Posted 11 мая 2020,, 15:22

Published 11 мая 2020,, 15:22

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Dmitry Gudkov: “Pseudo-quarantine turns into fiction ...”

Dmitry Gudkov: “Pseudo-quarantine turns into fiction ...”

11 мая 2020, 15:22
Since the citizens of Russia no longer have money, they will go to work, but if earlier this work was official, now everything has gone into the shadow sector.

The gloomy picture of the development of the situation in the country was drawn by politician Dmitry Gudkov in his blog:

“Russia has the third place in the world in the number of patients with coronavirus. Plan to “catch up and overtake America” in action. But this race for the leader is not important, but the question: why is the situation getting worse every day?

Because a stick instead of a carrot.

How does the state fight the disease? Penalties, because creating the right incentives is not about our power. If a person is fined, then he will not get sick - that’s how she argues.

For the lack of a pass. After all, everyone knows that a pass is like antibodies, only better.

For the lack of gloves and masks. They did not hear about the free distribution, which means that people will wear the same mask for weeks, and even then only at the sight of the police. (What is the cost of a disposable mask and gloves, which ask for 50 rubles? Who will get the income in their pocket?)

Because I missed the requirement to take a picture from the tracking application. Naturally, now no one with a slight cough will turn to doctors. It’s easier to endure to the last than doom yourself to a busting house arrest.

As a result, the state is not an assistant, but a threat, which is much more dangerous than any virus. It is already clear that they will not give money to anyone, and never, although only they could provide real "self-isolation": if there is money, there is no need to go to work, you can go to the cottage or lock yourself in an apartment and read books. That is, "sit at home", which is why they call from every iron.

And if there is no money, then people will still go to work. It’s just that before this work was official, but now everything has gone to the shadow sector. Do you need, for example, a haircut? “There are many offers on any Yuda.” Buying anything is easy. Yes, everything is done from under the floor, yes, we have to dodge, but we were left with no options.

And all pseudo-quarantine turns into fiction. Yes, the state does not particularly hide this: it resumes construction and is already shifting the asphalt (yes, again).

I would say that the avaricious pays twice, and Putin, without paying first, will be forced to pay much more later, because the virus will take its toll. But no, it won’t. None of us will see money. But new fines and taxes - as much as you like.

Those who fall ill and die will be written off at a cost (statistics can always be charted). And those who survive will become new oil, which will be paid for new geopolitical adventures and other imperial toys.

Only this power is important. Not our health, not our lives, not our incomes. It is important to launch a new rocket and take the poison to Prague in order to poison the mayor there. This is not a pity for the money. And people are a by-product, an annoying residue on a fragile bottom.

It seems senseless to call for support of citizens and business, as they do in the “decaying West”: they will not support and they will not give money. While these in power - nothing will change, everything will remain the same, and especially - the increase in the number of cases..."