Posted 30 мая 2020,, 09:25

Published 30 мая 2020,, 09:25

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About the freaks, directors and viewers on the NTV channel

30 мая 2020, 09:25
Анжелика Дин
Today, on the NTV channel, the children of famous actors will share unsightly stories about their parents with the audience.

The scariest film, in my opinion, is About Freaks and People by Alexei Balabanov. In it, a cult director, not without the gift of prophecy, showed how adults make moral and physical freaks out of their children using the example of two intelligent Russian families - a doctor and an engineer of the late 19th century. The nascent cinema initially uses vices, base instincts, human perversions for the sake of commerce and the vanity of “artists”. Aleksey Balabanov, with his characteristic talent as a pathologist in parts, reveals the decomposition of homo sapiens in fact since the inception of photography and cinema. 14 years after the most titled and most perfect film About Freaks and People, Balabanov will remove his last and again prophetic film I Want Too, in which he himself, director Alexey Balabanov, does not deserve neither happiness nor peace. Balabanov understood (he himself told me about this in his last interview just a day before his death - May 17, 2013) that he “invested his bit” in the propagation of ugliness. There were no less villains, murderers, rapists, looters, voiceless "stars", drunks and prostitutes, no matter how much he shot pictures about them. Yes, he showed the truth - from the very beginning to the "victorious" end, but just how to live with it with the "Balabanov's truth"?

That's how we live. Already not every day, but every hour, encountering everything with new facts and manifestations of physical and moral deformities. As a rule, each high-profile case is carefully considered, evaluated and “perpetuated”. Recently there was a film about the killer historian, sadist and pervert Oleg Sokolov The invitation to the ball, in which the so-called Russian Napoleon makes “moral freaks” out of beautiful, talented girls. To sleep, to live, to love such a monster as Oleg Sokolov can only be as ugly as he is. As Lisa said in the film About Freaks and People, after she became interested in a pornographic picture, and then became a porn model, “it's too late to rescue”.

Today, a multimillion-strong army of spectators will witness an overwhelming perversion when children (of course, famous people - who cares about the simple ones?) In a frank conversation of the provocative show Secret for a Million tell about their family secrets and parents. The NTV channel announcement stated: “the daughter of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Mikhail Yefremov will tell you why he wants to send his mother to a psychiatric hospital”. The daughter of Mikhail Yefremov and actress Ksenia Kachalina, a student Anna-Maria Yefremova, is a real moral freak who, for money (all members of the Secret for a Million receive good money - from 300 thousand rubles), tells about her unfortunate mother that she is an alcoholic, crazy, bad and so on. All this Anna-Maria already wrote and said, and that she will give out a new Lera Kudryavtseva ?, - the devil knows her? Oh, yes, the mother will hide in a psychiatric hospital to settle in the famous house in Bryusov Lane. Anna-Maria wrote flattering about her father Mikhail Yefremov on Instagram: "just the daughter of a good actor". And the man? Is a good man Mikhail Yefremov would allow his daughter to do this to his mother? Mikhail Yefremov voluntarily or involuntarily continues to make her daughter a "moral monster freak". Mikhail Olegovich cannot or does not want to tell his daughter that "this is not normal!"

By the way, in Alexey Balabanov’s film About Freaks and People even physical and partly moral freaks - Siamese twins Kolya and Tolya feel a sense of gratitude to their parents, although to adoptive parents. And from their parents - the sick boys suffered (they were corrupted, they killed one of them and as a result killed with the connivance of adults). Another participant in the program Secret of a Million is the adult son of actress Elena Yakovleva - Denis. He is a handsome, healthy physically (“jock”, athlete) voluntarily turned himself into a freak, having made a million squalid tattoos on his face, inflicted a lot of suffering on his parents, and now he is selling his ugliness again for money. Well, why is he going to Lera Kudryavtseva? He is 27 years old, he has two higher educations, the experience of living and studying abroad, and he will come to the channel to say “with his ugliness” about the imperfection of the world? Yes, we know that. But what prevents the certified director Denis Shalnyh from doing something beautiful and good for humanity?

Returning to Alexey Balabanov’s film About Freaks and People, I find him “the most terrible” because it is very beautiful. The ugliness of a human is shown amid the marvelous nature, a beautiful European city, stylish interiors and masterfully taken photographs. The horror is that professionals, masters of their craft, like the photographer Putilin, work to glorify ugliness, while becoming rich and famous.