Posted 4 июня 2020,, 09:09

Published 4 июня 2020,, 09:09

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Yakov Dzhugashvili: “Cattle is not interested in whether it is legally locked in a stall or illegally”

Yakov Dzhugashvili: “Cattle is not interested in whether it is legally locked in a stall or illegally”

4 июня 2020, 09:09
The great-grandson of Stalin, Yakov Dzhugashvili, an artist and a public figure, visited the studio of the YouTube channel "Stalingrad" and commented on the situation around the coronavirus pandemic.

“The main beneficiaries are world fascists. This is a pharmaceutical mafia. Beneficiaries are smaller, small-town ones are another story. All kinds of governors, and so on, they think of personal gain. We are now talking about large fascists.

In 2009, pharmaceutical companies procured a swine flu vaccine and, through WHO, organized a pandemic that did not exist. They forced WHO to declare this pandemic.

WHO is a service company for pharmaceutical companies. Without a pandemic, they could not sell the vaccine. And then, in the 2009th, they did not succeed, although they still sold something. By the way, just imagine: WHO can conclude agreements with national governments and not report to anyone.

So: about the same thing we see today. Only now everything is happening fiercely, in very bad forms.

This has never happened for countries to stop their economies. This nonsense has never happened. Units held - Belarus, Sweden ...

It is very important to understand: everything that is happening now is happening “thanks to” the work of the media. Everything is bloated by the media. If you turn off the media - there would simply be no pandemic.

Cattle is not interested, is it legally locked in a stall or illegally. This should be important for a person on what legal grounds they are deprived even of those rights that cannot be deprived even during an emergency.

Article 56 explicitly states that in the event of an emergency, citizens are deprived of such and such rights, except - and they are listed, except for which. For cattle, all this is not interesting, because it is cattle.

But if you are a man, it should be interesting to you. It should bother you.

Now for me personally, probably, the saddest thing is that this is this fascist-gangster lawlessness - and how else to call it - they justify it, you know who? When I look at their avatars, I see their St. George ribbons, caps, inscriptions "75 years of Victory", "Thank you grandfather for the Victory!"... These people are fierce defenders of this fascist lawlessness, lawlessness. These are the people with the signs “Sit at home, be a hero!” Save lives! ”

They will tell me - why did you cling to them? And to whom should I cling? I’m not interested in the opinion of those who in 1941 would already drink Bavarian. So I care about this, these. And I appeal to those who have St. George ribbons in the photographs. What did those whose accomplishments you are so proud of did with the Nazi collaborators? Answer".