Posted 30 апреля 2020, 13:22

Published 30 апреля 2020, 13:22

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All life is online now, even the communion. Who benefits from this?

30 апреля 2020, 13:22
Лариса Бравицкая
The quarantine taught how to consecrate Easter cakes and apartments, watch an online liturgy, call a priest, as a courier, with Gifts, and at the same time a courier with pizza from a restaurant

We are all involved in a large-scale experiment today, a show called Coronavirus.

What does it consist of?

Well, for example, at the household level, they showed us, and many now realized that you can do without offices.

That is, you can manage online, hold conferences online, sell online, buy online, etc.

You can order food online, clothes, shoes, scissors, plants, etc.

You can take care of a grave dear to your heart, and also online.

Rather, you will be sent a photograph of a well-groomed grave. Issue price 850 p.

You can, and bury online. Disconsolate relatives, wiping away tears, stick to the monitors, where there, online, they bury their loved one.

True, the video will cost significantly more than the photo.

Наши храмы может ожидать вторая волна запустения и разрухи
Служба без прихожан - для кого? Зачем?
Нас научили обходиться без церкви как здания. Результат известен...

You can get married online, funeral online, serve the Liturgy online.

We can do a lot now ourselves.

We were taught how to consecrate Easter cakes, apartments, watch an online liturgy, then call a priest, as a courier, with Gifts, and at the same time a courier with pizza from a restaurant.

We were taught to do without a church as a building, and brought to the understanding that God - He is in the soul.

A church, like a building, may not be.

Early joyful Liturgies in temples, confessions, communions, or mysterious all-night services, when a heart beats and tears come to your eyes - this remains in the past, real life.

The church is turning into a museum.

And like in any museum, you can go there for the weekend, or you can stay at home and watch the online Liturgy.

We can’t do without only hospitals - here the care for the body is shown,

shops - caring for the belly and ... without television talk shows.

Which continue to shoot, invite participants, sit them close to each other, without muzzles.

After all, television, talk shows are a concern for our spiritual development.

Yes, by the way, under pressure from the public, now they are going to open restaurants.

So far, however, small (50 meters), for two or three tables.

Officials, complaints, demands to open restaurants received many indignant letters.

I read it myself.

There was a wondrous argument:

“In the restaurant we will sit in the distance, masked. “This is not for you in a church where there is no discipline, one infection.”

Yes, we are being prepared for another life, which will begin immediately after the quarantine is lifted.

And in this new life online there is no place for churches.

Rather, there is, but in its place, an entertainment event, along with restaurants, cinemas and a zoo.

I don’t know if I need to shut up, go into prayer and stop, like Don Quixote, fight windmills and defend what is expensive and makes sense of my being?

Not in the hospital - that my mortal body, because I believe that I will leave then and as God wills; not in the store - well, anyone who can work online with Tajik couriers is the shops; nor the vulgar talk shows that close - everyone will be happy.

But churches are the islands of our salvation. Not a word is said about them. And not a word is said about us. The second week at the end, after Easter without parishioners.

No one turned to us with words of comfort, gratitude for conscious self-isolation, no one suggested a solution on how to partake of the Holy Gifts while sitting at home.

So far, no technology has been invented, such as putting epitrachel online on his head and sharing the Holy Gifts. Until we came up with ...

I sympathize, sympathize with the infected, and pray for the souls of the dead.

About doctors, priests, artists, builders, architects, janitors, writers, teachers, etc.

I don’t know if policemen, sellers, couriers, talk show hosts, officials are dying? ..

They are not informed about them to us.

But perhaps they are stuck from another test. To them, apparently, the infection does not stick.

Therefore, they are always on duty, on the way to our bright tomorrow, a wonderful life called Online.

A life in which there is a place for everything, including churches.

Online churches with virtual priests.

The Smart City 2030 project is to help us.

The show goes on.