Posted 26 апреля 2020,, 10:01

Published 26 апреля 2020,, 10:01

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“No money” is a Russian constant for all time

26 апреля 2020, 10:01
Вячеслав Чернов
Years go by, epochs change, time flies, but one thing in Russia remains unchanged - no money.

Vyacheslav Chernov, civic activist

In the evening we decided to make a car ride - the heat came and the walls began to suppress. Well, we are going, observing the landscapes familiar to the eye, examining the breakup dear to the heart. We ooh and aah over these views unceasingly. Well, I began to buffoon around, saying that what you actually want - there is simply no money! She frowns, begins to shout, to threaten that will not pour the tea for me if I continue. Nothing to do, I had to stop. But thoughts, as you understand, cannot be stopped.

So, I'm driving and thinking - it’s just something unreal how much the whole country has all of it in its blood! Everyone, young and old, knows that there is no money. Years go by, epochs change, time flies, but one thing remains the same - there is no money. Everyone knows that they didn’t make the road, because there is no money. The house wasn’t built, the hospital wasn’t repaired, the gas wasn’t held, the shore wasn’t strengthened, the building wasn’t painted, the trees weren’t planted, the street wasn’t lit up, because there is no money. No money - this is a Russian constant. The field was not plowed, the cowshed fell apart, the roof collapsed, the fence squinted .. because there is no money. The car broke down - there was no money for spare parts, they thought it was still producing. We cannot build a bridge yet - there is no money. To make you a connection - you need money, but they are not. The club will have to wait until there is no money. Pensions are small .. yes, but no money now. Equipment is not yet possible to upgrade; water supply has to be delayed; we plan to make the sidewalk when there is money. We’ll definitely install a playground for children, we’ll put a net on the gate - that's just the money will come ... There is no money. Is always. No matter what. When they appear - there is not much money, you need to save, stretch .., so we’ll do a little guilty, you won’t be very naughty ... if there was more money, you would normally get into trouble.

I’m thinking and eating - but how do we perceive a person ..., such a healthy person, strong, physically full-bodied, with a mind that is not even deprived, who walks a little bit worn out, in some kind of tear his whole life and never has money? That's generally never ... right, we shun this and in a black little note on his note ... they say, debility comrade, you need to keep away from him.

But everything changes dramatically when instead of this nerd - a country ... Our Russian. And she is great and beautiful - she can’t take her eyes off, and stately, and influential, and with an extremely glorious past, and with a fantastic future, and with envy, everyone glances at her and is afraid. Miracle is so good! Only money is never there.

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