Posted 23 апреля 2020,, 14:48

Published 23 апреля 2020,, 14:48

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Banks do not believe the tears: deferral of loans will not save debtors

Banks do not believe the tears: deferral of loans will not save debtors

23 апреля 2020, 14:48
The credit holidays for which the debtors affected by the coronavirus were counting did not live up to expectations. It turned out that, firstly, this delay is not free and does not forgive the interest on the loan during the “holidays”.

And secondly, the government limited the amount of loans, and the figures were much lower than required. Thirdly, only people who have lost official earnings will receive a “vacation”. And those who are left without a “gray” income risk being left with nothing. Except, of course, a huge debt.

Lyudmila Butuzova

According to estimates of the Bank of Russia, the total amount of requests for restructuring loans to citizens is 760 billion rubles. This is almost the entire volume of overdue debts of banks as of March 1 of this year. Financial institutions expect demand for credit holidays to increase by about 10–20%.

The law for individuals and for entrepreneurs entered into force. Deferral or credit holidays can be obtained until September 30. The privilege can be used by those whose loans do not exceed the maximum limit established by the state (1.5 million rubles for a mortgage, 600,000 for a car, 250,000 for a consumer or 100,000 for a credit card), and those with an average monthly income this month fell by 30%.

The public organization For the Rights of Borrowers (ONF) is convinced that most Russian families will not receive credit benefits. People who find themselves in a hopeless situation will try to get illegal loans and loans. And this will lead to the seizure of housing or other property in favor of “black creditors”.

Account to the authorities

The paradox of the current pandemic is that for the first time in the history of power - both Russia and other countries - have been put in a situation where any of their actions or inaction is equally detrimental, said Alexander Hoffman , professor at the HSE Department of General Sociology . “The authorities have a choice without a choice: either people die from the virus today, or they die of starvation tomorrow. The authorities, of course, respond to a more immediate threat, this is understandable. But the population has a completely different set of priorities, ”he said SNEG.TV.

It’s just that the Russian population didn’t ask what was more important for him, and they don’t ask now, the social media users develop the thought of the professor.

One of the main features of the Soviet period was that people were literally plunged into total poverty. Poverty was in everything - in food, in clothes, in the standards of housing and car classes ... The system was not tuned for the well-being and prosperity of the population, it was tuned for its operation. So `` a story about a state that does not care about citizens, '' is not a new story. This is a sequel, remake, cover, restyling. well ... or just a rake. Just change the pen to a new one.

“Look at the experience of the neighbors, see how they are doing, what measures they are taking ... you are growing a crisis, like a bull for slaughter, - ordinary citizens do not lose hope of reaching out to rulers. “We chose you to help us live better, but only you live better.” Come to your senses, take the right measures. ” People post personal stories on the network that they think will help officials see the light and finally take these "right measures."

“Dear sirs, officials, please listen and answer,” a simple person writes . Nikolai from the Voronezh outback. - Until recently, we all lived on different planes. I am from paycheck to paycheck, you are from resort to resort. In general, I will not shake the air for nothing - let's get down to business. LOANS !!! How to pay them !? How to close them !? There is no work! Really not! The food service industry has completely died out, sales, too. I'm far from a dinosaur, but with this approach, I will soon die out. GIVE LOAN VACATIONS! I don’t ask for much, I’ve been paying taxes for six years ... and now I ask for little, give me the opportunity to survive quarantine calmly while sitting at home. How long will the quarantine last? It has already been extended for a month! But is it enough for us? Can we get to work? Do not know? And I do not know. And you have to pay, for everything! But it should not be now, not at this time! Only for a week, masks and antiseptics cost a thousand! What about dog food? A communal apartment? What about food? What should I refuse? A? Gentlemen officials? Euthanize a dog, eat buckwheat and wash with rain water? But if I see the need, I can limit myself to the above, then I can not limit myself to payments on loans and I can’t pay for all this. Only you can fix the situation! ”

A flurry of support for the post: all payments on loans - especially for small and medium-sized businesses - must be absolutely frozen for the period of quarantine and for some time after it until the business comes to its senses. Otherwise there will be a massive, gigantic ruin of entrepreneurs, dismissal and impoverishment of the population. The people demand to issue a life-giving resolution of the Government or a decree of the President.

Action taken

Federal Law No. 106-FZ on the provision of credit holidays entered into force on April 3, 2020.

“I didn’t expect such promptness,” said Yegor Volyntsev , a Moscow resident who had closed his bakery on March 8 and paid off workers with flour and butter leftovers instead of money. The most outstanding loan from Sberbank is 5 million rubles (the cost of purchased equipment a year ago). - I thought that everything will be as usual - a lot of words about the support of credit borrowers, and here at once: write an application for a grace period, fill out a form. I fill out and see a recommendation to read the memo. Yeah! FOR THE HOLIDAYS, CALCULATION OF INTEREST CONTINUES. The rate is 2/3 of the average market loan rate. I’m dependent: to agree? To abstain for now? Suddenly some less cannibalistic rule comes out? note within 5 working days. Now you don’t even have to drag your face on the table, tighten and hook-work - you are all by yourself, all by yourself ... I took a break. There is still a payment for a month, then we'll see ...

Lawyers interviewed by “NI” argue that it is easiest to achieve deferred payment (“grace period” in accordance with Article 4. Part 4.1-1, Federal Law No. 218 as of April 03) if you can prove to the bank that on the day the claim is sent You were in a difficult life situation.

“Vacations, of course, will extend the loan term or increase the amount of payments under the contract, this is a vacation, not a debt forgiveness. But as a temporary respite for those in a difficult situation, this is a good opportunity to reduce stress, ”said Oleg Kutasov, head of the company“ Your Right ”.

But what is all the same understood “by a difficult life situation” in order to boldly go to the bank and pump rights? By law, this can be done if the borrower is registered as unemployed, is recognized as a disabled person of group 1 or 2, has temporary disability for more than two consecutive months, and has lost more than 30% of the average monthly income compared with the previous period of work. But this, we repeat, is by law. In life, as benefit seekers themselves testify, “banks give a delay only if you have sick leave by cove, you are abroad and you cannot leave there. In other cases, get out!”

“Do you even think in your mind when you persecute a person who has lost his job? - Outraged by the policies of Russian creditors Lilia Myasnikova . “Is he supposed to get infected with the coronavirus in order to transfer the payment date or interest to him?” And if a person does not survive? what then? I am not in Russia now, but in Mexico. Here banks did not respond to their customers. And they all had payments. And they’re not forced to bring certificates that you are infected. ”

So far on our shore like this.

FB user Vasya: “Hello everyone. I am writing for those who shouted very loudly that the government will help to cope with difficulties due to quarantine. Well, for those who are looking forward to a credit vacation. Today came the answer to my request from VTB. Believe it or not, check it yourself. In short, VTB gives a deferral of payments for 3 months only in two cases. If you get coronavirus (attach a scan of the sick leave with a diagnosis). And if you came back from abroad and are in quarantine (passport scan with customs marks). EVERYTHING! Other people are NOT injured and can pay further. Spit that many do not work due to quarantine. I do not want to say that so in all banks. The answer is only from VTB. Although I suspect that others will not go too far. One of these days I will try to get a mortgage vacation at the Rosselkhoz. "All good and survive this time with the least loss for health and budget."

Prominent Max : “I called Russian Standard, where I have a loan. They told me that they wouldn’t solve anything on the phone, they said: despite self-isolation, ARRIVE to the bank, write a statement ... And maybe they will decide something, and that’s not a fact. I requested information on a postponement at Tinkoffbank, wrote in response: “no inf. from the Central Bank did not arrive, pay without fail everything as usual. "BEAUTY!"

All lies, fired from work at the beginning of the pandemic, turned to Sberbank, refused a mortgage vacation. They give only to those whose mortgages do not exceed the maximum limit set by the state. This is only 1.5 million - what could I take with this money? Wrecked house in the village. My kopeck piece in Lyubertsy cost 6 million. I paid half. They also laughed at me: from the point of view of the state, you are a prosperous person and you do not need priority support. And the fact that I am now without work at the will of the state does not concern them. In which case the apartment will be taken away.

And this is not the worst option. A letter was found in social networks “from a beggar’s grandfather,” a disability pensioner who wanted to take a deferred loan from a MTS bank at the bank, “so they gave me away to collectors.” Oh really? Is it time now to force out debts? But yes. It turns out that collectors have their own difficulties - borrowers began to massively declare the impossibility of servicing loans because of the pandemic of the coronavirus and quarantine. Such a misfortune was shared by banking and collection structures with RBC. This could be the start of a wave of defaults, the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA) fears. According to the organization, so far the reasons associated with the coronavirus account for less than 1% of all refusals to pay off debt. “Someone refers to fear of going out, someone to self-isolation, someone to something that is already sick,” the organization’s president, Elman Mehdiyev, said. According to him, while the vast majority of such explanations are perceived by collectors as excuses and aim to avoid responsibility. None of these debtors provided any evidence that the reason for non-payment of debts lies precisely in a pandemic, ”emphasizes the interlocutor of RBC.

Top view

On April 17, Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, held the next weekly press conference. On it, she spoke in detail about the complex of measures that the regulator took to stabilize the economic situation.

Nabiullina said that under the program of preferential refinancing of loans to small and medium enterprises (at 4%), ten banks have already entered into an agreement with the Central Bank, which began to receive these loans. But salary loans (at 0%) for SMEs so far go poorly. According to the calculations of the head of the Central Bank, a request for this program from SMEs from the affected sectors should amount to about 20 billion rubles a month, now “extremely little” -1.1 billion rubles has been issued. The percentage of approved applications is about 30%. (3.5 billion rubles). As for the restructuring of loans to individuals, almost 600 thousand applications were submitted, 250 thousand applications were refused, 200 thousand applications were approved, and banks make decisions on 135 thousand. On the restructuring of loans to small businesses: less than 60 thousand applications were submitted, about 75% (22.5 thousand) were approved, 28 thousand applications are still being processed by banks. Refusals of satisfaction were given by banks at 13% of requests (7.4 thousand loans) - mostly non-affiliated companies receive refusals and banks often refuse because of a damaged credit history of borrowers.

For these poor fellows, as it turns out, not everything is lost either. One click with the mouse and you’ll get the whole truth from - which banks specialize in low credit rating borrowers, just have time to choose the one in which there is less overpayment.

“In times of crisis, banks are trying to keep customers by offering them various ways of support in difficult times,” said Galina Berezhnaya, an independent expert on personal investments, from “NI”. “But not so simple.” A bank is, first of all, an organization that will not offend itself, and if there is such an opportunity, it will profit from customers. Therefore, even in times of crisis and with general panic, one should not rush to every proposal that seems tempting and able to correct the family budget. The fact that a certain credit institution announced as a generous share does not mean at all that it will be beneficial for the client.

People themselves, on their fingers, have figured out what they will cost a high security vacation. The entrepreneur (let's call him Peter), at the request of "NI", made a complete calculation, after which he himself did not want to get into bondage. His credit card payment is 10 thousand rubles. Taking into account the grace period from the government, he can pay the bank exactly half - 5 thousand rubles for 6 months, and during this time he will pay 30 thousand. But this will be only about interest, the "body" of debt will not decrease by a penny. When the period ends, the payment will again be 10 thousand rubles - after all, the debt has not been paid off, which means that interest continues to accrue. To pay off 30 thousand rubles of the "body" of the debt, you will have to pay 60 thousand for the same six months. The math is simple: without a "vacation" for a credit card there will be one total payment - the conditional 60 thousand, and with a "vacation" - 50% more: 30 thousand - interest during self-isolation plus 60 thousand then, total - 90 thousand. “No, I don’t subscribe to this,” our “consultant” said. It turns out: that the client is not blacklisted, you need to pay interest. Just like that, to the bank, for not delaying and interest in such a difficult time. And then what is the benefit for the client, is there any at all? ”

What is going to do? - “I will interrupt. Dad will help, I’ll sell something - and the same music system at half the price, for which I pay a dope for a loan. ” In general, he saw his sight to such an extent that in the future he wants to live without loans - only on his own.

Don’t butter the egg

So what to do? What are the suggestions?

In mid-April, Vladimir Putin proposed a new measure to support the economy in a pandemic, namely: to give small and medium-sized businesses that stopped work due to self-isolation requirements, salary money for employees. According to the president, this financial assistance will be free of charge. Enterprises will be able to send applications for such payments from May 1, and from May 18 to receive money in the amount of 12 130 rubles per employee. However, only those enterprises that have retained at least 90% of the staff in their staff will be able to claim assistance. Many economists call such assistance, as previously announced measures to help the Russian economy, insufficient.

The position of the overwhelming majority of politicians - both right and left - should be maximized! address! social! PEOPLE on medicines, products, essentials. You can claim 20 thousand (Bulk), 30 thousand (Gudkov), or 50 thousand for each Russian. Where to get? Raise the covers of the NWF chests.

Sooner or later this will have to be done, ”said Natalya Zubarevich, professor at the Department of Economic and Social Geography of Russia at Moscow State University, in an online interview entitled“ The World After the Pandemic, ”organized by the Yeltsin Center. Better - before, and there are reasons for this.

According to Zubarevich, this crisis is different. It can not be compared with any of those that were before. In 2009, the main blow fell on industrial enterprises, and this hit the market services sector, which sits not in single-industry towns, but is concentrated in the largest Russian cities. At risk are from 10 to 15 million people. The fact that “we have not yet left the past crisis that began in December 2014 cannot be discounted. If we compare the end of 2014 and the end of 2019, it’s minus 7% for household income. ”

The regions will have to help, the expert is sure. Many entities with their very small capabilities have no spare money whatsoever to save the business now. The federal budget will have to spend on additional transfers. And here it is necessary to deal with national projects - remove economic ones and leave only social ones, through which help to people will go to the region. “There is money - in any case, for 2020,” concludes Natalya Zubarevich. But they need to be redistributed to what is needed in the first place. "

Well, we are waiting for the gold reserves of the state reserves to shine overhead.