Posted 5 июня 2020,, 09:04

Published 5 июня 2020,, 09:04

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With a license to kill: why the Rosguard shot the "wallpaper thief"

With a license to kill: why the Rosguard shot the "wallpaper thief"

5 июня 2020, 09:04
In Yekaterinburg, the Rosguard detained a suspect of theft of 4 rolls of wallpaper. The assault ended with the death of a guy. The father of the murdered was asked to “confess”: the son held him hostage, and the good Sobrovtsy released him.

The family has already celebrated the commemoration, and the need for fire to defeat the authorities has not been explained. As if there was no man...

Julia Suntsova

Today is the sixth day since the execution of the SOBR in the capital of the Sverdlovsk region of a 27-year-old guy. Vladimir Taushankov removed 4 rolls of wallpaper from a hardware store. The cashier and the storekeeper could not deal with the guy on the spot and pressed the alarm button. Estimated the theft of 8 thousand rubles. The guy didn’t deliver the wallpaper to the house, but almost immediately and threw it away near the outlet, after which he ran away and locked himself in his apartment. The Rosguard special forces arrived at their home address, but could not accurately detain and hand over the "especially dangerous criminal" to investigators. But he was able to shoot.

What happened at the door of the detainee’s apartment? Events, we are told, are being restored by the investigation.

However, obvious attempts by the security forces to rig the facts are already visible.

The mother of the suspect, who was on the day of the tragedy outside with the police, asked the detachment to wait - she wanted to go for a spare key and open an apartment for them. But why wait for the Special rapid response unit- in vain did they leave? Why did you need to crack the door to the house (besides, most likely, without a court order)? The question hung in the air.

Immediately after the shooting, the man who had just lost his son was dragged to the squad and asked to “confess” that the attack aircraft allegedly released him from the hostages and only accidentally hooked a fierce invader... Only the father, who became an unwitting witness to the murder of his own son, came to Media with a completely different version and the version of "helmets" ruined. Unlike officials, he voiced it immediately after the tragedy.

His son was shot outside through a closed door, his father swears.

Vladimir didn’t open the door for the person who arrived, then the police called in his father's place as a negotiator, whom he let into the apartment. They talked for several hours. The guy was very upset and was ready to pay for the discarded wallpaper, his father said. But he did not psychologically understand how to further interact with armed people who had stood for several hours under the doors and threatened with a pile of criminal cases. When the apartment was opened at night, Vladimir went to the door, after which shots rang out. The dying guy wasn’t called an ambulance. The result - a meaningless death in front of everyone.

It is symbolic that the tragedy in Yekaterinburg occurred simultaneously with the murder during the detention of African-American George Floyd in the USA, a country that Russian propagandists have been engraving for many years under the image of Russia's main ideological adversary.

So, in the “hated overseas” the death of a man through the fault of the police overnight led to riots and pogroms in large cities, and to pacify the protesters, an army was needed. Only now the raging citizens were not shot, and they didn’t even indiscriminately screw and shoved them into the autoruns for the burnt cities. Police officers on their knees asked forgiveness from people who felt involved in the Minnesota murder. A picture that shook the world. But the heavy Russian law enforcement machine did not budge.

The Investigative Committee was silent for two days, after which it was limited to a dry death certificate.

In its report, the agency calls the murder of a guy an “incident”, “a situation”, “an incident”.

“On the night of June 1, 2020, in one of the apartments of the house on Rassvetnaya Street in the city of Yekaterinburg, SOBR officers of the Rosgvardia Directorate for the Sverdlovsk Region used firearms to detain a person who had recently committed a robbery in a shopping center. As a result of gunshot wounds, a man (suspect) died at the scene. On this fact, the investigative bodies of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Sverdlovsk Region immediately organized a pre-investigation check, the results of which will give an objective legal assessment of the situation with the adoption of the appropriate procedural decision.

Currently, investigators are interviewing officers of the Russian Guard and police who took part in the detention, residents of the entrance, official documentation is being examined that regulates the actions of law enforcement agencies, a forensic medical examination has been assigned to determine the exact cause of the death of the deceased, Sledkom also reports.

At the same time, the Office of the Investigative Committee for the Sverdlovsk Region is looking for signs of antisocial behavior in the life of a 27-year-old Yekaterinburg citizen shot dead by the Russian Guard. For this, his equipment is being tested, URA.RU was informed by its own sources in the department.

The Rosguard, after the same two days of silence, gave birth to its version - about the supposedly symmetrical response to the suspect's resistance:

There was allegedly no news from the suspect’s father who had gone into negotiations with his son for a long time that “could indicate another possible crime,” so a decision was made to enter the apartment, ”explains the Russian Guard (Federal National Guard Troops Service), and does not forget to mention that the guy was allegedly previously convicted of drug trafficking. ( Information on the criminal record for today is not confirmed, ed.)

During the assault, Special rapid response unit officers were frightened of “an object that looks like an automatic weapon” and an aggressive detainee. And "as a result of the current situation, perceiving his actions as a really dangerous situation, they decided to open fire," the department responds to a journalistic request.

The killing of a 27-year-old guy due to the theft of wallpaper is discussed by the whole country.

Politician Eugene Roizman points out that security officials will never be able to find a reasonable reason to justify the senseless murder of a young man:

“Everyone was shocked by the murder that happened in Yekaterinburg. Facts. A man who is 27 years old went to the store to buy wallpaper. He did not pay for the wallpaper; some scandal began. He jumped out of the store. Wallpaper thrown away. They chased him. He ran home. The police came to him. There, outside the door, stood his father. He launched his father, sprayed a policeman from a spray can, after this the Special rapid response unit was called. The guy was in the apartment with his father. Special rapid response unit shot through the doors. As a result, the guy was killed. Not only were they killed, they did not call an ambulance, and he died. The Rosguard remained silent for a day, then several statements made that the guy allegedly put something like an airsoft gun on them. From what I personally know. Indeed, the guy was somewhat inadequate, this was noticed in the store. We talked to the cashier, who said that it was clear to everyone that he was inadequate. You can talk a lot about the wallpaper, about the fact that he sprayed the police from a spray can, but the fact remains - they killed a young guy in his own apartment. For all its inadequacy, he did not pose any threat. The case was started on the wallpaper, but the wallpaper was thrown out, that is, there was no damage there. Well, would you like to attract him, call the summons, pass the summons to your parents. Why break into an apartment? Why shoot a man? And no one can actually answer this question. Why was he killed? It is difficult to make any claims for the Special rapid response unit. They do not have the task of “thinking”, they have the task of “eliminating”. Why were they called there, what for? Here, in my opinion, an eerie cocktail: zeal and lack of professionalism. This story hurt everyone. A man was killed in front of his parents. And no one can say why they killed him. Just because they could, huh?”

Political scientist and journalist Fyodor Krashennikov draws attention to a security buyer who appeared in the store, who, in his opinion, could become the spring of the tragedy.

“I think a lot about the murder of Vladimir Taushankov by the Rosgvardi and I formulated something that personally seems strange to me in this story - in addition to why the guy suddenly needed to rob a store, and for the sake of four rolls of wallpaper and not even trying to cover his face with a mask, which is in the current situation It would be quite logical. So, suppose a young man comes to the store and behaves inappropriately - he tries to steal something, fights, waves a knife ( I personally did not see any shots from the trading floor, so I don’t know what was inside and what kind of beatings he inflicted on someone ) What should employees and shop visitors do? Try to protect yourself, call the police, if possible - disarm the attacker and hand him over to the police (although this is a very dubious event in the legal sense). But it’s better to just take him out of the room and wait for the police, to whom he will provide all the information - videos, testimonies, etc.

Taushankov in general does not plan to continue to disgrace in the store somehow - he leaves him. It would seem, well, wait for the police, gentlemen, the victims. And here a very strange story begins. An employee of the store, armed with a crowbar, and a visitor who seems to be a security official, but not in execution, rush in pursuit of Taushankov. What for? What would they do with him if they caught up? To beat with a crowbar? Suppose they are very responsible citizens and would like to detain the wallpaper thief - and if, suppose, they somehow caught him and turned him over to the police, they would probably be honored as heroes. Especially which security official: they say, even after hours, he stands guard over the rule of law! But they couldn’t catch Taushankov on their own, but they recognized his house and entrance. It would seem, that’s all - now the police will come and enter into negotiations on surrender with the unlucky robber.

Power structures do appear, but they behave as if they are absolutely certain that they are dealing with a terrorist armed to the teeth. Versions that a person may be mentally unhealthy, in a state of some kind of short-term inadequacy are for some reason not considered at all. For some reason, they don’t call any professional negotiator. Not ready to wait - although, it would seem, where to rush? The fact that the father is in his son’s apartment is perceived as a hostage-taking and nothing else. As a result, Taushankov was killed (according to his father) through the door and then they began to tell that he was spraying with gas, sent “something like an automatic machine”, and in general “was judged”. Why am I writing this? To such an assumption: maybe this active buyer was the spring of the tragedy? Was one call from the store enough to start such a move? Maybe that was him who raised it to the ears of his colleagues, embellishing the situation so that the Special rapid response unit came in a mood to shoot? What is generally known about him? But what if me or any of you call the police with a message about a robber living in a neighboring apartment - they will immediately send the Special rapid response unit there?”

Commissioner for the protection of human rights in the Sverdlovsk region, a member of the Human Rights Council, Tatyana Merzlyakova, filed requests to the prosecutor's office at three levels with a request to evaluate the actions of law enforcement officials that led to the death of Vladimir Taushankov.

“I have a crying mother in front of my eyes who all the time asked: “Are we not people? Why is it possible with us? The family is completely normal. Parents bought their son an apartment in a good area. He completed two university courses, went into business. I do not interfere with the investigation, but there are doubts that he even stole this wallpaper. The regime of self-isolation could affect the behavior of a person, because he simply could not understand something. The one and only main question is whether a balance was maintained between what the guy did and what forces were applied to him. Rosguard employees have hard work, we all understand. But was it really necessary to send special forces to capture in this case? Will all wallpaper thieves be detained by the forces of the Russian Guard? After all, for more serious crimes, it happens that you can’t get the police, and then they’ve connected the Rosguard ... Why did you need to drag special forces to this floor where the tragedy happened? We would really not want the population to be scared of people in the form of the Russian Guard, ”she said in an interview with MK.

The victim was not registered with the Psychoneurological Dispensary, and the criminal record attributed to him by the Russian Guard was not confirmed in the end, says a member of the Human Rights Council.

However, in our opinion, it is worth checking the adequacy of the killers in uniform. Apparently, the valiant Rosgvardeytsy, encouraged by all the blessings of the authorities for dispersal of rallies, imagined themselves to be at least James Bond with the right to permissiveness and an informal license to kill anyone who comes into the view of the security forces. After all, the prosecutor’s office, the courts, and the investigation will all the same smear "their own".

It goes without saying that the murdered Taushankov became posthumously involved in a criminal case on the use of violence against a law enforcement officer. Which, incidentally, stormed his apartment in civilian clothes!..

Only a blind man does not notice how police force comes in all forms, how the rights of citizens are curtailed...