Posted 12 июня 2020,, 14:06

Published 12 июня 2020,, 14:06

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Sergey Mikheyev: “If the US want to break their own head so much, let them break it”

Sergey Mikheyev: “If the US want to break their own head so much, let them break it”

12 июня 2020, 14:06
"Columbus, why did you discover America? You paved the way for the European colonialists. ” In the framework of the program “Iron Logic” on the Vesti FM radio station, political analyst Sergey Mikheyev assessed the events taking place in the USA now.

“In the 1980s and 90s, the idea was widespread that major problems and destabilization could affect only the “wrong” countries, which have deep flaws associated with totalitarianism and the lack of democracy.

What is happening in America right now is amazingly in the terms of the self-destruction.

In fact, the myth is dispelled that in democratic countries there are no problems, that there are only some ridiculous problems, every little thing, and people live happily ever after there.

But now we see with the example of the States that this is a lie. All this is very revealing.

No democracy, no elections, free or super-free, no free media - although, in my opinion, the American media have never been free, they just have a different form of censorship - no institutions give anyone guarantees against problems.

Problems exist and come out in the most unsightly form when they are least expected. But most often this is due to unaccounted system errors.

I think one of the systemic errors of all people, including ours, who believe in democracy, is that if a person does not believe in God, he begins to deify anything else.

So, a huge number, in general, of unbelieving people have replaced faith in God with an almost religious faith in democracy.

And one of the problems of modern America is that the Americans themselves over the years have come to believe that their system is so beautiful and effective that they cannot have any radical, fatal problems.

And now they have brought the situation to the point where all these problems have come out in all their glory.

As for the war with monuments and attempts to destroy their own history.

In what strange way sometimes that which itself once started is returned. After all, it was precisely the Americans who loved to launch a war with their own history in other countries, including ours.

The Americans used this as a way of shattering other societies, as a way of asserting their own superiority, a way of carrying the brains of entire generations of people.

And then it turned out that inside America itself, not everything is as rosy as they would like to present it to the world.

It turns out that they are not the winners, but the terrible totalitarian slave empire, which built its prosperity on the blood, and even set up monuments to those who did it.

Although, in my opinion, the actions of those who demolish these monuments are also one complete lie, because nothing but destruction, as well as the requirement for oneself of some kind of preferences from scratch, by and large, is not behind all this.

If all this happened 200 years ago, if we now saw the liberation of slaves from their slave state, a real uprising, a war for the liberation of blacks, I would be more inclined to believe in this, in the sincerity of those who do this, as well as in the internal the logic of what is happening.

And today, those people who do all this in the USA, they are not shy of anything. They have complete freedom of expression, but they want more. Something special, some special privileges. They want to intimidate everyone else, to make them afraid.

Therefore, on the one and on the other hand, insincerity is manifested there, to put it mildly.

But this is good in the sense that it allows us to understand what today's America is.

Regarding the demolition of the monument specifically to Kolubmu. If you really want, you can always find a reason and justification for their actions.

Columbus, why did you discover America? If you had not discovered it, blacks would not have been taken out of Africa to America. So - you are already to blame.

It sounds silly, but, in fact, in the logic of revolutionary-minded people - and I have said this more than once - any stupidity can become a slogan.

Terrorists also come up with an excuse for any crime. Because in their view, their goal is so high and noble that it justifies any crime, even against absolutely innocent people.

So, of course, even though the accusations against Columbus sound silly, but nothing - for the revolutionaries this is it. The main thing is that it works and turns people on.

Columbus paved the way for the European colonialists. And, by and large, this monument should not be demolished by the Negroes, but by the Indians, to whom the discovery of America certainly brought a catastrophe. Indians were almost completely destroyed.

Negroes, in the end, in America, at least, multiplied and live there for themselves, do not blow into the mustache. And with respect to the Indians, a real genocide was carried out, their number decreased significantly.

And, in general, they still live on reservations if someone is not in the know. And then everyone is talking about ghettos, ghettos, Negro ghettos... Officially, no such ghettos exist. But reservations in America exist, legally exist.

These are really fenced territories where Indians of various tribes live compactly.

Of course, these are not the reservations in which they were once killed by the white masters, but this is still the reservation.

And by the way, the lowest standard of living in the United States is precisely in such reservations, and not at all in Negro ghettos. Indians continue to be among the most oppressed and poor ethnic groups in the States.

They have the highest levels of crime, morbidity and all the bad things.

One of the know-how that the white masters came up with for the Indians to somehow revive them a bit was that many reservations got the right to conduct gambling activities. There appeared gambling centers with all the corresponding "charms", but at the same time the Indians receive some of the taxes from this.

But, by and large, they live very poorly, worse than those blacks who are now rebelling.

In fact, Columbus can claim that he opened the way for the colonialists.

They say there are even such lines in his memoirs in which he admires the Indians whom he met in Haiti, he admires how kind and good they are, and then he writes: "How easy it will be to subordinate them". And that is all of Europe.

Honestly, Europeans have always considered us as such Indians, and are still considering us. The Indians simply could not resist, but we could.

Therefore, they simply destroyed the Indians and despise, and they hate us. Because we were smarter, stronger than the Indians, it turned out to be more difficult with us. We not only failed to conquer, but we also piled on the full program.

According to its approaches, the Western world professes the same principles regarding us as it does with respect to the Indians. That is: it is necessary to deceive, then to subordinate and control.

Someone says that now is a different time. Nothing like this. In the same way, now they are working with our population, fooling our youth. I repeat: cheat to manage.

And returning to America - well, let them destroy themselves, our conscience is clear in this sense.

But if they really like it, if they want to break their own head, let them break it. And we must learn from this”.