Posted 22 мая 2020,, 13:09

Published 22 мая 2020,, 13:09

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Six salaries - and get out: car factories lashed out on the "self-dismissal" of the workers

Six salaries - and get out: car factories lashed out on the "self-dismissal" of the workers

22 мая 2020, 13:09
Russian car factories are actively cutting jobs. People are invited to write statements "by the agreement of the parties", and they allow it. It seems that the car industry managers themselves do not believe in the imminent revival of sales and normal production.

Oleg Goryunov

In April, only 53.3 thousand cars were sold by Russian dealers - this is 64.4% lower than in April 2019. In total, in the first four months of 2020, the market contracted by 9.6% compared to the same period last year.

19 automobile plants producing domestic foreign cars work in Russia. It was they who first began to get rid of now unnecessary labor.

This is done very carefully and delicately, because during the coronavirus period many of the car factories received state support - they were included in the list of backbone enterprises, the German Volkswagen factory, for example.

At this plant, one of the most powerful trade union organizations, or rather, there are even two of them: RUWA - the regional union of the Workers' Association and RTUAAE - the All-Russian Trade Union of Automotive and Agricultural Engineering.

At one time, the workers and employees of this plant, and about five thousand people work at it, found out how much a German factory worker in Germany receives - 2,800 Euros, and a specialist of a higher level - 4,500 Euros.

The Russians, both workers and employees, received approximately three times less in terms of currency than their foreign counterparts.

The trade unions of RUWA and RTUAAE began negotiations with the administration of the Volkswagen automobile plant on raising wages by 10 thousand rubles - at the then exchange rate - by about 30-35 Euros.

On the last day of the negotiations, the employer proposed increasing wages by the amount of inflation plus 2% - this is about 2,400 rubles - that is, 4 times less than what the workers required. The RTUAAE agreed to such conditions.

That is why NI on the current situation at the Volkswagen Group Rus plant decided to talk with Dmitry Trudovoy, the head of the RUWA trade union ...

"The administration has so far found 132" volunteers ", 32 of them have already surrendered - they wrote a statement" by agreement of the parties. "Each of them received 6 salaries - about 300 thousand each. Why do people take this step? Yes, because they rely on Russian Here’s a typical case - one of the people who quit recently called me, he, like many, has a mortgage, he hoped to make a payment to the bank of 250-300 thousand to reduce the monthly payment, and quickly find a new job, but not here- it was a coronavirus, and now it’s sitting without work"

The Germans know how to count money, so they divided the process of "self-dismissal" into two stages:

1. You leave before May 15 - you get 6 salaries.

2. You leave from May 18 to May 25 - you get 5 salaries.

“We are trying to explain to people that it’s not necessary to quit at all, but to wait until the automobile factory announces the process of staff reduction. In this case, the worker wins in two directions at once: he receives not 6, but 7 salaries, but the most important thing is that he will be recorded in the labor: “dismissed due to staff reduction.” For a subsequent job placement, this is better than “by agreement of the parties,” Dmitry Trudovoi said in an interview with NI.

Dmitry explained to us the fundamental difference between these two formulations.

It turns out that "by agreement of the parties", as a rule, "raiders" are fired - that is, those who have been convicted of drunkenness or theft. Volkswagen Group Rus preferred this method of dismissing parasites and brawlers over court proceedings, which is inevitable in the event of theft, for example.

In the personnel department of the next place of employment, such a worker will be watched with close attention, trying to unravel who he is: a drunkard or a thief.

But the war for the interests of the car factory workers at this stage can be considered already lost - Volkswagen Group Rus sweetened the parting with his beloved work by enabling employees who took the company’s subsidy to purchase a car or real estate, and at the same time agreed to leave the company with payment six salaries, do not return the money.

According to the RTUAAE trade union, “the number of employees in the night shift industry is decreasing, approximately 250 employees.” Volkswagen Group Rus has not yet commented on a union report.

Both the RTUAAE and the RUWA are now opening a second front - the struggle to pay for work on Friday. The fact is that since June the car factory has been switching over to a four-day period. Both unions propose to avoid wage cuts as follows: “It is simple to declare Fridays every week. In this case, the employer must pay 100% of the salary for each day of downtime"

"I think that voluntary-forced layoffs will begin in August. In July, the entire plant goes on a month on vacation. There will not be a particularly massive reduction in staffing. The Germans are not stupid - they need to save up to 90% of the workforce, and then they will receive from the state for each worker 12 thousand rubles, that is, their expenses for paying wages will be reduced. Plus, switching to a part-time week is another 20% savings. So I think that Volkswagen will not die of the coronavirus, that's for sure!", - says Dmitry Trudovoi.

To leave 90% of the workforce, Volkswagen, according to conservative estimates, needs to fire not 250 people, but 480.

And layoffs are at all such car factories.

Nissan plant, it seems, was not included in the list of backbone enterprises in Russia. There are also layoffs, but more massive than on Volkswagen - 23%. According to the publication Automotive News, before the end of the current fiscal year will be fired in seven countries, and later - in another six.

Ford in the Leningrad region generally closed.

What is happening at the Mercedes-Benz Russian plant in general is hard to find out: we have been a car giant for two years now, but according to Dmitry Trudovoy, its trade union consists of 14 to 16 employees of the logistics center, there are no workers in it.

Our AvtoVAZ followed the path of the German Volkswagen - workers are also being fired there. That's just the local union found this a decent name: "the resumption of social programs." It is proposed to write statements from May 18 to May 25.

"AvtoVAZ" turned out to be stingier than Volkswagen - I propose to get not only 6, but only 5 salaries: a worker in the domestic auto giant:

1. If you are an employee of a retirement age (or the pension basis comes before the end of the year), then you can retire and at the same time choose one of the options for the Corporate Pension Program: a) receive a lump sum payment in the amount of 7 average monthly salaries; b) receive funds in the amount of 360 thousand rubles on a personal pension account in NPF Rostec JSC, which you will receive 6 thousand rubles a month every 5 years (note - these funds are inherited).

2. If you are an employee on maternity leave up to 3 years old: a) you can extend your maternity leave until the end of 2020 or until the child reaches 4 years old (whichever comes first); b) this vacation will be provided with the payment of a monthly allowance.

3. If you are an employee, you can take advantage of the following payments: a) 5 average monthly wages or 12 living wages in the Samara region for the able-bodied population (which is more) - when transferring to other employers (including Industrial Park); b) compensation in the amount of 5 average wages - upon dismissal by agreement of the parties.

Why the reduction in the staffing in the Russian Federation can be passed off as voluntary termination of the NI employment contracts is not clear: the employer wins in this case, and the employee loses, but neither the Labor Inspectorate, nor the deputies, nor the ministries and departments seem to notice this...

Meanwhile, the situation at AvtoVAZ is not simple - only according to official data, 11 workers have already become infected with the coronavirus. But on the trade union site there is no information either about their state of health, or about the help that the automobile plant provides them. Instead, bravura pictures appear on the website every morning:

Today, the domestic KamAZ stands stronger than all the rest - it has as many as 263 open vacancies. There are amusing ones among them:


The official data of the Minister of Labor Anton Kotyakov about 5-6 million unemployed in Russia are rapidly approaching the figures predicted by the head of the Accounts Chamber of Alexei Kudrin - 6-9 million people. All of these people, including former factory workers after the coronavirus, will need to learn to live on 12,000 rubles a month.