Posted 24 мая 2020,, 11:44

Published 24 мая 2020,, 11:44

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The temptation by the slavery: the rights and freedoms of citizens can remain in the past forever

The temptation by the slavery: the rights and freedoms of citizens can remain in the past forever

24 мая 2020, 11:44
Sooner or later, quarantine, self-isolation, wearing masks and online graduations for schoolchildren will end, but will the former civil liberties return - is a big question, especially for the countries where the negligence of human rights is a common practice without any pandemic.

The thoughts of the publicist Anatoly Nesmiyan are about this.

Anatoly Nesmiyan (El-Murid, LiveJournal)

In just two months of Russian quarantine, Russia has changed, and, apparently, is already irreversible. For many positions, the “rollback" back will definitely fail. Digital omissions and restrictions, completely illegal and unconstitutional, have become part of life and its norm. Moreover, not one institution designed to guarantee the observance of the rule of law and the constitution did not even frown and ignored its obligations to protect rights and freedoms. Which, of course, says only one thing - any further infringement of rights will be just as ignored.

Already no one really objects to the passes, but there are a lot of indignations that they are not so easy to get. This reminds me of a well-known joke about an announcement to gather at the appointed time for a mass hanging procedure and a question from the back rows - will the authorities provide a rope and a stool or come with your own? Our news has become a joke, and a joke - news.

Ahead of us is the introduction of an immune passport. Which will also be met at first with distrust (this cannot be), then with understanding - of course, vaccination (albeit unknown, and it is not clear from what, and with unknown consequences) is a guarantee of security. Whose, from which and similar questions will be asked if they are, then those who ask, of course, will immediately gag and spit. And the presenters of the famous litter shows will twist into the brain the need to sacrifice common sense and freedom for the sake of supposedly security.

The passports themselves will also undergo a certain transformation. Surely at the beginning it will be some kind of "hard media" - letterhead or plastic cards, but after a certain time (there are few epidemics, after six months we will announce some new - elephant diarrhea or locust cough epidemic) a more systematic decision will be made - enter in each citizen the corresponding identification tag, enter it in the database and attach to this database all records about the citizen - first of a medical nature, and then, logically, all the others. Who is he, where was he born, with whom did he marry, does he have tax debts, is there a right to go to the store at this time of day. This is so that any patrol with a mobile scrambler can verify the reliability of a citizen by identifying him and checking his data in the database. And if this reliability is absent or doubts arise in it, then according to the new rules, the suspect is taken to the nearest beaten point, and in case of resistance, they can be sentenced on the spot. Welcome to digital fascism!

It is clear that identification tags (they are also colloquial chips) will also go all the way they should - from "this cannot be" to "everyone does it right, it's so convenient." By the way, about “this cannot be” - just type in the search engine the query “chipping pets” - and you will get dozens of places and prices for this quite affordable procedure. It is difficult to say how the human body differs from the cat's or cow's in terms of such manipulation. Yes, nothing but a compulsory obligation under some new law.

For the State Duma, of course, does not rust. The most interesting thing is that no one really hid anything. It was enough to listen to all kinds of Chubais, Grefs, Deripasok. They plainly spoke of the same thing. It’s just that without an epidemic this would have been longer and more difficult, and the epidemic made it possible to go all the way swiftly and without any special questions. And what questions, if the whole country was put in the cells?

Of course, everything is done under the guise of nonsense about our security. To hear about security from people who are doing everything possible to destroy this very concept is ridiculous. But the psyche is designed so that you want to believe in something. In an honest president, in incorruptible policemen, in oligarchs-beserebereniki, well, and in other rubbish. And therefore, everything is done according to science - people are driven into hell, and then they offer a way out of it. And they don’t even offer it, but simply open a narrow click.

From the editor

It should be noted that the opinions of the authors may not coincide with the position of the editors, not suspected of radical trepidation. However, this is the case when our concern about the upcoming digital slavery fully coincides with the forecasts of Anatoly Nesmiyan. After all, the authorities have never openly refuted such accusations and suspicions. Say, this is so unbelievable that serious people have nothing to say. Not true! It was necessary to speak, to discuss with civil society the threats of digital fascism yesterday. Otherwise, a fatal misunderstanding of the authorities and people will arise tomorrow.