Posted 5 июня 2020,, 20:56

Published 5 июня 2020,, 20:56

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Nikita Mikhalkov: “A unified register of the population is a gift to the CIA and all intelligence services”

Nikita Mikhalkov: “A unified register of the population is a gift to the CIA and all intelligence services”

5 июня 2020, 20:56
The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in a video conference mode today held a discussion on the urgent topic "Unified digital identification system and public safety." A number of famous personalities took part in the online event, including director Nikita Mikhalkov.

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation notes that the law on the unified register of the population of Russia, which caused widespread publicity, was adopted by the State Duma on May 21, 2020 and the Federation Council on June 2, 2020. “Only the president’s signature remains...”, the description of the video broadcasting is emphasized in the description.

“The Federal Tax Service becomes the exclusive owner of all databases combined into a single federal information register. The register will contain all information about a person from the moment of birth to death, each person will be assigned a unique identifier - number.

Opponents of the law reminded that such a procedure for assigning a number to a person was condemned by the Nuremberg Tribunal, the bill contradicts the current norms of the law, in particular, article 24 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation regarding voluntary provision of personal data.

This law contradicts federal law 152, which does not allow the integration of heterogeneous data in one place.

And finally, it contradicts religious principles and the norms of state security. Despite the numerous appeals of citizens, the negative opinions of experts from various fields, the bill was not submitted for discussion by the public.

Understanding that the bill has important social significance, since it affects the rights of every citizen and contains many controversial provisions, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation decides to hold public hearings before the bill is signed by the president”.

The discussion was attended by Deputy Head of the Federal Tax Service Vitaly Kolesnikov, State Secretary of the Ministry of Communications Lyudmila Bokova, political scientist Sergei Mikheev, director Nikita Mikhalkov, journalist Anna Shafran, actress Maria Shukshina, IT expert Igor Ashmanov, historian Olga Chetverikova, lawyer Anna Shvabauer, State Duma deputies, members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Elina Zhgutova and Mikhail Anichkin and others.

You can watch the video message of Nikita Mikhalkov on the YouTube channel "Ivan-Chai Family Policy Information Channel". A full recording of the entire discussion is posted on the same channel.

Here is a comment by Nikita Mikhalkov (this video has so far gained over 124,000 views).

“I was asked to express my point of view regarding the adoption of the law on the population register of our country.

I must immediately warn: I am not a lawyer or a politician, and everything that I say is based on my personal feeling and on the knowledge that I could get about this.

So, about what surprised me.

I was surprised that in our State Duma many, sometimes much more insignificant laws are being discussed for almost weeks, months, sometimes even more.

And suddenly the law, absolutely key to our people, passes like this, without a single, so to speak, blot. Someone resisted, but this law just flew by a bullet! And just like that, he passed in the Federation Council.

Honestly, I am very surprised. Because this law dramatically changes the lives of citizens. Drastically.

I'm not talking about the fact that this law directly violates some articles of our Constitution. Directly.

This is the law that reveals the life of every person.

This is a law that has not been discussed among people, there was no referendum or any other public big discussion. This applies to the specific life of each of our people.

Moreover, the security of this data is very doubtful. It’s enough to recall that in 2019, specialists from British companies found open cluster in open access containing (read out) “personal data of 20 million Russians. Namely: their names, addresses, passport numbers, residence addresses, phone numbers, TIN, employer numbers, as well as information about taxes paid. ” Well? Like this?!

I understand that what the Federal Tax Service has done is a great achievement. Really. Really. It is very convenient and it is very important. But this is not a reason to expand so personal data of citizens of our country!

Moreover, we will be frank, the moral qualities of our officials ... In short, what guarantees are there that they simply will not sell this data?

This is a national security problem!

This is a gift from the CIA, it is a gift to the State Department, a gift to all special services! Great gift!

And if the data of our illegal immigrants, intelligence agents, the Ministry of Defense, and so on enter? How can this be?

And if you take into account that a huge number of basic parts and circuits are not of Russian production, this means that at any second it can break off, it can turn off. And - that's it!

I'm exaggerating. I repeat: I am not a specialist, I am, so to speak, an artist. Hyperbole is one of the strengths of artistic creativity...

And if we look with such attention and listen to what is happening with our colleagues in the West ... Listen: “In 2006, a national identification register was formed in the UK, but 4 years later a decision was made to refuse the register, because it is impossible to ensure Confidentiality of UK Citizens”.

And that is there. And who will ensure the confidentiality of information about our citizens here?

And one more important thing. Maybe I’m mistaken, but, my friends, during the period of the coronavirus, pandemic, isolation of people who are already sausages ... Just imagine what a stratification will occur! This is not Hungary, not the Vatican, not some small country. No, this is a huge country! With open spaces, distant lands, peoples...

Do we really not understand what kind of reaction this will cause in the Russian province, besides the one that already exists in relation to the center? Annoyance, rejection ... I do not want to scare anyone, but I personally am scared from the thought that this could be.

I repeat. I have neither the rights nor the ability to challenge the decisions of the State Duma and the Federation Council. There are chosen people. But what will they say when they return to their regions?

How do they explain to people why they should now be digitized? Why about their earnings - well, that’s okay, this is for the tax one — why their other attachments, health, relationships, work, and so on, why (all this should be in the register)? ...

With our own hands, we give an absolute carte blanche to all those who are very interested in us - and from a very negative side. Because sanctions are being announced to us, we are enemies of the world, and even in what is happening in America right now, they see the “hand of Moscow”.

And now there will be such a danger, we want to give all these people our personal data?

Good. Understand. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, FSB, FSO and so on... I can understand that. And, probably, this is very necessary in order to fight terrorists and corruption. But - ordinary citizens? ...

I repeat again, I'm not an expert. But it bothers me.

And in our next Besogon, which is called "Over the abyss in the lie", we’ll talk about this. (The announcement of the new program, which will be released tomorrow, June 6, can be viewed here - specified by "NI")

By the way, the president personally talked about reducing all these data, and not about inflating them to incredible sizes, including the most intimate information about a person.

So, in fact, they asked me to speak, I said. And what will happen next is up to you, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, to decide.

Thank you for the attention. Watch Besogon-TV”.