Posted 9 июня 2020,, 20:08

Published 9 июня 2020,, 20:08

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Just like his father: why Mikhail Yefremov refused to be treated for alcoholism

Just like his father: why Mikhail Yefremov refused to be treated for alcoholism

9 июня 2020, 20:08
Yefremov liked to be a clown: he was taken to receptions and parties, to social events, everywhere and always he got drunk, went wild, spoke out and broke enthusiastic applause.

Journalist and analyst Dmitry Zapolsky commented on his blog on the terrible news about the fatal accident that Mikhail Yefremov arranged:

“My friend, a narcologist, a well-known psychiatrist in Moscow, who successfully treated hundreds of“ star patients ”for addictions, says that Efremov was brought to him back in 2005. It so happened that my friend’s father, who worked for Chazov in the “Four” of the Ministry of Health, unsuccessfully treated the hero of social work Oleg Yefremov from chronic alcoholism. And did not cure. No funds helped, and it was impossible to be a national artist to hospitalize in a psychiatric hospital, like Shakurov, to drink vodka and to pour apomorphine. Oleg Yefremov drank every day when he was not in hard drinking - every evening. In the morning he could lead the theater, communicate, act in films. After lunch I couldn’t do anything except joyful communication. In the evening he got drunk totalled. How was this trait passed on to his son? Mikhail took precisely his father's modus vivendi. And when his friends (and most importantly: influential friends who were both employers, promoters) suggested "file-encode-treat", Mikhail agreed to meet with a doctor. Which explained: I'm not an alcoholic, I just like to be drunk. This is my natural state. I have no problems with drinking. On the contrary, alcohol helps me to work, gives inspiration, it nourishes me. What is wrong with being drunk?

Conversations were useless. A few years ago he was offered to take a course in the USA, in a boarding house of anonymous alcoholics, for free and in excellent conditions. Many Russian musicians and artists were cured of drunkenness there in the mid-nineties. And most of these patients still do not drink alcohol. Mikhail replied to the famous artist from St. Petersburg, the organizer of the trip:

- I don’t work as a clown for free. I drink, I drank and I will drink! And if vodka was produced in solid form, I would gnaw it! If you need to sober up - I'd rather refuel with cocaine!

Efremov liked to be a clown: he was taken to receptions and parties, to social events, everywhere and always he got drunk, brawled, spoke out and broke enthusiastic applause. And he was happy. He did not disdain cocaine on the set and in performances and enjoyed practicing hash after.

In the sense of alcohol, they are brothers with the poet Orlushi, who wrote many texts for the project “Mr. Good”, he also requires an hour before the performance a liter bottle of Jameson whiskey and drinks to the bottom during the concert. But Orlusha does not drive a car, does not catch a taxi and does not deal with fees - he has assistants who provide everything you need: from contracts and tickets to clothes and toothbrushes. Pelevin has the same approach, although there is no alcohol at all: the publisher provides a daily pair of fresh socks and everything else.

Orlusha (Andrei Orlov) and Mikhail Yefremov have a common problem: they are both talented, both could become "non-profit classics," but they have chosen pop culture, for which they should not even be condemned in thought. But why do they both hate themselves so much? What for?

It can be assumed that Orlov was stuck in his oedipalism (and we talked about his father, Orlusha never tells the truth about his childhood), otherwise I can not explain his self-destructiveness and aggressiveness. It is easy to draw a conclusion about the self-destructiveness of Yefremov Jr., who also challenged his father, but did not receive from the state recognition and trust to the same extent, that is, who lost the war. By the way, this may be the unconscious trigger of his "opposition", although in essence it is the commercial work of an actor who makes decent money. Ego-distraction, self-aggression in its highest form - suicide. Traditionally condemned in Abrahamic religions. But there are different forms that do not fall under classical suicide - for example, "police suicide", when a person comes out with a fake gun (or real) against the police and is guaranteed to get a few bullets. Both the sheep and the wolves are full.

The picture was sent in the comments: Zopiclone - an analogue of imovan, a strong sleeping pill”.