Posted 28 мая 2020,, 14:09

Published 28 мая 2020,, 14:09

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Never cross the threshold of the place of work! Serfdom temporarily is returned in Crimea

Never cross the threshold of the place of work! Serfdom temporarily is returned in Crimea

28 мая 2020, 14:09
The owners of one of the Crimean hotels intend to deprive their employees of the right to leave it for the entire holiday season.

The public "Black List of Crimea" published a very remarkable ad for Russia posted in one of the hotels on the peninsula in connection with the upcoming holiday season:

“The administration of the Hotel Porto M**e asked the administration to accept tourists from 01.06.2020 on certain conditions for guests and employees. Under these conditions, all employees must work and live only on the hotel territory for three months, exit from the territory will be prohibited, they must “abandon” their near and dear ones (children, wives, husbands, parents), as it is done in order to protect workers and tourists from the infection covid-19, and most likely in order to work and make money for the enterprise.

The bosses of the family-run hotel are constantly talking about family values ... I wonder what ??? ... When people work on a rotational basis, they usually compensate for this with good incomes, and not with the “allowance” that they will pay. Another point is interesting - in which article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation is it allowed to keep a person locked up? It is clear that for those who are not satisfied with such conditions, the solution is obvious. It follows that the amount of work performed by personnel, for example of 300 people, will be carried out by a staff of 100 people, since I doubt that everyone will agree to leave their families for the sake of such "cool" work ...

I'd like to bring this article to the review of absolutely all people. Let them know everything and everything about the working conditions in the best FAMILY hotel in Alushta. Let the hotel administration be ashamed of the fact that they are doing this to their employees, anyway, to tear off money faster. May the city administration be ashamed of the fact that they allow it to mock people! I wonder why one was allowed, and the other closed? ... Discrimination or ...? "

However, with all the obvious savagery of such an appeal, he found his own defenders, appealing like this, is found in Russia, to the "difficult situation":

So, entrepreneur Natalia Melnichuk writes:

Current conditions dictate their own rules. I understand the entire hotel management. You have at least such a job, the choice is yours. And people in general were left without a livelihood. And we would be very happy to be in the place of the workers of Porte Maro. Understand you finally, no one owes you anything. There are conditions, or you agree or not. Everything around is whining, pouring dirt on the employer. And you just think about how to invest in business, to survive in our country, observing all GOSTs, dignity, etc., pay taxes, duties, and even a heap to keep afloat + create jobs, pay, motivate of people...

And how something happens, so these people whom you recruited, whom you taught to work, gave status and much more, so these very people merge you at the first opportunity, because it’s so convenient and not convenient for them. As if today, there are some other ways of working the hotel ....

I do not work in Port Maro, if anything, and have never even been there. I’m just an ordinary person, an employer, an entrepreneur, and crap from such posts..."