Posted 10 мая 2020,, 12:18

Published 10 мая 2020,, 12:18

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Doctor from the Covid-19 Department: “I never thought there could be callosities on the ears”

Doctor from the Covid-19 Department: “I never thought there could be callosities on the ears”

10 мая 2020, 12:18
Despite the very difficult working conditions, doctors are already getting used to it and more and more often you can hear laughter and jokes from them.

The Moscow doctor Christophor Zemlyanika described on his blog the most interesting details of the work in the intensive care unit, where Muscovites who have a coronavirus infection are located:

“60 hours in covid-resuscitation.

A surprise was waiting for me both with a plus sign and a minus sign. My partner quit. This is both a positive and a negative point. Oksana came here not at the behest of her heart, but for the salary, while her company was closed, she worked one or two shifts more than I did. No, no, I don’t judge her at all. There is nothing wrong with working and getting paid for it. I'm talking about something else. In such conditions, only those who choose medicine as their profession, whether they are a doctor, a nurse or a nurse, can work, and as for those who come to work temporarily, I think, besides the desire to earn money, there must be something else. Ambition will exhaust such a person. It was extremely difficult for me to work with her emotionally, but I am grateful to her, in any case she did a good job! Thank you, Oksana, for my first 4 shifts!

And minus, this means that I have to pull the strap alone.

A 46-year-old man, about whom I wrote last time, died that his chances were zero. No miracle happened. He suffered for a long time, finally his soul was freed from the torture of the cove.

A difficult shift, extremely difficult, nevertheless, the hostess Tatiana helped me in this shift, I am grateful to her for this. Almost all kovidnye suffer from plague diarrhea, I have to change each several times a day, and without Tatiana, I would have completely drowned in all this. And besides this, a lot of things. Three people are conscious and they require attention, now a duck, then drink, then feed, then turn, then one, then another. Every three hours you drain urine and other biological fluids, record the results. Three feedings per day. Cleaning. Lower the trash down. Bring a gurney. Immerse the patient on a gurney. Endless changes of linen, diapers. As soon as you sit down to rest and “Christopher” is heard right away, you run to the voice, “what are you pleased?”

In general, how useful this is to my soul, now I’m lying in a hotel and I understand that this is a holiday for the soul. So much humility, when of course you are ready to humble yourself, this is the birth of a new person. Even a week ago, I could not imagine that I would easily plant on ducks and wipe the priests. But I repeat, when you came to this in readiness, if not, just got angry. I want to make one confession why I went for it. I thought, and if you have to die in the near future, then it is better to die then in this form, humble yourself, helping others, than die in selfishness. Yes, such thoughts visited me. No, I do not want to die, there are many plans ahead, but I will not be upset beyond measure if the plans are canceled.

Today is a day rich in accidents, the shoe cover was torn and my leg was bare, I had to tie a bag to my leg with tape. Gloves were torn. Pretty watered himself with all kinds of alcohol. In general, I haven’t been drinking for the 15th year, but I’m just drowning in the smell of alcohol ... Yes, today I was given a badge on my chest.


Today we have a clogged toilet; it works only to drain biological materials. Have you ever seen a plumber in a white jumpsuit? Look, this will not be shown anywhere else ...


The hospital opened under the cove since May 1, now the medical lads come to their senses and more and more often you can hear laughter, jokes or such creativity. I envy those who are less or a little over 30 years old, I already lack strength. Creativity "red zone"


"The hero is willingly crowned here, but they will first bury him in the grave" (A. Gradsky)

Putin issued a decree that in the event of the death of medical personnel, a payment of 2,700,000 rubles is due. Good money. Is it possible to give at least 500,000 to those who simply fell ill, but did not begin to die? No you can not? Well then, we will try to save money in your budget. Well, if, what, mom will have something to live on after i'll pass, it’s already not bad.


I never thought that there could be callosities on my ears. New in my knowledge of physiology. My ears began to hurt. Left before tomorrow morning! Do not be ill!