Posted 23 апреля 2020,, 14:49

Published 23 апреля 2020,, 14:49

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A clinical case: the events in Ossetia were provoked by a "fighter with a world conspiracy"

A clinical case: the events in Ossetia were provoked by a "fighter with a world conspiracy"

23 апреля 2020, 14:49
The rally in Vladikavkaz was actually convened by an Ossetian singer who lives in St. Petersburg, who believes in chipping and dreams of Stalin's reincarnation.

Journalist and media manager Zalina Bogazova spoke in her blog about the background of recent unrest in the capital of North Ossetia, Vladikavkaz, about who and how provoked these speeches, as well as why the residents of the city so easily took part in this action. Recall that one of the organizers of the rally, singer Vadim Childiev, was arrested and went on a hunger strike. It was to him and his role in these events that Bogazov dedicated her post:

“As much as I swear the last two weeks, I did not swear the previous 32 years of my life. The situation in Ossetia broke into federal news. And now I don’t even know who infuriates me more: those who took to the streets of Vladik (this is Vladikavkaz!) Today, or those who write that this is a “rally for life”.

Let me tell you what kind of life this rally is. This is a story about how a person without psychiatric help and a prescription for antipsychotics became the last straw that led North Ossetia to a medical collapse.

Ossetia is a very poor subsidized region. Almost all small and medium-sized businesses operate in the gray zone, without registering people and without paying any deductions to the budget, without paying taxes, without giving employees paid sick leave.

Once we had money. Local distilleries and vodka factories worked, but at some point the Kremlin decided that leaving excise taxes in the region was too generous, and so we became a subsidized region.

Local medicine, which left much to be desired even due to lack of funding, because of the weakness in its majority of personnel, and because of the disgusting management in the Ministry of Health, has simply been systematically destroyed in recent years.

I try very hard to be understanding. Yes, people who have no hope of medicine and financial support are more likely to deny the virus than the Moscow mid-level manager, to whom a new courier arrives every hour. Between resistance to an invisible obscure threat and hunger, people will choose food.

Yes, these factors affected those who went outside. But you do not know who provoked them. Singer. A local singer named Vadim Cheldiev.

It was funny a few weeks ago. He led a telegram channel where he wrote that coronavirus is a cover for implanting chips to the population. He has ten thousand subscribers. He went to all groups, wrote in his social networks. A month ago, this seemed ridiculous, but now people in his chat write that the implantation of chips has already begun and the protesters must continue.

I am absolutely serious. The date of the rally was appointed by Vadim Cheldiev, calling it a rally against the coronavirus, and then renaming it “a gathering of citizens of the USSR”! Dude is a fanatic of Stalin. He records a video where he says that all patients in Ossetia are actors. He has a competent speech, and he is very convincing.

Again. This rally was convened by a singer from Ossetia, who lives in St. Petersburg, who believes in chipping and dreams of the reincarnation of Stalin. You can enjoy yourself: . Another psycho claims that coronavirus is an operation to recycle the masses! I am a very liberal person, but screaming “fire” in the crowd is a crime.

At first we all laughed at them and even at those who believe them. But now it’s already scary. I ask you not to think that Ossetians are so stupid that they believe in chipping. I ask you to understand that in Ossetia no one believes in power.

You yourself do not believe Sobyanin, although I dream that such measures should be taken in Ossetia. Forgive me everyone with whom we met at rallies in Moscow, but Sobyanin is now the only person in this country who is not afraid to make decisions.

I dream of such measures in Ossetia, because my father is 66 years old at my house in Beslan. And for 16 years he lives with Parkinson's disease. With it, without any coronaviruses, pneumonia is fatal. And for a month I just can’t live peacefully, because in North Ossetia a lot of people hang around the streets, go to visit and work. Two weeks ago they were allowed to open all the beauty salons!

The paralysis of the federal government and the sudden games of the federation threatened the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the regions. Because the power in them has been taught for 20 years to be silent and to guess the party line on the movement of wrinkles on the face of the Kremlin.

Now it hurts for my native republic. Because the Russian government once again abandoned it. She abandoned the victims in two dozen terrorist attacks on her territory. She decided to make September 3 a day of military glory. She, through the hands of her useless parliament, prevented the region from choosing its own head. She sent there the head of a man with leukemia, who died after several months of at least some work. And now his prime minister, who was left the head, who is simply the owner of breweries and restaurants, does not know what to do. This is the Kremlin’s attitude to the region. And not only ours.

When regional leaders arrogantly say that they are not politicians, this is very bad. Because politicians can talk to people. In our country, there is no politics, so people listen to the person who broadcasts to them about chipping and the world conspiracy ... "