Posted 16 мая 2020,, 12:20

Published 16 мая 2020,, 12:20

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Vladimir Putin: Russians over 65 y.o. must observe self-isolation regime

Vladimir Putin: Russians over 65 y.o. must observe self-isolation regime

16 мая 2020, 12:20
Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government and regional authorities to maintain a regime of self-isolation for citizens over 65, as well as for those who suffer from chronic diseases.

According to a report published on the Kremlin’s website, the head of state’s new list of instructions also includes securing a salary supplement for April for healthcare workers whose activities are related to the provision of medical care for patients with coronavirus infection. The deadline for the order is May 15. Responsible appointed heads of regions.

Putin also instructed to provide increased testing of citizens for coronavirus.

In addition, before June 1, it is necessary to amend the laws on special payments to social workers and increase the minimum amount of the allowance for the care of the first child to 6,751 rubles for persons not subject to compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and in connection with motherhood.

In the period from April 15 to July 15, all special federal supplements to the salary for special working conditions must be paid to workers of stationary social services organizations who work in shifts of two weeks.

As for the issue of payments of 10 thousand rubles for children from three to 16 years old, this issue, the president pointed out, should be resolved by May 25.

Until May 20, it is necessary to ensure conditions for the restoration of the work of enterprises in the basic industries - in construction, industry, agriculture, and mining.

Also, on behalf of the president, microfinance organizations will be capitalized by at least 12 billion rubles. to increase the availability of borrowed funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, including private entrepreneurs.

Recall that in April Vladimir Putin promised an additional payment of 80 thousand rubles for doctors who work directly with patients infected with coronavirus. According to this instruction, nurses and paramedics were supposed to receive 50 thousand rubles each, the junior medical staff expected an increase of 25 thousand rubles. However, doctors did not receive more than 80% of the promised surcharges. After that, the head of state reported to the regional authorities and heads of medical institutions.

It should be noted that earlier the prosecutor’s office began checking on the fact that the Chukotka doctors did not receive the prescribed allowances.