Posted 18 мая 2020,, 15:29

Published 18 мая 2020,, 15:29

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Protesting Belgian doctors turned their backs on the Prime Minister

Protesting Belgian doctors turned their backs on the Prime Minister

18 мая 2020, 15:29
During the period of restrictive measures in connection with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, protests were banned in most European countries, but Belgian doctors, dissatisfied with the financing of medicine, found a way to demonstrate their displeasure.

Prosperous and small in size, Belgium suddenly became not only the country with a high prevalence of coronavirus infection, but also the country with the highest mortality from COVID-19. As of May 17, 55,280 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded here, of which 9052 people died. The bulk of the dead were elderly people, whom the local authorities actually abandoned to die without the necessary care.

Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government Alfred Koch said on his Facebook about the tragic situation in nursing homes in Belgium: “The government made the worst decision since 1945: people infected with the virus in nursing homes should have stayed in nursing homes. There was no hospitalization for these poor old people.

Combined with an almost complete absence of masks and tests, this directive had disastrous consequences - death, death, and even more deaths. Almost 50% of coronavirus deaths in Belgium occurred in nursing homes. Despite the often heroic efforts of their employees, nursing homes in Belgium have actually become deadly traps. "People dying alone in their rooms were not even allowed to see their families for the last time so as not to infect others".

Today, the doctors at the Brussels-based St. Pierre Hospital arranged a rally dedicated to the visit of the country's Prime Minister Sophie Vilmes - the staff lined up on both sides of the road where her motorcade passed, and as the car approached, the hospital staff turned their backs to the road. Thus, they expressed dissatisfaction with the way the Belgian authorities are fighting the epidemic. In particular, according to doctors, insufficient funds are being received to finance medicine, the Dozhd / Rain TV channel reports.

Against the background of high mortality due to the coronavirus, many Belgians expressed dissatisfaction with the excessive quarantine measures, due to which, for example, a 19-year-old boy was tragically killed. He crashed on a scooter when he was chased by the police. After his death on April 12, young Brussels residents took to the streets . They stoned the police with stones and burned several cars, stole weapons from one of the law enforcement officers, and the building of one of the police departments was stoned, breaking windows there.