Posted 25 мая 2020,, 20:27

Published 25 мая 2020,, 20:27

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Ukraine instead of the coronavirus, or why does TV demands a thinner head of Poroshenko

Ukraine instead of the coronavirus, or why does TV demands a thinner head of Poroshenko

25 мая 2020, 20:27
As soon as the grip of the coronavirus weakened a little, domestic television propagandists attacked the “beloved” Ukraine with renewed vigor.

What I like about Propaganda TV is that it fairly accurately identifies the bottlenecks of big politics and tries to get into them without soap. This is about the anniversary of the tenure of President Zelensky and his degeneration into Petro Poroshenko.

Sergey Mitrofanov

From the television picture, it is clear that the coronavirus is gradually falling into decline, and nothing more can be squeezed out of it, except for fines. Then - maybe, but not now. Therefore, the Kremlin looked in its magic mirror and outlined the second wave of coronavirus in the fall. In the meantime, again updated the "problem of Ukraine."

What is it is explained in the Russian Foreign Ministry press release.

The document was dedicated to the anniversary of the inauguration of the President of Ukraine V.A. Zelensky. I personally do not often read the press releases of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but, in my opinion, it is quite unique in world practice that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of one state suddenly begins to spell out invectives, or nasty things about the neighboring state, and give ratings to its president. It seems to me that this does not fit very well with the very concept of “diplomacy”, about which one of the classic books on diplomacy says, among other things: “Diplomacy is the application of intelligence and tact to the conduct of official relations between the governments of independent states, and, even shorter, affairs between states through peaceful means .

I don’t know both about the mind and the meaning, but this press release can obviously be considered as the notorious training manual, “instructions for propagandists”, but not distributed secretly to trusted propaganda functionaries from under the floor, but published completely publicly number 741-20-05-2020.

Our propagandist could only tear it into lines, as in a radio show, giving the phrases additional brutality.

The crux of the matter

That a year has passed, and Zelensky did nothing of what he “promised” to the Kremlin. Namely, to fulfill the Minsk agreements in the interpretation of the Kremlin, that is, to include the Russian Donbass (and they handed out Russian passports) to Ukraine in the position of a special region and get rid of the “Poroshenko’s legacy”, and best of all, Poroshenko himself. Moreover, physically.

It is completely incomprehensible why Poroshenko, in the view of the Kremlin, is as evil as Obama. It seems to be negotiable and very cautious, there was an uncle at his post. He gave Crimea, not very hysteria. Not too pedalized offensive in the direction of Donbass. He did not seek too much military assistance from the West. From Zelensky, to be honest, there are more troubles. That was formulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the following maxim:

“According to the tradition that has already become in Kiev, the words of the next president again diverged. Corruption did not decrease, the influence of the oligarchy on power did not weaken. "Promises to investigate financial fraud and embezzlement of P.A. Poroshenko and his entourage, the events on the Maidan of 2013-2014, political killings and other crimes of the previous regime do not come to fruition".

What kind of financial fraud and what embezzlement, what is the matter to the Russian Foreign Ministry before - the release was not disclosed, but instructed to voice the propagandists. And then the Andersen Films, that is, the Derkach films, came to the fore. Not so new, from the fifteenth or sixteenth year.

Films of Andrei Derkach

In general, no one in Russia even doubts that the former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who peacefully surrendered his presidency after the election to Vladimir Zelensky, is a state embezzler and a corrupt person, who Zelensky is simply obliged to imprison.

(Although it is not clear what procedure he could have done as a result. Yet democratic presidents themselves are not involved in arrests and landings.)

However, the situation with the foundation of this thesis is worse. And as far as one can understand, the next “proof” flew along with Derkach’s films.

NB . In 1990-1993 he was a student at the Academy of the Ministry of Security of Russia, a lawyer. Thesis "Organization and conduct of meetings with secret agents" ( Wikipedia )

So, a certain non-factional deputy of the Rada, who had previously written a thesis in the Ministry of Security of Russia, presented to Kiev reporters how the tape recordings of telephone conversations of two key politicians on the world stage in 2015-2016 fell into his hands. The “eavesdropping”, made by an “unknown” intelligence agency or, say, “unofficial agents”, allegedly vividly confirmed the pressure of former US Vice President Joseph Biden on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to remove the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Shokin. At the same time, the US loan to Ukraine in these conversations was dependent on whether Shokin would be removed, which was defined by Propaganda TV as corruption of Petro Poroshenko, for which he should be accused of treason.

Well, well, - Poroshenko will take off Shokin and get a billion from Biden, is it really corruption? Is this really high treason?

Although it is not difficult to figure out that a) Biden does not manage US loans, the money is not his, but the US government; b) in any case, the loan does not go to Poroshenko’s pocket, but to the treasury; c) representatives of the United States, probably, have the right, with one degree or another of delicacy, to take care of who will become the operator of the American loan in Ukraine.

TV, of course, did not miss the opportunity to play on ethics. Accuse America of protectionism, and Ukraine of losing its precious sovereignty to an external manager. According to the terribly sovereign Russia, this is a prerequisite for a national Ukrainian catastrophe. However, it is also certain that the USA is the main and perhaps the only strategic partner of Ukraine, the most important, and certainly patriotism of Poroshenko, and after him Zelensky, is not to weaken these relations, but to get a loan and reckon with this circumstance. Sovereignty without money and military assistance is utopia and stupidity. In general, a political science conversation revolved around this.

P. S. From the series “Do You Know...”

...Poroshenko’s “treason” and Zelensky’s transformation into a traitor Poroshenko were investigated on all propaganda platforms of the TV for several days.

...the image of a rested, fit and thinner ex-president was interpreted as "a person lost weight from fear," which was the result of a "tie disease" - that was a hint at the noose and waiting for his hanging.

...the only “talking head” that was allowed to be adequate on TV belonged to Andrei Nikulin, who, however, was drowned out by screams. Gordeya Belova, who also tried to be adequate, Skabeeva reproached: "I am embarrassed for you, Gordey!"

...Vlad Solovyov recommended his friend Sergei Mikheev on Solovyov LIVE as a noble philosopher and political scientist, who, without further ado, commented (20.O5 2020) on the anniversary press conference of Zelensky “on the lawn” with the following words: “Zelensky pissed himself live". Found the only correct philosophical words, philosopher!