Posted 6 мая 2020,, 17:43

Published 6 мая 2020,, 17:43

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Doctor: “Clinics remain the hotbeds of the coronavirus infection!”

Doctor: “Clinics remain the hotbeds of the coronavirus infection!”

6 мая 2020, 17:43
After the examination in Moscow polyclinics, patients suspected of having COVID-19 are sent home “on their own”.

Moscow doctor Alexander Erlikh wrote on his blog about a very alarming situation faced by Muscovites trying to find out whether they are infected with coronavirus or not. As you know, one of the ways to do this is computer tomography. Here is what Erlich writes:

“The story that covert-positive patients are sent home from CT clinics by their own power (metro, bus, tram, etc.) has received a wonderful continuation. Moscow Department of Health answered me that this happens on their own order (see the photo).

That is so that according to the order of the Health department of the capital, covid-positive people are taken on the ambulance to the Clinic, then according to the order of the Health department, CT scans are carried out, and then, according to the order of the Health department, they are sent home on foot, in buses and taxis... So that these patients strictly according to the order of the Health department would infect as many people as possible. And if I wrote earlier that this is a polyclinic - a breeding ground for infection, now I take my words back and confidently declare that the wide spread of infection in Moscow proceeds according to the orders of the City Health Department.

Or am I misunderstood something again? .. "

It turns out that this happens not only in Moscow, as one of the readers of the blog writes:

- In St. Petersburg the same way. The daughter-in-law with a cough and fever was taken to St. George's (ambulatory hospital). They did a test and an X-ray, not a CT scan. The x-ray is clean and sent home without test results. And she also waited there for two hours among the coughing terribly. I went back myself on two minibuses. All is well, she recovered. No test result so far. Lucky everyone.

Dmitry Epstein , an employee of the Russian Red Cross, provides very similar evidence on his blog:

“The situation is not straightforward. I will say what I see and hear. I do not pretend to be true. Clinics: All employees are ill. The situation with the diagnosis of CT was out of scope (if they were). A CT visit takes one hour (+ -).

The main time is paperwork in several instances, including for RPN. In queues up to 20 people. The whole process of CT diagnosis on its own (in the direction of a doctor at a clinic from another branch) takes up to five hours. In the general queue.

All patients who are confirmed with a diagnosis but do not have indications for hospitalization go home (to the store, to the post office, metro, bus) on their own. The staff is not enough, the tests are not informative, it is necessary to work, but only because of the love of money, because money is paid on time, and not on quality.

I may be wrong, but if there are carriers of secret knowledge, please share in the subject, for the organization of labor ... "

In the comments, the doctors themselves admit:

- I stayed (in line to do a CT scan, approx. Ed.) 5.5 hours, and this is taking into account the fact that I am a doctor. I just missed out of turn. Before me, there were 18 people in line, the reception of each averaged 45 minutes, that is, in this way, I should have been there at best for about 10 hours. I do not blame anyone. Just stated a fact and described the situation. But, it should be noted that in this situation people behave very dignified, no one swears, and calmly wait. And the doctors are great! I am very sorry for all of us! Great respect and respect to everyone who does their duty at this time!

- I’m also a doctor, but I didn’t advertise it ... There were not many people at all, and my husband also waited 5.5 hours, most of the time on the street at the entrance. But our doctors are not to blame - they already work to the limit. Question to the organizers health care - any process can be organized so that it works even in conditions of a shortage of forces and means