Posted 12 мая 2020, 07:41

Published 12 мая 2020, 07:41

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Alina Vitukhnovskaya: "Russia will inevitably throw off the paternalistic chains

12 мая 2020, 07:41
Celebrating Victory Day acquired infernal-necrophilic enthusiasm and a jingoistic patriotic pompous dare back in Brezhnev's time. But today there are new nuances and inevitable consequences.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Without waiting for the last witnesses of real battles to die (in fact, mass sacrifices), the Kremlin ideologists were forced to decorate with enchanting mystery a huge, gaping blood-red spot, canvas of Russian history. It was it, like a cheap blanket, that hid the corpse of the Soviet “superman”, who died in battle with his German sworn colleague, but “miraculously” brought back to life with the help of a series of almost occult rituals that were not carried out by universal global tragic accident in this year. And apparently, they will no longer be held.

The Putin era is reminiscent of the Brezhnev era, primarily in this aspect. The “historical cover” operation could continue even if it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic. Which may prove to be just as fatal for the current government as the Chernobyl accident for the Soviet Union. Coronavirus hit two scrapes at once - Orthodoxy and the victorious myth.

The most important thing, in addition to the pandemic, an event for Russia is the failure of the oil and gas market. Even when a country leaves quarantine, it will be faced with the need to recognize the collapse of the commodity model of the economy. The pandemic was only a delay in the inevitable terrible end. The story of Nord Stream 2, which had great hopes, ended in zilch. Coronavirus did what designated pseudo-oppositionists could not achieve for 20 years. Namely, he showed the absolute incapacity of the authorities, the complete absence of the economy and the absence of the state as a social component while maintaining its power structures, and even those that turned into meaningless paraphernalia, armed ballast.

We are also witnessing the collapse of ideology, a retreat from the canonical parade on May 9th. In parallel with it follows the painful disintegration of the Russian Orthodox Church as a control structure for the mass unconscious. The priests actually burned out on their own greed and neglected the instinct of self-preservation. The number of infected and deceased clergy is huge. All government agencies were mortally affected.

Having run out of imagination and buried in the technical impossibility of holding a parade with marching cast-iron soldiers, the mass unconscious replaced the power itself, which was embodied in monstrous grassroots performances. What was done in Soviet times by order and by force is now being carried out "at the behest of the soul and heart." Recall the event of 2016 - a 10-year-old girl painted the ashes of her great-grandfather, a veteran.

The fact is that here they sincerely love death, no longer a secret (subconscious), but a blatant, open, quite carnal love for themselves, relish it, drink blood and gobble up dust, bones and cartilage, having plunged into nightmarish painted kokoshniks covered with luciferous horns with rhinestones , clutching kneeling and hunched over in greedy lips straight to the nightmarish trough, pleasantly set up by a demiurgic butcher - a monstrous cook of this boundless and rollicking red zone.

The necrobither continues to generate its conceptual floodlights. The girl painting with ashes is, of course, not an artistic, but a medical statement. The field of unknown (not formulated yet) psychiatry. This year, the necropioners have gone even further. The Russian schoolgirl stood on the nails for an hour and devoted a “record” to veterans of the Patriotic War.

“From the 45th minute I wanted to get off the nails, but I could not afford to give up. Gathering my will, I endured, trying to comprehend the sacrifices made by our ancestors, so that I could grow up healthy and happy, ”said Karolina Chernykh - this is the name of the“ action girl ”. This immersion is no longer even in the Middle Ages, but in the much deeper historical layers of the mass unconscious.

I find this practice criminal. This psychological and physical and moral abuse of the child. In the future, this "education" will give rise to tragedy. Just as Soviet intellectual parents raised child prodigy girls like Nika Turbina for a slaughter, so today's ideologized citizens reproduce Olympic clowns, with a deliberately broken, twisted fate. I hope the girl has the will and spirit to go against her father and ideological dictatorship.

Someday, she will understand how they exploited her naive childhood desire for achievement, how they took her childhood in the name of dubious achievements. By the way, the authorities are doing roughly the same with Russia itself. Russia is that girl exhausted by toxic ideological injections and senseless self-violence. And she, like this child, will inevitably throw off her paternalistic belief.

Man evolved from an animal state and reached a certain stage of development. But from some point on, the survival strategy began to work against the person himself. The finer and more developed it became, the more civilized the world was around, the worse it suffered all sorts of discomfort, not to mention disasters.

But this does not mean that we must try to be “stronger” in the utopian-Nietzschean sense. On the contrary, this means that we must continue to make the world more civilized and comfortable, avoiding the possibilities of fatal situations.

The vile idea of the glorification of self-sacrifice, the exploitation of exploits in the name of ideology lead to stagnation of development, archaization of culture and consciousness, and millions of potential futile victims. The very necrophilic idea that one must die for something is deeply vicious in its core. There is nothing in the world worth paying for with your own life.