Posted 4 мая 2020,, 12:32

Published 4 мая 2020,, 12:32

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Chechen residents were forced to apologize publicly for the violation of self-isolation

Chechen residents were forced to apologize publicly for the violation of self-isolation

4 мая 2020, 12:32
Фото: instagram
Residents of the Gudermes region, who had previously been detained by security officials for violating the regime of self-isolation, apologized publicly.

On May 2, a video was published on the Instagram channel "CH.P. Chechnya", which shows how a police officer keelhauled a group of citizens, the Caucasian Knot reports.

- Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Gudermes district of the Chechen Republic carry out preventive measures in the region. These measures are aimed at reducing the spread of COVID19 virus in the territory of our republic, ”the authors of the publication explain.

There are 16 people standing on the wall, and a lieutenant colonel addressing them. Most of them have no masks.

- Do not violate self-isolation. What is this self-isolation for? She is for us, understand? So that this epidemic does not spread. Everyone is asking to stay home. There is nothing complicated. You have a pass for exactly two hours. Go out for these two hours, do what you need to do. Leave your children at home, keep your families at home, tell your family to be at home, ”the policeman reports.

After that, two detainees admitted that they repented.

I broke my isolation.” I ask everyone to beware. I will not commit more violations, if the will of the Almighty is at that. We will do what the authorities say and stay at home, ”said one of the detainees. The second added that he would no longer violate the regime of self-isolation, and asked not to do this and others.

Some of the users of social networks were critical of the actions of the police.

- I can’t understand, the very word "self-isolation" speaks for itself, and why the hell have they been gathered in one arm? That is, so that you do not contact with others, we will gather you all in one place? - one of the participants in the discussion was perplexed.

Others were also surprised that the offenders were brought together at a time when "not to collect, but to disperse."

- Not everyone works in power, not everyone has pensions! What should they do? How to feed your families? For example, I worked at construction sites, now I’ve been sitting at home for over a month now, unable to get out. Absolutely there is no income, - stated another user.

Recall that the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov has previously performed with a proposal to strengthen control over the movement of the country. He wanted to send offenders to the cleaning of streets and hospitals, and to seize their cars. Prior to this, he suggested sending those who did not observe self-isolation to agricultural work.

The republic has strengthened the measures to monitor the compliance of the restrictive regime until May 12. All the violators have to be detained and fined.