Posted 3 июня 2020,, 20:28

Published 3 июня 2020,, 20:28

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In the US, the owner of the house has sheltered about 70 protesters hounded down by police

In the US, the owner of the house has sheltered about 70 protesters hounded down by police

3 июня 2020, 20:28
In Washington, protesters marched from the White House after the beginning of curfew and ended up in one of the neighborhoods of the District of Columbia. The police began to violently disperse a mob, and soon blocked the entire quarter.

The protesters were trapped and then one of the local residents, Rakhul Dubey, let them into his house.

About this writes the website of the TV-Rain channel, citing CNN material.

This incident immediately fell into the spotlight of the media and social networks, but the information was presented as if the protesters had broken into a strange house. Then the 22-year-old participant of the rally, who was in the house of the friendly owner, recorded a video with him in which Rakhul Dubey said that he voluntarily decided to give asylum to people persecuted by the police and allowed them to stay in his house for as long as circumstances require.

“They shot at peaceful demonstrators in a residential area. The person who received us is called Rahul Dubei. He gave us business cards in case they tried to say that we had hacked into an apartment”, - the girl said.

Throughout the night, police tried to force protesters hiding in the house to go outside. They managed to detain one girl when she left the house to get into the bathroom, catching her right at the bathroom door.

All the people who got into Dubey’s house were unfamiliar with each other, but when they were together, they began to render all possible assistance to each other - to rinse their eyes with tear gas used by the police to disperse the demonstration.

Later, the volunteers, learning about the demonstrators blocked in the house, began to bring them food, water and disinfectants. One of the messages on Twitter addressed to caring townspeople read: "They brought us pizza!"

In addition to Washington, curfews have now been introduced in many cities in the United States, and a number of cities have an emergency mode.

Mass protests swept the wave in the US and have not stopped for more than a week after the African American George Floyd died in police custody in Minnesota. During the riots in the United States have already detained more than four thousand people.

US President Donald Trump said he intends to send thousands of military and police officers to restore order in cities if local authorities themselves are unable to cope with the demonstrators. Trump said he would quickly solve this problem, while hiding from protesters in the underground bunker of the White House, while a protest rally was held at his residence on Monday. Trump described the unrest in the country not as peaceful protests, but as a manifestation of “internal terrorism”, - adding that all prison participants and organizers of the rallies are waiting for long prison sentences.