Posted 5 июня 2020,, 21:07

Published 5 июня 2020,, 21:07

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The fuel spilled near Norilsk is promised to be removed in winter only

The fuel spilled near Norilsk is promised to be removed in winter only

5 июня 2020, 21:07
Фото: МЧС России
According to Pavel Vinakov, a specialist on media relations with the emergency headquarters of the emergency response department, diesel fuel spilled due to depressurization of the tank at TPP-3 near Norilsk will be collected in containers for the time being, but will be removed only with the onset of winter.

"They didn’t burn anything and they won’t burn it. The operational headquarters decided that there wouldn’t be any burning. Oil is stored somewhere with the help of sorbents, somewhere with the help of pumping. Currently, 250 cubic meters containers are brought into the place, in which this liquid will accumulate, and then will be transported out of here, most likely in the winter period of time, "Interfax quoted the words of Pavel Vinakov.

In the coming months, the collected liquid will be stored not far from the emergency response site.

Recall that as a result of the spill on May 29 of oil products at TPP-3 of the Norilsk-Taimyr energy company, which is part of the Norilsk Nickel company, up to 20 thousand cubic meters of diesel fuel fell into the rivers flowing near Norilsk. The area of pollution amounted to 180 thousand square meters. The cause of the accident was the depressurization of one of the tanks due to subsidence of the pile foundation. Most of the equipment at TPP-3 dates back to 1979-1980.

P he first Vice-President - Operations Director of "Norilsk Nickel" Sergey Dyachenko has promised that the effects of oil spills liquidate within 10-14 days. About 500 people take part in the collection of spilled fuel. However, according to the latest data from the operational headquarters, so far only localization of the diesel spill site has been carried out and more than 200 tons of fuels and lubricants have been collected. Local residents expressed concern that the collected oil products would begin to burn, which would exacerbate the environmental catastrophe in the fragile ecosystems of the Arctic. But Rosprirodnadzor and the authorities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory stated that will not burn fuel collected. The head of the government of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Yuri Lapshin also said that even the construction of a pipeline is considered as one of the methods for pumping out spilled oil products from the emergency area.

Upon the fact of the environmental disaster near Norilsk initiated four criminal cases; the head of the CHP plant was arrested; on June 3, a fuel spill was declared an emergency at the federal level. According to Elena Panova, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology, after the spill of diesel fuel, restoration of the region’s ecosystem may take at least ten years . The damage caused to natural resources as a result of the accident, the environmental organization Greenpeace tentatively estimated at six billion rubles.