Posted 5 июня 2020, 07:42

Published 5 июня 2020, 07:42

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:37

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Bill Gates called talks about chipization of mankind a big stupidity

5 июня 2020, 07:42
Microsoft founder Bill Gates has denied allegations of plans to use the new COVD-19 vaccine to chip the world's population. "It is very difficult to deny this, since it is very stupid or strange", - he said.

This was reported by TASS with the reference to Business Insider.

"I've never been involved any sort of microchip-type thing", - he said, adding, - "It's almost hard to deny this stuff because it's so stupid or strange". The businessman also expressed concern that such conspiracy theories could prevent the spread of the vaccine.

Let us recall that earlier and now the media are actively discussing versions that multinational corporations can use microchips for vaccination, which are supposedly able to collect personal data of citizens using the latest generation of cellular networks.

The public thoughts of the famous film director Nikita Mikhalkov in favor of this theory aroused wide public resonance in Russia.