Posted 12 июня 2020,, 20:52

Published 12 июня 2020,, 20:52

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A bomb for the future: are racial conflicts awaiting Russia too?

A bomb for the future: are racial conflicts awaiting Russia too?

12 июня 2020, 20:52
While most of the migrants are engaged in elementary survival, Russians can afford not to notice them, but when their children become lawyers and journalists, this will not work.

The famous Russian publicist Andrei Desnitsky extrapolated American racial unrest to domestic soil, making a rather pessimistic forecast:

“From the comments I see that a considerable number of people are sure: there is no racism in Russia. Here I am, - people write, - I am normal towards Uzbeks and Kyrgyz...

Probably most Americans can say the same about blacks. And even in the 1960s, most could say that.

Look around you people. Where do you see Kyrgyz or Uzbek? In the vast majority of cases - at a low-paying job. Who does the police stop on the streets or in the subway? I’ve never been in my life in Moscow. And my colleagues with an eastern profile know exactly: every second or third patrol is theirs. That is, they stop several times a week. Look at teenage campaigns, at couples: are there many mixed ones? What do parents and friends say to a Slavic girl if she introduces her boyfriend from a mountain village to them? Have you ever seen the ads "rent an apartment only to the Slavs," "a saleswoman of Slavic appearance" is required for work? They didn’t hear scornful comments in the transport or on the streets: "did these come here ...?!" And you weren’t in the villages near Moscow, where everything is very clearly divided: here are the magnificent houses of white-skinned Muscovites, here are the shacks of their swarthy janitors, gardeners, builders, nannies and other attendants?

And how many people were bombed when taxi drivers began to check Sobyaninsky QR codes: "what is it, I, a Muscovite, will have a Kyrgyz check documents?!"

And even a fully educated person can afford to joke about the inscription "Russian letters" in an unfamiliar language: well, what rubbish is very funny ... Interestingly, the Greeks laugh at our inscriptions "Greek alphabet"? Why can a Russian intellectual afford to laugh, for example, at the Tajik language in which Rudaki wrote excellent poetry around the years in which St. Cyril and Methodius invented their alphabet?

So few behave, you say. To feel humiliated, you do not need to be humiliated by everyone you meet. It is necessary that there is always someone who will humiliate you - and the rest will not notice it.

Potential racial conflicts are a time bomb, which is already in place. While most of these people are engaged in elementary survival, we can afford to overlook them. When their children are trained as lawyers and journalists, this will fail. In the "beautiful Russia of the future" this will be one of the main topics.

Well, the phrases "why did they come, no one called them, they can come back at any time" also do not work. Think about whether a Georgian from Sukhumi or a Tajik from a mountain village, in which there is no work at all, can return home. And how did it happen that Sukhumi and the village became part of the empire and remained in it for a long time...

And where will their children go? Something is not visible for US citizens to go "back" to Nigeria or Angola.

And most importantly, can a big city in the center of Russia do without these people? Not anymore.