Posted 23 апреля 2020,, 15:25

Published 23 апреля 2020,, 15:25

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Booze, walks and parties ... Football players openly violate the regime of the self-isolation

Booze, walks and parties ... Football players openly violate the regime of the self-isolation

23 апреля 2020, 15:25
Not all world football stars managed to endure the harsh times of the pandemic without loss

Journalists of the "Soviet Sport" decided to find out who and how of the players violates the quarantine. It turned out that they have the same thing as the fans: someone keeps himself disciplined, while someone does not withstand the regime and goes into all serious ways

“You can be a great football player, but a two-faced person. And there were many of them. Especially during quarantine annealed in Europe.

From the most recent: billionaire footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has violated the rules of self-isolation for the third time in the last month. But how it all began well: Cristiano financed several intensive care units in hospitals in Lisbon and Porto for more than a million euros, took part in the Red Cross campaign to raise funds to fight against coronavirus. Then he made cute home videos with his wife Georgina, who either helped him with training, then on her own (and with the machine) tried to repeat her husband's signature hairstyle from the best European stylists. And nowhere without the tag "stay home", but - all in vain! Even he, the rich and famous (yes, legendary!), Who lives not in odnushka in a sleeping area, but in a chic mansion with several pools, gyms, a home theater and other bonuses, was quarantined by reality.

Okay, the first case was almost innocent: Ronaldo visited the museum of the Portuguese club Nacional, where he began his career. Well, when else to do such a popular footballer, if not in quarantine? But after the second violation of self-isolation, when Cristiano wanted to practice at a stadium near the house, and not alone, the Portuguese citizens criticized their hero. Then the Italian dissatisfied and the Portuguese Minister of Health pulled themselves together. The message was clear: special conditions, when an epidemic is raging all over the world, you, my dear friend, did not and cannot have. But it seems that the star of Juventus has a different opinion on this matter. Yesterday he was seen at a family party where at least 18 people were present. There was even his mother, who had recently suffered a stroke. And the most amazing thing is that no one really hid.

The video appeared on social networks at one of the football player’s relatives. In general, there is a crime, now we are waiting for a specific type of punishment. It’s even interesting how Cristiano can be motivated to be inspired by the worldwide mantra “Stay Home”. Moreover, this week the footballer returns to the location of his native Juventus, where he can not escape the two-week quarantine anyway.

In England, football players also somehow do not protect themselves. The trend was set by the local "bad guy", and part-time captain of "Aston Villa" Jack Grilish . The one Manchester United is dreaming of. First, the player posted a video in his account in which he urged all compatriots to stay at home. A few hours later he got drunk in a car accident in a car worth 90 thousand euros. It happened after a party at a teammate.

The hope of English football was less fortunate than Ronaldo: Grilish shines a fine of 150 thousand pounds from the club and the risk of not getting into the England team. So there is a possibility that we will no longer hear about quarantine violations by this player.

But the spirit of freedom and the protest movement against self-isolation in the English football environment could no longer be stopped. What Wayne Rooney first proved was violating the quarantine for golf with Manchester City player Kyle Walker , who, in turn, by this point, had already become famous for the most high-profile quarantine violation, having hosted a sex party at home. By the way, immediately after her, Kyle gave an interview to a local publication, in which he urged fans to stay home and wash their hands more often. Naturally. By the way, his hypocrisy outraged even the escort girls who took part in his quarantine fun. And, to date, the English baton on violations of the principles of self-isolation has completed the Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho . But he did it somehow quite modestly: he brought three football players to a nearby park for motivational training. Formally, in the UK there is no strict ban on going out, but it’s important not to get together for more than two and to be two meters apart. All this, of course, was not observed. And therefore, Jose had to immediately and publicly repent. The club management, of course, was forced to publicly reprimand the participants in the sports picnic and promise that a serious flogging would await Mourinho in the next quarantine violation.

And now we’ll be transported to our native Russian expanses and rejoice that in terms of the regime, our players will definitely give odds to their European colleagues. Well, let that only during a pandemic. Character, you know, is forged in difficult times. And, yes, here Smolov spoiled our statistics a little with his escape , but there is something to hide - the person had a very good reason. Although the head coach of Celta still complains in his interviews about Fyodor’s deed, but, we think, at heart, he is glad that Smolov just wanted to go home, and did not arrange a drunken brawl or an orgy as part of his isolation. So we can be proud.

The Krasnodar players violated a little more the football quarantine idyll. But here we also have good arguments: firstly, it was the Brazilian legionnaires. And you yourself understand: that the Russian self-isolation, the Brazilian carnival. Sooner or later, a party was about to happen. Secondly, drinking, smoking and breathing in laughing gas to the Krasnodar players is forbidden only during training camps or before matches. Now the Brazilian players have an official vacation. Wanderson and Cayo seem to get off with only a slight startle, but, I think, after this story, many Russian players in contracts may have a clause prohibiting direct broadcasts in personal accounts, even from the most fun parties. Instagram, as practice shows, is a delicate matter. We live on, observe the principles of self-isolation, wait for the return of football and philosophically observe the coronavirus influence on the entire sports world.