber, he is on the same plane with the passengers and he does not have and cannot have a motive for “overconfidence” or, all the more, a motive for killing passengers. At the slightest threat to security, it’s easier to taxi to the gate and wait an hour, this has happened more than once.

To be continued..."