Posted 2 июня 2020,, 15:37

Published 2 июня 2020,, 15:37

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Grimaces of pseudo-quarantine: Muscovite was arrested for coming to the police

Grimaces of pseudo-quarantine: Muscovite was arrested for coming to the police

2 июня 2020, 15:37
For the entire time of the regime of self-isolation its authors did not bother to solve the most elementary and pressing problems that citizens face.

Moscow businessman Mikhail Krotov described on his blog a fascinating story of his visit to the police station, which almost cost him a fine for violating the quarantine regime:

“Today I had to face the full extent of Sobyanin’s decrees on the subject of quarantine. It took me to bring a statement to the coping department (we have a lawsuit with the Criminal Code in the HOA, the case is open). I had a pass to visit the clinic, I on the way back taxied to the cop and tried to give the application.

First of all, they demanded a pass from me and said that it was allegedly not suitable for visiting their beautiful institution. To my reasonable question, that I have a day pass and that, in principle, there is no such option as visiting the police, they didn’t answer anything to me, but called the PPS outfit, which dragged me to another department. My objections that I had a car parked here and that then I could not return for it, they were not interested in anything.

Then, for an hour and a half, they tried to decide among themselves how to draw up a protocol on me and write a fine. Dozens of calls were made to their superiors to clarify how to be in such a responsible situation (after all, a serious criminal fell into their hands, not every day was such a success!), As a result, they were sent by all their bosses and they were asked to decide for themselves.

I politely explained to them that without a showdown I would not give up, so they can write any protocols, I am ready to join in this fascinating process. Along the way, I was asked whether I have a law degree, how familiar I am with the law, after which I was kindly deigned to be released without a protocol.

I had to get to the car on my own and in the rain.

Commentary from the cops: I supposedly had to request a pass for “other purposes”, that is, to visit the cops and write a statement one that can be ordered no more than twice a week. I think this is a great solution from Sobyanin!

Now, in order to receive a subpoena from the court by post (the storage period is a week!), And in order to write a statement in the coping, I need to order two passes, and then go on a hunger strike at home - no longer go to the store. Well, if, all of a sudden, at the same time my wheels, for example, are stolen from the car, then I can apply for the theft no earlier than a week later.

I think this is brilliant! These rules, plus Social Monitoring, not only reduces the number of people infected (which fool will go to the hospital if he isn’t dying), but also improves the crime rate in Moscow - you’ll go to the police, you’ll be the first to be taken away.

But now you can go to church without problems - there the coronavirus does not work, a holy place! Still, I wonder what the government wants to get as a result of this experiment. "The rating has already been fixed, now we are waiting for sudden outbreaks of popular love for the nullified?"

Readers, in turn, gave a few more examples:

- A friend lost her bag of documents and went, of course, to the police. And they “grabbed” her for violation of isolation and wanted to fine her until she called a relative to a lawyer. Which immediately stopped all attacks on her. And was released

- That's about the church you correctly noticed.) Only the fathers are dying and half of the village at the same time is very easy. The real case is the Tver region, Spasskoye village, where the father has a manor. On Easter this year, the priest gathered all the parishioners contrary to the decrees. Now in every house there is a coffin. A holy place and a holy man cannot be infected, well, what are you...

And the blogger Julia Rakitskaya explained what are the sources of all these quarantine disgraces of the Moscow authorities:

My opinion is: “all lay loads on a willing horse”. I agree with your actions and I am glad that everything ended relatively well. But the matter is much wider: these passes are illegal. And while people will try to receive it "according to the law", it will be so. The question is not to find out how to correctly receive the pass, but that these passes itselves are lawlessness..."