Posted 5 мая 2020,, 14:36

Published 5 мая 2020,, 14:36

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The behavior of Russian doctors today is the heroism of a despair

5 мая 2020, 14:36
Яков Кротов
Yes, they showed the heroism, but it is based on the inability to be professionals, not in medicine, nor in civic and political activity.

In 1984, the movie "The train stopped" appeared in Russia. In stagnant times, he was terribly bold, and the amazing actor Oleg Borisov played there.

Courage was in denouncing heroism as a phenomenon, in explaining that all heroism in a totalitarian structure is the result of poor work. First, they do something after the sleeves, and then heroically correct it. To do is not bad, but good, impossible in principle, because despotic power puts obedience above all else. For humans, this is detrimental. Non-freedom harms quality.

This recalls the qualitative difference between the system created by Lenin and normal life. Lenin and his successors talked a lot about the liberation of labor, even monuments were erected to him. But they made labor much more unfree than before, and the result was a huge deterioration in life. They began to take in quantity, not quality, but not everywhere you can take in quantity.

In this situation, the famous tail appears, which waves the dog. This is the name of the satirical film of 1997, there the name is phonetically funny: veg ze dog. The US President, in order to distract voters from their vices, makes a fuss about the terrorists who come up with a Hollywood producer. It was precisely with this scenario that Bush declared the declaration of war against Iraq.

There are many unfreedom in the free world. The free world is called free not because it is free, but because it seeks freedom. The unfree world — Russia, China, etc. — declares hatred of freedom, is afraid of it just like words, preferring the words “stability” and “security”, which in the free world are considered tails whose wagging is dangerous for the dog.

Trump, Netanyahu, Putin - they all exploit, as dictators from ancient times did - the desire for security. They are not to blame, but those who give the desire for security to prevail over the desire for freedom. The great inquisitors are not a cause, but a consequence of great fears.

The current hysteria about the laboratory in Wuhan is a combination of two tantrums at once. Trump portrays China as a terrible threat in order to divert attention from himself, opponents of Trump portray a laboratory in Wuhan as a terrible threat, linking its activities with Trump's assistant.

The truth is that, whatever the origin of the virus, the reaction to it by leaders and people of the West was criminally belated.

As for heroism. In the free world he is. Of course, heroism is a purely peaceful concept - soldiers and soldiers are not heroes. Not only the existence of the army, but also a respectful attitude to the military and their heroism is an indicator of the level of archaic and rotten society.

The heroism of teachers, doctors, peasants, workers, clerks, learned entrepreneurs is a real, though infrequent, phenomenon in the free world. The phenomenon is usually genuine - this is ensured by freedom of information, transparency.

In Russia, any heroism has a presumption of guilt. Therefore, comparing the behavior of Russian doctors and British, demanding payments to Russian doctors is a sign of hysteria. This hysteria is a masked rebellion, carefully conspiratorial opposition, discontent. Demands may not understand this, but the authorities understand and take this into account. It may give a million, but it will remember who asked. These are good subjects, normal slaves, kind servants, a faithful support of the regime. They ask, but do not demand, ask for money, and do not demand freedom - their own, others, information, etc. The petitioners settled in Carthage and are very afraid that it will be destroyed.

Religious leaders behaved badly - more precisely, leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church MP, synagogues closed very early, in early March. But Russian doctors behaved much worse, and the doctors lay and lay much more fault than any believers. Yes, these doctors are victims of the system. Yes, they are capable of heroism. But this is the heroism of Alexander Matrosov (the "feat" of which all war veterans despised), the heroism of despair, the heroism of cowardice, the heroism of the inability to be professionals in medicine and in civil, political activity.

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